ChaosMen: Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW)

Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen

Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen
Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen

Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen
Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen
Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen
Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen
Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen
Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen
Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear (TagTeam RAW) at ChaosMen

Watch Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear at

Yet another amazing TagTeam video where you will not know at which point you want to time your own load with!

I focused on keeping shoes and socks in this. I always think it is hot when guys have athletic shoes on, and the guys actually fuck better with the increased traction. The shoes come, go, then come back again, juuust in case somebody was more interested in socks.

As usual, I don’t get too into the fetish, and mostly this is 3 guys taking turns sucking and fucking each other. Everyone gets fucked!

Lots of sucking cock, and plenty of rimming. Favorite part is watching Jerome go back and forth rimming JJ Smitts and Mason, who are stacked on top of each other.

You will have to decide when you want to cum:

1. When Jerome is getting fucked by JJ, and Mason Lear makes him cum by jerking and sucking his load out?

2. After Jerome cums, Mason starts to fuck JJ Smitts, then Jerome makes Mason Lear suck the last bit of cum off his cock?

3. JJ Smitts shooting his load while Mason fucks him, feeding his load right into Jerome’s mouth?

4. Mason Lear unloading inside of JJ Smitts, then having Jerome repeatedly clean his cock. Mason then eats his own load out of JJ’s ass?!

Pick one of those moments, and then save the other three more rounds!

Watch Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear at

Watch Jerome, JJ Smitts & Mason Lear at

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wdeee says:

This looks fucking hot

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:



Loving JJ and MASON TOO

Mikhal says:

Looks like soft dick extravaganza & black socks not-so-much-of eleganza

gaycockluvr says:

Jerome is a straight up freak now. He’s just sucking, humping and licking on everything. I love it. I really do. I hope Jake Hart blesses Jerome with every inch of that dick eventually. Also, his body is fucking perfect. Abs always on display too. Also, y’all know damn well you ain’t supposed to have them shoes on in the bed….i’ll allow it though cause of Jerome.

jhtravus says:

Here for Jerome.

ajholditdownbaby says:

My husband! 😍

CarlA says:

Whose crazy idea was it to put socks and sneakers on the models in a bed?!?!?! Damn that…….I want a completely unobstructed view of every inch of Jerome’s ENTIRE body, from beautiful head to luscious toe!!!!

Coconutbundle says:

Damn! I am here for this video! Love the models keeping the shoes and socks on! Socks are so sexy on a guy

nodoubtfan says:

I don’t mind the shoes and socks, but based on the description, Bryan can’t decide if he’s into them or not. Whatever.

On the plus side…JEROME!

Redphyro says:

I love how jerome suck and kisses his scene partners. He looks so damn hot doing it.

moondoggy says:

The presence or absence of shoes and socks is low on my priority list here, but I am curious if Mr. Cinema Verité, who never edits anything no matter how long and dragged out and superfluous it was, actually showed them undressing and awkwardly pulling shoes through leg holes, or removing shoes, removing shorts, putting shoes back on. I’ll admit to an occasional sneaker fetish, but only when the shoes can plausibly pass as part of the narrative, like sex on a boardwalk or in a public park.

moondoggy says:

Oh, I meant to say that this still looks hot, but I’m still adamant about guys cumming from fucking, and those gifs do nothing to reassure me that it happened here.

von schlomo says:

Shoes (and socks) are definitely in my story. You mean you don’t wear shoes and socks to bed? I do every night. And, as for sex, I can only imagine what that’s like. I’m way too old, fat, balding and smelly to ever get sex. But, if I did, I’d totally be in way too much of a hurry to take anything I have on off in order to have sex…you know, just unzip and badda bing, badda boom.

PS I haven’t seen the video or the preview, but I’m betting he did NOT include the dressing or undressing stuff.

moondoggy says:

You joke, but I’ve seen a few “unzip, spit, shove” scenes that revved my engine. This was from a movie called Trigger Men: Big Swinging Dicks.”

nbtx27 says:

Good recovery from last week’s terrible Friday scene.
Bryan does get some things right! Good week for CM.

MC.EMC2 says:

YAAAAS GAWD!!!! CM wins this week, hands down

Scrapple says:

I’m only mad that Jerome isn’t spending the whole video getting banged out to within an inch of his life.

ajholditdownbaby says:

I’m sorry I HATE HATE HATE sock and shoes on during sex! If you got cute ass feet (which all three of them do) show em off! #justsaying! 🤷🏾‍♂️

….still gon watch tho! 💁🏾‍♂️

von schlomo says:

I’m mentally slow and find 3, or more, people in a scene too hard to follow. In these times, with lowered expectations, a threesome is really one good quality model that’s popular teamed up with a couple models most people forgot about. As for shoes/socks, why not pantyhose and those waist bracelet things next time? Oh well, at least it’s not the horrible, nauseating fetish Ockert has indulged before where models are described as “musky” and basically we’re left to imagine two guys having sex enjoying each others’ stink, or body odor. So hot!

Sask says:

This scene is hot. Bryan is good at recruiting sex pigs and letting them make hot scenes.

bo69 says:

They may turn this JJ Smitts guy into a bottom yet.