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NextDoorMale: Justin Tide (Laid Back, Easy Going Beach-Comber)

 Justin Tide (Laid Back, Easy Going Beach-Comber) at Next Door Male

 Justin Tide (Laid Back, Easy Going Beach-Comber) at Next Door Male

 Justin Tide (Laid Back, Easy Going Beach-Comber) at Next Door Male

Watch Justin Tide at NextDoorWorld

Justin Tide is a laid back, easy going beach-comber, looking to hit the waves by day and find some trouble at night. A lifelong skater turned surfer, Justin has a mellow mood about him, and he gives off the vibe that he’s down for whatever. After longboarding around for a bit, he moves inside, flopping on the bed and peeling off his board shorts. With pants removed, Justin’s stark white ass is exposed, and he fingers his hole and then gives his cheek a nice hearty smack before flipping back over. Once on his back, Justin takes his cock between his two hands and slowly begins thrusting into his hand, clenching his cheeks as he pounds into his palm, and then breaking off to stroke himself as he plays with his balls, spraying his surf-boy load all over his tanned stomach.

Watch Justin Tide at NextDoorWorld

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  • jinger

    Hot little bottom. Treat that erectile dysfunction, lose the mustache, and come back.

    • swim400

      and the extreme manscaping.

    • CA

      Lmao at that ‘stache.

    • carey579

      ‘extreme manscaping’ wtf o_O

      + 1 on the OP – He’s a good bottom material. The second picture with his legs up and ass towards the camera is so sexy.

      But yes lose the mustache!

    • carey579

      The ‘erectile dysfunction’ – how do you know that?

      Even if it is really so – then it’s great actually! I don’t care for bottom’s dicks anyway :)

    • mm121

      Yea definitely no to the mustache, and definitely could be a hot bttm.

      just if hes going to extreme manscape he should go all the way and loose all he hair on his pubes and his ass

      going smooth is typically best as an all or nothing situation.

    • jinger

      Well he seems to have boner problems. You don’t care? Don’t be selfish and suck that cock, doesn’t matter he’s a bottom, you still have to honor his manhood, you might as well find a girl otherwise.

    • rags

      I’m with carey579 on this one, most young guys just look better smooth. Plus it’s southern California, so what’s the point of having a ton of fur? Definitely not hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, or thermodynamically feasible.

  • ThinkBig

    ND Male or ND Twink?
    Big NO

  • jag2power

    Yummy booty.