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Luke Milan at Next Door Male

Luke Milan at Next Door Male

Luke Milan at Next Door Male

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Don’t be fooled by Luke Milan’s modest act. Beyond his claims of being a mellow, reserved individual, there lies a bevy of secrets betraying his inner freak. He stretches out in front of a full length mirror, his body reflected in all its naked glory, and right away one finds it hard to believe he is shy or quiet in any way. Running his hands up the side of his thighs, he pulls his shirt up over his head and reclines on the bed, wrapping his fingers around his throbbing member and spreading his legs to finger himself as he strokes away. Closing his eyes and throwing his head back into the pillow, he bites his lower lip as he plunges two fingers inside his hole, his pre-cum teasing out before he rocks his legs back even wider and lets loose with a gushing load that shows no restraint, as he closes his eyes and runs his hands down his quivering legs. Enjoy!

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  • swim400

    Sexy guy.

    • carey579

      I agree, great body, classically handsome face and gorgeous blue eyes <3

  • jazz

    Luke is so effin sexy. I wish he hadn’t already done mainstream so he could go to SC or CF.

    • elmtree

      Yes he is. Crazy handsome and that cock is yummy. Wish he had more meat on his bones but I’d take him any day.

  • SuperDuper

    He chooses to come here of all places??

    Anyway, Luke is defiintely a hottie with a very nice tool. :D

    • jinger


  • dio

    gorgeous guy. Really.

  • burghboy

    @dio @Super
    Will you two stop being so negative and stop shilling allready. I’ve had enough. Keep your opinions to yourselves….sarcasm intended.

    • SuperDuper

      LMAO! I’ll tryyyyyyyy.Next time, I won’t speak. :P

  • zombieland

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Sushi

    Luke is so fucking gorgeous. He’s a model doing porn. Skip these solos and get him back to being fucked!

  • porndog

    How or why does one go from Falcon Studios to Lucas Ent to ND? Not exactly an upward trajectory. Strange. He’s much too good for the likes of ND. What’s next? Jake Cruise?

  • Cubankid

    And I love seeing him on ” It’s Gonna Hurt ” watching squeal while trying to take that big peen up his ass. To bad I’m a NDB hater it would have been nice to see what he brings to this horrible site.

    • jag2power

      I’m glad you mentioned that re: “It’s…” I’ll have to look that one up.

  • 007james

    I want to kiss those lips. very kissable. (and the rest that comes with it too)

  • jag2power

    The “eyes” have it.

  • CA

    LMAO! Damnm, hell has frozen over and the mean girls are unanimous in their like. I guess we get your “types” now.

    I’m kidding, I love reading what you guys have to say….good and bad. :-)

  • Daniel

    I love Luke. Don’t need a solo though.

  • raihan delano

    S E X Y