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American College Sex: Vaughn Fucks Paige

Vaughn Fucks Paige at American College Sex

Vaughn Fucks Paige at American College Sex

Vaughn Fucks Paige at American College Sex

Vaughn Fucks Paige at American College Sex

Watch Vaughn & Paige at American College Sex

Handsome new freshman Vaughn loves to work out – and Paige gives him a high-intensity cardio session he’ll never forget!

Vaughn is proud of his body and all the work that goes into it. His handsome face and killer smile just seal the deal. Paige was flirting with him constantly and once they got into bed, she couldn’t keep her hands and lips off his gorgeous body.

Vaughn likes girls with a little bit of an edge, especially one that likes to take control. Paige certainly fits the bill, since she was eager to have Vaughn fuck her.

Paige sucks Vaughn long and hard. Vaughn eats her out, then fucks her. Paige is ecstatic when she climbs up on his thick cock and rides Vaughn. Vaughn gets her on all fours and fucks her in front of the mirror, which turns them both on.

Vaughn pounds Paige until he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and blows his load all over her ass cheeks.

Watch Vaughn & Paige at American College Sex

  • swim400

    That’s what I expected. A solo and then with a chick.

  • dio

    i like Vaughn’s thick head of hair, and kind of his dick + midsection (5th pic from the bottom… o-KAY!), but everything else is just not happening.

  • darkthunder1983

    Maybe he might try man-on-man action next time around or he may pull a Ripley. Which reminds me, is anyone else surprised at all that Ripley has disappeared yet again? Come to think of it, Mario had that DP video and then he took off again. Guess they’ll be back when they need some more money.

    • DaddyYankee

      Probably Corbin Fisher tried to convince Ripley to have gay sex, but without success…. :-(

  • clusterfuck

    Didn’t care to see this guy’s solo video. New and improved with vagina doesn’t improve things.

    This dude is a waste of porn bandwidth. Next!

  • DaddyYankee

    Ok Corbin, now pair Vaughn with someone hot (Josh, Reed, Trey) to fuck him hard in the ass! And then with someone even hotter (Cain, Connor, Aiden) to get fucked hard in the ass.

    • swim400

      So agree and let some of that body hair grow out. Or is he naturally smooth?

  • Bradster

    That is one trashy looking chick.

    • swim400


  • I actually want to see Samuel fucks a woman, if only Paige weren’t so repulsive…

  • Bob-omb

    No more straight porn here. Please.

  • von schlomo

    I like the angle to the dangle and the coming in the prone position!

  • VegasRich

    Vaughn is so damn hot, you can ignore that he was slightly boring in this video. I’m hoping the freak in him comes out when he gets paired with a guy.

    He reminds me of Ross from Friends.

    • swim400

      with a guy sounds better 2 me

  • Arglebargle

    Ol’ Horseface gets laid. Gross.

  • Ike

    What a strange looking man Paige is.