Corbin Fisher: Jack (III)

Jack (III) at CorbinFisher

Jack (III) at CorbinFisher
Jack (III) at CorbinFisher

Jack’s Solo at Corbin Fisher:

The first thing that struck Corbin Fisher about Jack was his sexy accent. He’s spent his life in a lot of different countries. That British accent really stands out. Jack certainly has a wry sense of humor that makes him a lot of fun to have around. Corbin Fisher was impressed by how easily he got used to the idea of showing off on camera.

While shooting in the park, CorbinFisher really put him through his paces. Having him run up and down the bleachers and do all kinds of calisthenics. He says that his favorite two clubs in school were debate and mixed martial arts. So he’s got a talented tongue to go along with that smoking hot body. Ultimately, Jack’s lean muscles, cute face, and pretty eyes make him the total package!

Watch Jack at Corbin Fisher

Watch Jack at Corbin Fisher

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bloodhound says:

He looks more like a Josh.

souse says:

A cutie with an accent? YES please

Miloš Del Rey says:

He looks like a mixture of Josh, Jon and Ellis. I hope he comes back.

Mark says:

I like Jack, he’s cute.
And we can actually see the full scene, unlike other studio.

Scrapple says:

Damn you. I’ve been waiting to use that Survivor gif for ages. lol

Mark says:

Michaela <3
I checked that guy Charlie, STUNNING!

Scrapple says:

She was her own worst enemy. Didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut or hide her facial expressions.

jhtravus says:

Or check under her seat when she sat out that challenge…

Scrapple says:

This is why when you go on Survivor you should learn how to start a fire, swim, deal with various personalities, regulate your emotions and facial expressions and be extra perceptive to your environment.

jhtravus says:

Don’t forget learn how to not show your ass on social media. More on that next season…

Scrapple says:

Lol. That’s more of a Big Brother issue. And The Bachelorette.

Redphyro says:

That dick is so damn sexy too

Guy says:

Not bad. He reminds me of Josh. He has a great uncut dick! Looks delicious!!

ClayJames says:

This is the first new model from Corbin Fisher that I’ve really liked since about Rory.

Redphyro says:

I hope Rory returns and at least we got to see him kiss and stick his dick on another guys ass.

ClayJames says:

I think way too much time has passed for that to ever happen. Although it doesn’t stop me dreaming about it haha

emercycrite says:

YAS bring on that big uncut meat

GingerFever says:

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Fresh face, uncut cock, tight body. Let’s just hope he comes back.

peter says:

And also not >25 a huge +++!

Gazzaq says:

Jack is Very Corbin Fisher although I was not expecting his British Accent. Looking forward to his getting Fucked in the Butt.

Kevin says:

When i saw him on the site without clicking on the pics i liked him but now that i see him all blown up i have to give him a pass, he reminds me of Lane.

Tim says:

Mmm, he’s quite a posh boy – he talks proper! Double yum.

Vive LaGuerre says:

No pubes = no interest

peter says:

Yeah, wish they’d leave their bushes intact myself

some charge says:

They still haven’t released anything with the last solo guy.

peter says:

Very interested in hearing more about what prompted him to enlist in the US military? Fast-track to citizenship?

david david says:

I didn’t realize he looks a bit like Josh until I saw the comments here. He’s cute, got a really sexy accent, and he’s very adorable. And that part when he was doing calisthenics was too cute.I’m getting some serious Teen Wolf vibes from him. He could easily be one of Liam’s classmates. And speaking of Josh, I hope he’s real skilled too.

paultacoma51 says:

Let’s face it. Uncut cocks are just prettier and this is no exception. He’s got that innocent quality like Josh had.

Scrapple says:

You would’ve thought Charlie would’ve ruined the site for British Knights.

So basically Josh knocked up some random strumpet on one of those Euro trips, and through the magic of SORAS, his son has returned to reclaim his father’s legacy. I’d watch that journey.

von schlomo says:

All these people about British accents…ya need to get out more. There’s nothing special about his accent or his voice. It’s a terrible site but go listen to the boys on English Lads….you’ll have hundreds of brit accents instead of one or two.

Wow, ugly genitals. He shaved that mother fucker 5 minutes before the cameras rolled. BARF Charlie, who I think was also British?, is about 20 times hotter/cuter than this dude.