Corbin Fisher: Collin (Introductory Solo)

Collin at CorbinFisher

Collin at CorbinFisher

Collin at Corbin Fisher, Scene Summary:

Collin has striking eyes – he told Corbin Fisher they’re his favorite feature about himself. Also his tight, lean body that he’s constantly working on in the gym and in the pool. We wish we could also look like that only going to the gym three times a week! His abs and chest are amazingly defined, and he’s got a cute smile, with a relaxed, yet confident personality.

On top of all of those assets, though, Collin’s got a perfectly thick cock that makes him the total package. His drool-worthy endowment is sure to make him popular around here at Corbin Fisher. As a marathon runner, we’re sure he’ll be able to dish out some intense action with that big dick of his!

Watch Collin at Corbin Fisher

Watch Collin at Corbin Fisher

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Kevin says:

Not sure if i like him, definitely not feeling that upcoming 3way with Brady, Sawyer and Wesley.

Luis says:

Where did you see about that update?

Kevin says:

If you go to their site you see a pic of them coming up.

Mark says:

They could be dual scenes. I saw pictures of Beau/Rocky/Calan and Beau/Rocky/Kellan, this threesomes didn’t happen.
A Sawyer/Wesley scene? Hell yes.

Kevin says:

If it happens then it a big no for me. I am fine with Sawyer but the other i find very unappealing.

sam my says:

that’ll be a definite update skip for me.

Ben_thecoolhobo says:

wait.. 1. how did you know about this 3 way… and 2 why not?

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

@disqus_qivpoymo67:disqus not doubting you, but remember we had the post down below on the site too and it Never materialized. Dont let Corbin Fisher be fooling you. If it does happen Fine and Good Iḿ just saying be cautious.

And this is what I was referring to

david david says:

Dang! I forgot who Brady is for a minute. Looks like someone’s enjoying threeways a little too much. They’ve been doing threeways more frequently now. Not sure how I feel about that since I’m not a huge threesome fan. They’re normally hit or miss. Although i think the last threeway worked so well.

Kevin says:

Sorry but Brady is not Corbin Fisher material. They are lowering their standards (my opinion).

david david says:

I will have to agree with that. I do think he’s handsome, but just like the new solo guy, he’s a little too mature. Then again, Sawyer is the same, except I don’t think he’s handsome.

Jay says:

Where’s Conrad been?

cammaxx says:

Well, he’s got a big dick. So there’s that…

DaveAtom says:

He’s hot, esp for that dick. Not bad, Corbin Fisher doing good things lately.

sam my says:

Is Corbin Fisher growing a big dick farm in their backyard or something? I mean damn.

ChillPoint says:

So he has a Sawyer/Max size dick. And…. decent nipples… and that’s it. Those eyes… something about them looks just off. I’m okay if he doesn’t come back.

Kevin says:

He probably is coming back.

Scrapple says:

Gay or Southern? Both?

I think I’d like him more with more facial hair. He’s giving me a little Kirk Cummings face, and the hair would help that. He knows good and well his dick is his best feature. He’s lying with that pageant answer.

CF’s new mission seems to revolve around big and/or fat dicks. Splendid.

von schlomo says:

So, Dawson’s younger half-brother got his big dick from the dad he didn’t share with Dawson?

And 29? Really? Oh well, the S.S. Corbin Fisher is taking on water from every angle, why not just throw the concept of College Men and the tradition of 18-25 out with everything else.

Also, only one shot of that monster cock without being strangled by his hands is disappointing. When the dick is what you’re leading with, folks wanna see it and not being choked off by a hand which usually means they either can’t get hard or can’t keep it hard.

As for Collin himself, well, he’s not unattractive. And, NO, just no more fucking facial hair. Jesus that’s played out. His body is pretty good so the product really is all about the dick and hopefully he’s not a Colt or Chandler who often tried to play with a tire only about 70-80% pressure. And, as always, stop the fucking grooming!

Dkingz33 says:

So I gues Flynn isn’t coming back?

david david says:

His eyes are the first thing I noticed about him even before I read the description ’cause I thought they’re quite creepy. It’s odd he thought that’s his best asset. He’s quite mature for CF, but I can’t ignore that big, fat dick of his. I’m on the fence about him. I’ll reserve my judgement until I see him in some real action.

Maximus says:

Thank you! Normally I LOVE men who have colorful eyes, but Collin’s somehow remind me of White Walker eyes, and it freaks me out.

simp says:

Well, he’s not extremely attractive but certainly decent enough with a nice tight body. His age is also perfectly fine. Excited to see more from him, and it’d be great if he plays for our team too (since there’s nothing written on that).

freater says:

Willing to see more, but this alleged big dick looks floppy and semi-soft in the video, and the entire time he never let it out of his hands once…


The fact that they R only showing his dick an no ass shots leave me 2 believe that he has a big dick & flat ass !!!

emercycrite says:


gaycockluvr says:

I wasn’t expecting all of that penis! Oh wow. I hope to see that thing inside Elian, Kellan and Rocky one of these days. Max is due for a good pounding too.

Duncan Mudge says:

He looks great and that huge dick — nice. Also, nice to see that he doesn’t hide his face with facial hair.

L. T. says:

Twenty-nine? If that’s not a typo then he’s the oldest Corbin Fisher model to ever premier on the site.

sam my says:

Who told you that ?

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

I think you confused @disqus_NZqDrsrq2C:disqus with me @disqus_HdImJqa3CM:disqus

Kevin says:

Just like with the Max/Devon update, i feel pretty ambivalent about him

Leo says:

He’s conservative? I still wonder how people even manage to find these guys’ sm.

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

Well as long as he is not like former Corbin Fisher model Travis (also a conservative) whom a blogger described as A Trump supporting POS……..

Then Iḿ all good cause I can Love/Like anybody just dont be a Bigot Hating homophobic sexist and every other ist racist. In other words treat people like you would want to be treated

Oh and here is Travis today

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

You would be surprised. How come you think My Bae Grant left the Business Before he even began. Nosey people on SM trolling him. Here is his picture just in case you forgot what My Bae Grant looks like

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

So what was it about the Max/Devon update? Is It because Devon asked his fans on SM on whether or not he should leave or is it because he appears to be (and I havent seen it yet) not present in his on screen performance?

Kevin says:

The tattoos turn me off, they are all so random.

von schlomo says:

….for CF. They used to be called Amateur College Men. While folks in their 60’s go to college, well, you know what I’m on about. I see the skewing away from their roots as just another plank in the lowered expectations found at almost every gay porn studio on the planet.

moondoggy says:

I understand what you’re saying, despite my complete and sincere horror that you are invoking that here. I think this guy is gorgeous, and certainly not the first Corbin Fisher guy who apparently went to college on the GI bill after a couple of tours of duty.

The issue of porn having strangely deteriorated in just the past two or three years is one I would like to table until the arrival of a lesser model.

von schlomo says:

See, I think most people just come up with their own narratives to explain what turns their crank. The GI Bill never occurred to me but when I was in college 80-90% of the students were traditional age, 18-22.

I think in CF’s first decade they almost always featured models appearing age 18-22 with the age 25 thrown in mostly to take care of CF’s models who started out around age 18 but who stayed around for many years shooting more scenes and for the odd stray model who appeared older than usual but who was hired anyway because he was just too hot to send packing. Too, sometimes, a model’s apparent age is a few years behind actual age.

I’m surprised more people haven’t noticed the quality of gay porn decreasing, at least in the past 2-3 years, but probably more gradually over the past 5-6 years. But, perhaps the markers that I attribute to the negative are actually what others want to see more of? In that case, those folks would see things as just dandy, or even getting better every day.

moondoggy says:

My GI bill narrative was self-parody. I don’t actually think that when looking at the models. I was acknowledging your point but begging favor for this model because (1) I think he’s hotter than most of what they have right now, including some of the guys other people seem so keen on, and (2) I think they lost the college credibility a long time ago.

But that leads to a whole other issue, that college guys are really not what I fantasize about anyway. The idea that frat parties break into orgies was never credible to me. Maybe it has to do with where I went to college or with my age, but college was nowhere near the most licentious period of my life: My late 20s were. In college, people are still understandably way too concerned with what other people think. The idea that there’s some frat house where a bottom, whether male or female, gets passed around like a cumrag is to me the least believable fantasy imaginable, actually less believable than a Mormon church where the choir boys get passed around, though maybe if I had gone to church at all since grade school, I would reject that too.

One last thing about the college theme is that I would find it more credible if they put any, and I mean ANY effort into it. You can’t have seventy or eighty guys fuck in the same nondescript room over a period of ten years and call it college. Shoot some B roll of the guys tossing a football on a college lawn the way they did at Fratmen. The fact that they don’t do that means to me that the age range is always just a loose guideline. But again, this is not to refute what you said, just to give it my own spin.

von schlomo says:

His face has been out for a few hours and so far it hasn’t screamed super hot guy to me yet. I think his looks are ok but I haven’t really run the analysis where I compute the quality of his looks based on the few different models that I use. A couple have noted his eyes are a bit creepy, was it? There’s at least a little there there.

Maybe they lost the college credibility a long time ago about the time I was talking about when their quality started dipping down, 5-6 years ago, which would be around their 10 year anniversary, I think.

I agree with your two big paragraphs on college guys. Really, “college” for me, is just what middle class Americans aspire their children age 18-22 to be doing. I don’t care about the whole frat thing and all the other college props and themes. For me, it’s just what most of us in the industry call the age group 18-22. The guy who chooses the military instead of college and is the same exact age is fine by me. I don’t care if they’re mentally retarded and just open cardboard pizza boxes at Domino’s all day so long as they appear age 18-22, are cute, athletic bodies and hopefully at least an average cock but huge cock always works better in porn, of course.

As for the B-roll, I think they’ve been doing that, to some extent, over the past couple three years. I don’t care if they shoot the models throwing a football back and forth or the baseball thing or the basketball thing…not really. It’s a little added bonus for me but really I’d rather they hire higher quality talent…spend more time, effort and money on talent! There’s an idea. For me, the athletic B-roll is about as important as the clothes the guys are wearing. I care about clothing, but I just feel like their product is weakening and if they scored better talent and raised the quality then they could focus on ancillary details like B-roll and costumes.

Rico says:

Kinda ironic. Sean Cody has been recruiting much younger models and Corbin Fisher just the opposite. If Collin knows how to use that Dick, and I think he does, he’ll make some decent porn and that’s all that counts with me. And, hey, I’m doing my part–I’m a long-time sub to both Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody even though the quality on both sites isn’t what it used to be–WTF is anymore? I blame Trump’s tariffs and relaxed regulation.

sam my says:

Lol I know. I’m not a complete ditz, well least not at that moment