College Dudes: Van Ryder Fucks Conner Mason

Van Ryder Fucks Conner Mason at

Van Ryder Fucks Conner Mason at

Van Ryder Fucks Conner Mason at CollegeDudes:

Conner Mason and Van Ryder (formerly Van at Corbin Fisher) make a sexy pair and as they start making out, their clothes come off and Conner drops to his knees to get a taste of Van’s sweet cock. He takes that dick in his mouth, pulling it down his throat as he sucks on him until he’s hard and then stands up to let Van get a mouthful of his meat next. Van chokes on Conner’s dick and sucks on his balls, pushing him back onto the bed and running his hands across Conner’s body while he works that prick with his wet mouth. Van bends Conner’s legs up and reaches his tongue down to tease Conner’s tight hole, rimming it with his wet tongue and burying his face between those cheeks before burying his cock there instead.

Van slams into Conner, filling him up with his dick as Conner moans for more, pulling Van deeper as his ass bounces with each of Van’s heavy thrusts. They change from doggy style to Conner on his back, legs spread in the air as he lets Van top him, fucking him hard while Conner strokes his own dick, yanking on his hard cock faster as his ass gets dominated by Van. As they get closer to orgasm, Conner moans until soon he’s coming all over his stomach, Van’s dick still inside him until he squeezes out every last drop. When Conner’s cock is drained of cum, Van pulls out and unloads himself across Conner’s body, leaning in for a few more kisses before calling it a day!

Watch as Van Ryder Fucks Conner Mason at CollegeDudes

Watch as Van Ryder Fucks Conner Mason at CollegeDudes

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Jay M says:

Do we know this Van Ryder?? 🤔

Oh yeah! Another Corbin Fisher escapee!

gaycockluvr says:

I knew I saw them lips somewhere! I think he’s hotter here than when he was at CF.

MC.EMC2 says:

To think that Corbin Fisher only released a str8 scene with him is just appaling. Not that he’s so hot that I’d like to have seen him doing a gay scene, but because it shows how little effort Corbin Fisher makes to make their gay content appealing and high-quaility

Young Neil says:

He’s escaping to a better place, one where he can actually get some regular work.

gaycockluvr says:

I don’t think I cared about Van when he debuted with CF, but I really like him here. These two look really good together. I hope we get to see more from Van!

Loki says:

Dick’s so limp it looks like the condom’s gonna fall off. Better find some other means of employment, str8 boy; doesn’t look like you’re cut out for gay sex.

Xyz says:

Another limp dick. So boring

Scrapple says:

Van took an already stupid name and made it more stupid. Great.

I look forward to shading his appearance at Boys Halfway House, Reality Dudes, and all the other sites desperate young men visit for money and forced dick so they can continue the deception of really being straight.