GayHoopla: Dane Dublin (Jerks Off)

Dane Dublin (Jerks Off) at GayHoopla

Dane Dublin (Jerks Off) at GayHoopla

Dane Dublin’s Solo at GayHoopla, Scene Summary:

Please give a warm welcome to GayHoopla’s new guy, Dane Dublin! This guy comes off a little shy at first, but after he get’s his “gains” in, this personable young man really opens up and is such a treat!

You can tell Dane has a great sense of humor too. From his unique tattoos to cracking some jokes and smiles, this guy is a real winner that you just want to make friends with.

Oh yeah, he has a massive, fat cock that he can’t wait to show off for you, too. Thought that might be important to mention ;)

Watch Dane Dublin at GayHoopla

Watch Dane Dublin at GayHoopla

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Sushi says:

First time I’ve watched a solo in ages! Young and dumb, but open to anything, including anal. Great to hear. I love his natural body. Can’t wait to see him in action.

Redphyro says:

Perfect match for Price Hogan

Scrapple says:

He’s cute. Maybe not cute enough to forgive that ice cream cone tat, but that’s where the dick comes in. Perhaps he should work on getting some brain gains. Cuz if you’re saying you were going into your freshman year when you were sixteen, that’s a problem. And on that note, a grown man giving a verbal high five and cackling while someone talks about their experience having unprotected teenage sex isn’t cool. It’s gross.

Ed Stoneback says:

This young man is completely natural and sexy well muscular and yummy and thick cockmlike most milennials I want to see lots more of sexy Dane please

gaycockluvr says:

He’s hot…nice dick too. I can’t wait to see more from him.

James Freedman says:

wow that dick is amazing!!

david david says:

He’s handsome. I like him. I’m sure Collin will get first dibs again.

freater says:

Nope. That thing is 6″. Also he’s hot maybe neck down.