GayHoopla: Price Hogan Fucks Adrian Monroe (In Europe)

Price Hogan Fucks Adrian Monroe (In Europe) at GayHoopla

Price Hogan Fucks Adrian Monroe (In Europe) at GayHoopla

Price Hogan Fucks Adrian Monroe In Europe at GayHoopla, Scene Summary:

Welcome to Europe guys! Price Hogan and Adrian Monroe had never been overseas before. What an awesome opportunity to have some hot, steamy sex abroad. When we were planning this exciting trip of a lifetime, we had to carefully consider which guys to bring. It was only natural to call on these two popular studs to come along.

The moment these guys got to the airport, you could just feel their excitement and energy. Not only were they clearly pumped for this big adventure, Price Hogan and Adrian Monroe had this type of chemistry that you simply couldn’t ignore. They couldn’t stop talking, hanging out, and believe it or not, Price even asked me if I could switch him seats on the flight so he could sit next to Adrian. Inseparable is the best way to put it.

Once the camera was on, all of that time together and chemistry building came to light. They could not WAIT to get their hands (and dicks) on each other. I don’t know exactly what these two studly, All-American hotties were talking about that whole time, but the way Price Hogan went after Mr. Monroe makes me think that he had been wanting Adrian Monroe’s tall, swimmer build for quite some time. The desire and passion is real and HOT.

Ride along and enjoy this steamy, romantic adventure that all of us will never forget!

Watch Adrian Monroe and Price Hogan at GayHoopla

Watch Adrian Monroe and Price Hogan at GayHoopla

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C A says:

I’m living for those tan lines.

Scrapple says:

You’re getting your passport stamped so you can go fuck a guy? Dude, that’s gay.

I’m perfectly fine with Price became the new face (and bawdy) of the site. Collin is doing too much and he needs to have a seat. On something other than a weight bench.

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

Adrian Monroe is so gorgeous.

That is al.

gaycockluvr says:

Price is so damn hot (Adrian is hot too). He was doing some serious sucking and ass eating in that preview…I approve. I would have loved to see Adrian fuck him though. Still looks hot.

Quinton Jackson says:

Chile, who knew they could afford a trip to Europe? Cute. As far as this scene goes, i’m okay with it. Although I would have preferred Price on the bottom – I guess his ass (literally) is still traumatized from that weak flip scene with “what’s her face.”

James GH says:

I can’t wait to see my James bottoming in Europe!! ;)

Devin says:

Horrible tan lines and flat butt on that Price Hogan

Kevin says:

Flat butt?

andrew says:

The tan lines are awesome and his butt is nice and plump.

Redphyro says:

Price gets hotter and hotter on every update. He is on my top 3 gayhoopla models along with Colin and James Manzel

andrew says:

I like your choices.

Redphyro says:

Hope we could see a free for all 3-way with those guys.

emercycrite says:

Would’ve preferred the other way round

andrew says:

Totally agree Price has got that wholesome boy-next-door look, minus that dumb ass hand tattoo.