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CockyBoys: Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck)

Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

Watch Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

Jett Black and Levi Karter work extremely well together. We were pretty surprised how easily they just seemed to “click” upon meeting for the first time in person at the Black Party Expo here in NYC. They couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other — there was kissing, groping, and even a pretty epic lube wrestling match. But still, we couldn’t help but wonder what they were like behind closed bedroom doors…

What you’ll see in this scene is not your typical dominant top/submissive bottom dynamic, but a perfect balance of both. Jett and Levi both love to express their control and their submission in equal portions, blending together their versatile qualities so they both get what they want out of the experience.

Their physical appearances only echo this ying and yang dynamic — Jett has wavy blond hair while Levi has short, thick, brown hair. Jett has Nordic ancestry while Levi has South American roots. Jett is smooth and clean-cut, while Levi has a few piercings and tattoos. Picking out their differences is almost as fun as watching how balanced they are in bed. It’s something you have to see to believe!

Watch Jett Black & Levi Karter (Flip-Fuck) at

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  • Southbay

    Two of my favorite boys at CB

  • dio

    i’m sorry, but LOL @ Jett Black topping. x-D

    Levi Karter is hot, tho. And the boy can DANCE his ass off. He and his RL BF make a cuuuuute couple.

    • darkthunder1983

      I forgot. Who’s his boyfriend? Isn’t it someone from Helix?

    • blomkblomk

      he’s boyfriend is Evan Parker from Helix

    • kana_sai

      they aplit not long ago. i think levi is dating hayden lourd now.

    • dio

      aww, shame.

    • chemcmndr

      Must have been less than 3 weeks ago. Last time I talked to them, they were living together with Jordan Thomas.

  • swim400

    Love Jett Black!!!

    • He’s an ugly skank.

  • jinger

    Awesome pairing

  • gaycockluvr

    These 2 are my favorite on the site! And yeah, Jett, let’s not get too comfortable with topping.

  • ic1male

    Nice pits on Levi.

  • Tang

    Jett Black has a startling resemblance to Chad Allen. This scene looks hot!

  • adowhat

    Jett black’s profile reminds me of beavis.

  • Sushi

    Levi is fantastic, and it is always a joy to see him fucked!

  • PornJunkie

    I see lots of potential in Levi Karter, could be the golden boy (among lots of twinks) at CB, looking forward to a pairing with Gabriel Clark.

  • jag2power

    I’m getting a cavity from all these twinkies.

  • MattISaTOOL

    This dude looks like a guy from an episode of law and order….

  • kana_sai

    levi carter is so hot.

  • Daniel


  • elmtree

    Jett is not normally my type but I find him oddly hot…

    • titanium

      I gotta agree. I was thinkin dat too!!

    • Rico

      Love them both–especially in a flip. I’ve never been crazy about performers who are exclusively tops or bottoms…their performances become just too boring over time.

  • titanium

    The low light filming seems to have worked out. Well at least for me it did!!! I wasn’t expecting a lot after viewing the cover, but it turned out to be fairly impressive.
    Titanium’s rating : 7 on 10!!!

  • Orion Hunter

    I like Levi a lot but I can’t fuck w/ Jett. At. All.

    Gotta admit that their bodies look great together in these pics so this might not be a total fiasco.

  • Neo_

    Not feelin the blonde at all. He literally makes my dick soft. He looks like Ellen Degeneres love child or somethin.

    Dark hair, Levi I guess? His scene with Jake Bass was hot. Too bad he went from doin that hot scene to this Ellen Degeneres.