Bentley Race: Kell Fuller (In The Kitchen)

Kell Fuller (In The Kitchen) at Bentley Race

Kell Fuller (In The Kitchen) at Bentley Race

Kell Fuller In The Kitchen at Bentley Race scene set summary:

My hot mate Kell Fuller is back on Bentley Race this week helping me clean up the kitchen.

I met the 19 year old Russian last year when I was visiting the studio in Berlin. I was so impressed by his late night shoot that I invited him around again to get some shots during the day. He is one of the most guys I have had the pleasure to shoot with in the past year.

Today he is wearing just a kitchen apron while washing up the dishes in the sink. The hot soaping water ends up running down Kell’s pale muscly body. He’s very amused by the theme of today’s shoot and jumps around a lot and wriggles his bottom in between shots. Then I get him up on all fours on the kitchen table and begin soaping up his butt cheeks. At this stage Kell Fuller’s cock is rock hard from all the attention.

This horny boy can get naked and soap up in my kitchen any time. He was one of the highest ratings mates on Bentley Race in 2017. I am looking forward to seeing more of him this year.

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Jose says:

BR does have some incredibly handsome guys, but just no sex scenes. Sad!

dabc8177 says:

yeah, if only these guys did something…

moondoggy says:

This scene is sexy and dumb at the same time. The idea of a guy getting worked up doing dishes is hot but farfetched, and the fact that he was already naked under the apron just made it look like a Chippendales routine. I’m not saying it’s not marginally sexy, but how does this site make any money?

L. T. says:

Damn! It’s not often that a guy on BR catches my attention and that’s largely due to the fact that the site is mostly solo-only.

Rico says:

Ole Bentley has been recruiting some hotter models lately. Good on him. But they all need to be paired up and engage in something that around here we like to call “sex.” You know, good old-fashioned Dick sucking, rimming, fucking, cum-eating….all that stuff that you used to do?

emercycrite says:

All I can think of is the slip hazard of a mess he’s made in the kitchen