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Fratmen.TV: Luca (Up-Close)

Luca (Up-Close) at

Luca (Up-Close) at

Luca (Up-Close) at

Luca (Up-Close) at

Luca (Up-Close) at

Whoever said that there’s more to him than meet’s the eye hadn’t spent the split second it takes to get lost in Fratmen Luca‘s mesmerizing emerald colored eye’s. Green being the color of jealousy, money, rebirth, hope and many more things including one extremely good looking Fratmen, that if you stare at long enough you might just catch a glimpse of yourself with your jaw dropping to the floor.

Watch Luca at Fratmen.TV

  • dio

    well, lookie @ Luca… licky licky, like like.

    ….open mouth smile at the end, tho… >.>

    • carey579

      Maybe that’s why there are no other open mouth picture

      But I like him, a great lean body, very modelesque!

    • Sushi

      You said it D! I was thinking (and going to post) about EVERY single picture having that same smirk and WHERE ARE HIS TEETH. Well that last picture answered that.

      There’s also the problem some other guys have shown where they completely shave smooth their entire front—only to be given away by the hairy ass when they roll over.

      Well, he’s gorgeous from the front with the mouth closed. Hopefully this porn money will buy some dental work. Sure that’s petty, but he’s chosen to put himself out there and be judged on his body. Those teeth gotta change.

    • endeeeff

      Ditto at the open-mouthed smile. Definitely threw me for a curve. But he’s a cute one. Must be a 2-for-1 special on dark haired/light-colored eyes models this week.

  • elmtree

    Nice lean muscular body, nice thick cock, lightly furry ass, cute… me likes!

    • von schlomo

      +1 I likey a lot!

    • DaveAtom

      +2 Me likey too

  • swim400

    what a shame he is on this site. he/we deserve better exposure.

    • carey579

      I agree about the lack of exposure of this site, it does not have the same hype as others,

      But its a class of its own. I like that this site maintains a standard for its models and has probably the most stunning guys in gay porn even better than SC or Bel Ami.

  • CA

    He’s adorable!

    He looks like the actor who plays Morgan on General Hospital.


    Cutie I like a lot…might rejoin!

  • Southbay

    Hella cute. Wouldn’t turn him away

  • gaycockluvr

    I hope he eventually shows up at CF!

    • kd

      some really not teasing pictures when he starts to open up the jeans and reveal that beautiful cock framed by the nice thick bush. Love his hairy ass as well. I would much prefer he take that beautiful body over to SC and share it with the hot guys that film there.

    • kd

      “hot” teasing pictures

  • DaveAtom

    Great! A lot of features I like! But those eyes… dreamy =)

  • Raihan Delano

    Come on honey… I love your’s eyes, smile, dick, at all….and more…

  • Loa

    Why did you pick the wrong site Luca?

    • QueerJock

      the fratmen shtick is gettin’ so old . . .

      hopefully he’ll move on to corbin or sean where he can put that cum-gun to good use! anyplace but the lame fratpad.

  • stevienowonder

    Thanks God for Fratmen ! The only site that can still show great guys and hasn’t gone to hell like SC, RB, CM, Belami an so on…
    Though…this guy was much better before they changed his hair cut and darkened his skin !

    • Sushi

      Yeah. They’re great to look at doing solo jerk-offs by themselves. No matter how pretty though, it’s not enough.

    • stevienowonder

      I think it’s enough – many of them are very interesting to listen to while they are introducing themselves – you can see a serious or a shy guy talking and then showing his beautiful male physique with no problems …

  • pubert

    All was good till he showed dem donkey teeth.

  • RonaDog

    Cute morsel, but those caterpillar eyebrows need work.

  • tennvols

    Dude, I love your look and you have an awesome dick with pubic hair nonetheless….oh, and your thick cum needs to be savored and every last bit sucked up and devoured.

  • Orion Hunter

    Dood has the type of body that I find nearly irresistible. Factor in the gorgeous eyes (I’mma sucka for green eyes flecked with gold) and the thick, dark, lustrous hair and admission/submission would be just about au-to-matic.

    And I don’t think my opinion would change much if his teeth were totally jacked (and judging by the ONE pic, these would hardly qualify as even semi-jacked; they’re certainly BIG, but I’ve seen much, much worse).

  • QueerJock

    Gorgeous stud, rockin bod, hot hairy ass, and beautiful thick fuck-muscle the though of which makes my butt twitch! Fuck me, babe!

  • DaddyYankee

    This guys is amazing. Unfortunately he’s on Fratmen, a studio where there is no gay sex, so we will never see him in action.

  • southbaybj2

    Luca’s body is perfection. Could do without his little mustache, though. Would love to see him in action.

  • kaichen04

    He’s dick is so juicy. I wanna suck him dry.

  • scottnyer

    Wow. What an incredible body. I love his shoulders, chest, abs, waist ratio. Wish I could get my body like that. His furry butt looked hot. I’m sure his back is great too.

    His eyes are really pretty. I’m digging.

  • Daniel

    Beautiful body.

  • Malcolm

    My name is Luca. I live on the seventh floor….

  • freater

    Holy Shit. Runway material.