Helix Studios: Alone With Collin Adams

Alone With Collin Adams at HelixStudios

Alone With Collin Adams at HelixStudios

Alone With Collin Adams at Helix Studios:

Naughty 19 year old Collin Adams is home alone and feeling horny. So he turns his attention towards the camera and eye fucks the hell out of it while seductively stripping out of his clothes. He rubs his chiseled chest and tight tummy, grazing his hard nipples while pulling at his sexy black underwear.

The tasty teen turns away from the camera and aims his ample ass at us. The smooth skinned sexpot pulls down his drawers revealing his perfectly plump, round rump which is aching for attention. Collin Adams spreads his can for the camera then fingers that pretty fuck hole. Meanwhile he continues to crave your cock with his gorgeous gaze.

After Collin Adams has worked his hungry hole into a frenzy, his cock winds up raging hard and needs some dealing with. He beats his meat and cradles his cum filled nuts while standing as he feels up his tight teen torso. Our boy lies down while keeping his gaze on us as he licks his full pink, pouty lips. Adams’ breath quickens and the sweet symphony of schlong slapping fills the air while he wanks his titanium teen torpedo with some creative cock work, using his thick veiny hands to their fullest.

The brunette beauty cups his hard chest and rocks his rod till it blasts a big beautiful load of jock juice. Meanwhile he is convulsing in a uber hot, full body orgasm! He rubs the fresh cream all over his tender young flesh as after shocks of pleasure continue to flow through his orgasmically electric, sexed up system.

Watch Collin Adams at Helix Studios

Watch Collin Adams at Helix Studios

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I want to see Shane Cook’s thick cock inside his hole.

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Alone with Collin Adams, then together with the police.

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