GayHoopla: Ryan Lacey

Ryan Lacey at GayHoopla

Ryan Lacey at GayHoopla
Ryan Lacey at GayHoopla

Ryan Lacey Solo at GayHoopla:

Ryan Lacey is a dime, a perfect 10. With incredible piercing blue eyes, and a huge cock, this tall beautiful blonde is the complete package.

Come get to know everything about Ryan Lacey! This stud is as genuine and nice as it gets. A real winner you would be proud to have on your arm!

Watch Ryan Lacey at GayHoopla

Watch Ryan Lacey at GayHoopla

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gaycockluvr says:

That is a nice penis. Nice chest too. Josh is gonna put that thing to good use.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I just can’t get excited about porn that is always going to end in “pull out, peel off and shoot”, or worse, a side by side jerk off. Sorry – no sale.

Ed Stoneback says:

Really nice looking hunk but not a speck of body hair such at waste

Ivan Jimenez says:

He could be a good bottom for Derek Jones & Julian Rodriguez!

von schlomo says:

I’m not sure if its bad facial expressions or just a bad face. They’ve done so much better in the past, despite being idiots in production and using condoms (almost always).

Daniel Hayes says:

I would need to see him in action before having an opinion…

andrew says:

That’s some real good dick Ryan, but stop shaving your pubes.

emercycrite says:

Strictly neck down only.