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Men At Play: Dario Beck (Solo)

Dario Beck (Solo) on MenAtPlay

Dario Beck (Solo) on MenAtPlay

Dario Beck (Solo) on MenAtPlay

Dario Beck (Solo) on MenAtPlay

Dario Beck (Solo) on MenAtPlay

Watch Dario Beck for MenAtPlay

Dario Beck comes to British shores this week to get the 5 Star Menatplay treatment. With his handsome face, sensual lips and natural body hair, Dario makes the Perfect Menatplay gentleman – giving a smart & sophisticated image on the outside but inside he’s just a horny devil waiting to be let loose. And theres nothing more that he loves doing than locking his office door for half an hour, turn his webcam on and give his dick some serious attention. Dario massages his beautiful dick while playing with his big fat balls, working it with long slow strokes until he reaches an amazing climax and shoots an amazing load all over himself. Check out the preview to see his tasty cumshot. But for fans of Dario don’t worry, this is only just an appetiser…. watch out very soon to see Dario in full action paired up with some out our hottest Menatplay stars.

Watch Dario Beck for MenAtPlay

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  • swim400

    is this what JT is singing about Suit&Tie? Can’t wait to see more of Dario’s uncut cock and hairy body.

  • Fazz

    I need Dario inside me! Fuck, he’s handsome!

  • J Pew Pew

    Come here papi, let me work on that thick uncut cock of yours :)

  • DaveAtom

    Darío Beck is fuckin’ handsome and hot!!! A gift to the Earth from God!

  • 007james

    what a looker. Hawt!

  • adidas28

    Dario is now, has always been, and shall always be duhhhhhreeeeeamy as hell.

  • dio

    he’s been hotter. Time + the biz is certainly taking it’s toll… He should ask Dean Flynn what his secret is.

  • wqs429

    Very sexy.

  • Daniel

    Nice dick.

  • bradkc

    So far this is good comparatively for today.