GayHoopla: Trent Herman

Trent Herman at GayHoopla

Trent Herman at GayHoopla

Trent Herman at GayHoopla

Trent Herman at GayHoopla

Trent Herman Solo at GayHoopla:

Say hello to GayHoopla’s frat boy Trent Herman! This college stud has some awesome energy and a big fat cock to top it off.

Ride along with Trent Herman and get to know everything about this charismatic young man. He is clearly down for whatever if you watch the trailer. All it takes is a simple dare and this kid is running around a public park in nothing but his socks and underwear!

Skinny dipping in broad daylight is next for Trent Herman after his sweaty park football activities with the lovely Josh Farve. He’s gonna need to cool off because things are only getting hotter from here…

Trent Herman makes his way inside, gets comfortable, and better yet, gets horny. Maybe it was all of that activity? Perhaps the refreshing skinny dip?

Whatever the case, Trent Herman heats up and it isn’t long before his big dick is at full mast. I hope you like big, thick, creamy, cumshots!

Watch Trent Herman at GayHoopla

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Bree Van de Kamp says:

This site is deteriorating at an exponential rate. It’s blatantly obvious they use the funds from the gay side to fund the side with all of the nasty fish.

MC.EMC2 says:

Well, they have the go-ahead of some gay fans themselves, just read the comments here of how a few (thank goodness it’s just the minority) people don’t find this extremely alarming or degrading…

some charge says:

I mean, when even MEN paying subscribers give this kind of straight fantasy 25% approval, these people need to understand that attitudes even in gay porn are changing… gay guys don’t want to be treated like crap and actually want to see gay men have gay sex. Will the porn industry adapt to these demands? I’m not sure. We see Sean Cody greatly increasing the rate of openly gay/bi identifying guys, but at the same time their sister site MEN is shooting another str8 scene with g4p felon Cliff Jensen. But there is still hope…

some charge says:

And there are still people willing to pay for it, I guess they migrated there from Corbin Fisher, that’s why they’re struggling so much

Target says:

I can get into the cute, extroverted frat boy types, esp when that’s what they’re packing.

Jay says:

Nice dick on him.

That said, he looks like the kid from tv’s The Mick.
Just dye that hair red and sprinkle some freckles… oh dear.

Daniel Adam Hayes says:

Who cares? The only thing he’ll do on Gay Hoopla are solo scenes…

Bree Van de Kamp says:

He’s already fucked a fish for HGH…

Capello says:

Please, stop shaving your pubes. The bush on your taint make me think the pubes could be awesome.

John Smith says:

THANK YOU! That big dick would look incredible with a thick bush

Michael says:

GH is a joke, they like to troll gay subscribers. This guy will appear (August 20) doing solo to Gay Hoopla and a straight scene to HGF. Aren’t there many models in this site? Poor subcribers, Waste of time.

some charge says:

GH gay subscribers deserve everything they get from Gay Hoopla homophobic owners. Their money is the reason that another shall-not-be-named site exists.

deCosmos says:

A lot of money got spent on those teeth.

gaycockluvr says:

That is a nice dick. I wonder if Josh got to bounce on that thing…can’t imagine him letting that out of site. Dude is eh though…he kinda looks like Lip from Shameless.

Me2 says:

Ease up, Chuckles. It ain’t all that cute.

VitaminAD says:

I love his smile and his hairy body the most

Chrisnorth94 says:

I love when his fat thick dick rubs against the sofa like that. Fuck I want this video now 😍

codycarpenter41 says:

Hopefully Trent comes back for more! He’s so hot, an amazing cock, and seems like a fun guy. Wouldn’t mind seeing him paired with Chad