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American College Sex: Brennan’s Three Loads

Brennan's Three Loads at American College Sex

Brennan's Three Loads at American College Sex

Brennan's Three Loads at American College Sex

Brennan's Three Loads at American College Sex

Watch Brennan & Amanda at AmericanCollegeSex

Good Grief! Just when I thought Aiden had a lock on the triple loads (1)(2)(3), new freshman Brennan cums along and pumps out three on Amanda! What a lucky girl.

Amanda hasn’t been a coed all that long, but she knows what she’s doing to get Brennan worked up. The two make out and she grinds against his cock through his underwear. He’s loving her big nipples and tits. Brennan’s scruffy face and hairy chest turns Amanda on even more. Brennan’s cock is rock-hard by the time Amanda gets his underwear off and takes his dick into her mouth. She blows him, then straddles him so she can ride his cock.

In seconds, Brennan cums! It slides down his cock and Amanda uses his spunk for lube, hopping back up on his dick and riding like there’ no tomorrow. Brennan flips her onto the couch and shoves his cock back inside her hard and deep.

Brennan pulls out to dump a second load onto Amanda’s wet pussy. Still not satisfied, Brennan slides back and thrusts in and out of Amanda.

Amanda gets on all fours so Brennan can fuck her doggy-style. Before she knows it, Brennan has shot another load, this time onto her ass! He shoves his cock back in her for a few more thrusts and kisses her.

Whew! If he can do this with a girl … I’d love to put him together with Aiden and see what happens!

Watch Brennan & Amanda at AmericanCollegeSex

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Will this help Brennan get confirmed by the senate?

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Aiden/Brennan *could* be a decent pairing. But this time could we please have Aiden get creampied (more messily than usual please), or swallow?

  • zapper158

    3 loads and then piled right back into to her…probably one of my favorite videos!!

  • Frenchy

    I love Brennan he’s handsome. Amanda is disgusting though…

  • Loa

    So much of this hottie’s cum wasted in straight porn. I blame the meds that CF makes their models take before filming scenes. Doesn’t sound like he’s coming back any sooner though. Video was like 11mins btw. So short. Haha.

  • dio

    it’s as thought CF don’t even try with these broads. LOL

  • von schlomo

    Get a load of her face! REALLY?? I mean, REALLY??!!

    Such a little, stumpy dick on a big, manly, hairy man! LOL

    Oh well, I’m looking forward to these three loads, especially if they don’t clean up the mess each time.

  • KingSize

    Ok, this chick’s face is weird. I cannot.

    Hes cute though. Hope to see more though!

  • Fabius

    First, I don’t understand why Waybig gives us all the tuna updates but hardly ever CFS. And second, although I don’t like just to bitch about a performers’s looks, the girl is extremely ugly even for CF standards. The few pics alone are enough to make me want to throw up. Add to that that he looks like a slightly shaved Neanderthal and I’d say that these pics and the scene should never have seen the light of day. I think these pics will come back to haunt me in my dreams.

  • jag2power

    OMG! My initial thoughts on seeing the first pic is that Brennan is fucking the female version of himself. They have similar facial features.

  • bob80

    This beefcake needs to be creampied.

  • litper

    I’d rather watch these guys eating shit than this

  • landreau

    I like straight sex scenes if the guy is hot — though I do prefer that the girl be attractive as well. Also, do any of these guys ever let the women rim them or finger them (and I mean inserted)? Cause even if a guy is straight, he might like some anal treatment from a chick — and I’d like to see Brennan’s hole invaded.

  • Bob-omb

    CF: Stop paying waybig to promote this straight trash on a gay blog.

  • Ike

    Alas, we shall never see Brennan paired with Aiden. Brennan’s cock is half the size.

  • buckeyeguy84

    Brennan’s 3 loads??? Yes may be but if you look closely they are not all on the same day. I think Brennan is super hot but was soooo disappointed when I noticed they have editted together multiple scenes. If you look at his last cum shot he has certainly shaved and looks like he may have also gotten a haircut LOL. All three were not on the same shoot let alone day unless he when to the barber in between.