Corbin Fisher’s Matt Returns as Mason Williams to Fuck Ty Mitchell at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Cum In (Mason Williams Fucks Ty Mitchell) at Next Door Buddies

Cum In (Mason Williams Fucks Ty Mitchell) at Next Door Buddies

Mason Williams Fucks Ty Mitchell in ‘Cum In’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS, Scene Summary:

Mason Wiliams (formerly Matt II at Corbin Fisher) has been down in the dumps all day. But roomie Ty Mitchell thinks he knows a way to cheer him up. Ty enters Mason’s room and begins to rub his crotch on the outside of his jeans. Mason pretends that Ty’s effort aren’t working, but the bulge in his pants betrays him, and Ty unzips his fly and takes off his pants.

Working his way down Mason Williams’s body with his mouth, he slowly begins to tongue at Mason’s dick. It perks up even more and Ty Mitchell takes it into his mouth. Sucking Mason off and stroking him as Mason forgets all about what was bothering him. Fully engaged, Mason bends Ty over and shoves his rock hard cock into Ty’s waiting hole, proceeding to pound him doggy style. Ty takes Mason’s dick like a champ, every thrust melting Mason’s troubles way.

Mason Williams turns Ty Mitchell on his side and spoons with him before standing back up and spreading Ty’s legs wide. Ty’s hard-on is ready to spit as he commands Mason to fuck him harder. Mason does so and Ty strokes himself clean, spraying his nut onto his stomach as Mason pulls out and blasts his load all over Ty, falling onto the bed in much more relaxed mood than when he started. Enjoy!

///This Scene Premiers 07-19-2018.///

Watch as Mason Williams Fucks Ty Mitchell at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Watch as Mason Williams Fucks Ty Mitchell at NextDoorSTUDIOS

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jag2power says:

I’ll take 3 scoops of that fine vanilla to heat up the summer holiday.

Jay says:

Hey… look who is using their cock for another company! LOL

Also, are they putting makeup on Ty’s chest?

Marseric says:

How about a scene of Mason Williams flipflop with Johnny Hill?

gaycockluvr says:

Damn, this won’t be released for another two weeks???? Anyways, I really liked Matt and glad to see him back.

Ant says:

Matt is so my type. Although I dunno what’s going on with his eyebrows. Maybe he’s moonlighting as a drag queen?

Jay M says:

Ugh, there are so many great models from this era of Corbin Fisher (Matt, Daniel, Grant, Sebastian, Jayden, Weston, Calan) that either left for another studio or disappeared. If Corbin Fisher just had their shit together instead of making every model fuck Henry/Kenny, we could’ve had another great dynasty of quality scenes to brag about!

Redphyro says:

Now i need Jayden to comeback

Scrapple says:

One of these things is not like the others.
One of these things is trash.

Jay M says:

I’m choosing to remember that Corbin Fisher has a pretty strict leash on its model when they’re in good standings, so if things had been going well, then we would have never seen Cinderella turn into a hot steaming pile of trash 😉

Scrapple says:

I just want her arrested for stealing that glass slipper.

Redphyro says:

Im a big fan of Matt since his Corbin Fisher days so im shocked and happy that he is back. Hope he stays a little longer this time

Scrapple says:

Hopefully Mattson is ready to really let go. He always held back in his scenes. Glad to see him back, but I’m a little mad he didn’t return to CF…for a scene with Zachary. It’s the closest I would’ve gotten to seeing Deran fucking J.

Cheshire says:

Fuck he’s hot (dat booty). He had some good scenes at CF. Happy that he’s back.

freater says:

The top is ok cute, but there’s zero chemistry in this scene.

DeeGee says:

If Ty can’t bring out the heat, I fear that no one will…