Active Duty: Phoenix River (New Recruit)

Phoenix River at ActiveDuty

Phoenix River at ActiveDuty
Phoenix River at ActiveDuty

Phoenix River Solo at Active Duty:

Dirk begins his small talk with Phoenix River making him more comfortable before he has him take his clothes off.

Phoenix River is a tall man with a great fit body. He answers all of Dirk’s questions and soon enough Dirk has him taking his clothes off revealing his physique. Phoenix is let loose and he begins to get that big cock extremely hard.

Phoenix River’s dick is long and thick ready for any undertaking we may throw at it. The nervousness in a fresh, new recruit such as Phoenix can be seen clearly. Therefore it’s one big turn on to know that this Navy boy is jacking off for the first time in front of a camera.

Phoenix River moves to the bed where he spreads his legs wide and far. Now we can get a great look at those full balls just waiting to be released. Dirk has him get on his knees and tells him to bend over and show off his tight virgin hole. Phoenix does just that and uses two hands to spread his tight ass wide open.

Once Phoenix River is done showing off his ass, he lies back down and continues to stroke that sexy throbbing cock of his. Finally, he gives us the cue and releases one hell of a built up load all over himself. Enjoy!

Watch Phoenix River at ActiveDuty

Watch Phoenix River at ActiveDuty

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DTG says:

“Phoenix River?” Come on, now…

moondoggy says:

Too soon? 25 years is more than respectable. Why, I’ve known porn stars who named themselves after people in intensive care! Granted these were not pillars of the community.

Scrapple says:

Phoenix River? He dead.

andrew says:

Phoenix ain’t a pretty boy but those muscles and that cock make him look like Chris Hemsworth to me.

Stevienowonder says:

No way – ugly and looks like a released former convict trying to find some way of getting money.

Cheshire says:

I’ve got some change in the cushions. Gimme dat dick.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Let me ride it!

No_No_No_Yes says:

LOL Dirk be droppin shade. I’m starting to think his eyesight is failing. Poor old queen.

Ant says:

tf you talking about

No_No_No_Yes says:

NM, Dirk actually had jack shit to do with the early success of AD, his attachment was in concept only. Dave was the mastermind, Dirk, or Mike whatever the fuck his name is had one or two collab scenes that actually sucked balls as well. His stuff was pretty much a bunch of VERY basic dudes jacking and fucking.

Either way – THIS dude is hardly working with a virgin hole, and yeah – he is basic so that part fits. This site is a mess.

Ant says:

Where the hell was the “dropping shade” by Dirk

No_No_No_Yes says:

Dude – that was my point. There wasn’t any but only because he isn’t who I thought he was.

Young Meesh says:

Don’t care what his name is…that dick tho.

emercycrite says:

Yes daddy