MEN: Aspen Fucks Paul Canon in ‘What’s Up His Ass?!’

What's Up His Ass?! (Aspen Fucks Paul Canon) at Drill My Hole

What's Up His Ass?! (Aspen Fucks Paul Canon) at Drill My Hole
What's Up His Ass?! (Aspen Fucks Paul Canon) at Drill My Hole

What's Up His Ass?! (Aspen Fucks Paul Canon) at Drill My Hole

Aspen Fucks Paul Canon in ‘What’s Up His Ass?’ at

Muscular bottom Paul Canon is traveling, and decided to go on a trip with a dildo in his ass! He arrives at the airport and goes through security with beefy agent Aspen. Brown-haired Aspen thoroughly scans his lean body, but can’t seem to figure out why the scanner keeps beeping. He pulls Paul’s pants down and discovers the dildo, but instead of removing it, he slides it in and out of his tight hole, loosening him up, and making way for some hot sex.

Watch as Aspen Fucks Paul Canon at

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Ginger Loverboy says:


Atticus says:

What is going on with Aspen’s hair? I literally can’t.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I find it amusing they think anyone believes Paul Cannon’s ass needs loosening up. Aspen, my rolly polly guilty pleasure, I really need you to start hitting the gym much much harder, and for the sake of all that is sacred, loose the ridiculous hair arrangement. You are a big boy now, time to tighten up your style.

ANY scene Aspen is in that does not include his hairy gash being invaded by a big dick is just wasted. But I miss the “Solomon” version, with the tight hard body, and cum filled center.

XCX says:

Sorry, there should be roles defined for each man. Ones should be tops, others – bottoms/power bottoms. Versatiles are the ones I’m losing the respect for. Being versatile means you don’t have an opinion or/and they’re roving seeking the right role. Imagine yourself if you were a girl and if your boyfriend/spouse is a pornstar and he’s coming home after being fucked on screen. How would you react? Would you be OK with that?
I hope Aspen is happy with his wife and kid!

Quinton Jackson says:

What’s up his ass? A confederate flag.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I was going to say anal warts, but yours is more accurate. I think.

jhtravus says:

I love you 😂

JK3 says:

Probably Damien Kyle holding a confederate flag.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Baby where you been hiding?! You have been awful quiet lately!

Quinton Jackson says:

Gurl, work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boss took on very complicated case with a big wig with very deep pockets. So he’s doing his very best to impress this client -basically to create a friendship for future funding, donations, etc. He’s working all of our asses like slaves.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Awe.. well that is the hallmark of any really smart manager. Surround yourself with people who make you look good. So in a way it is a compliment. Well your smart ass is missed. But I get it, gotta do what we do!

Quinton Jackson says:

I missed you too. I also miss throwing appropriate shade at the ones that deserve it. Like Paul KKKannon. Yeah, I’m glad he included me in this case because it means so much to him. And the fact that I was one of the people he trusted with partaking in it means a lot. But, still. When I get home the only thing I want to do is fall into my bed and sleep. When this chaos is over, I’ll be more active here. This place needs us!

No_No_No_Yes says:

I get it, I do get assignments that require every ounce of energy I have from time to time, I feel you. But keep in mind too – experience like this will be critical as you move forward. Doesn’t give you magic strength NOW, but it will later. You are totally correct bb, somebody has to drag these bitches!

Maximus says:

He’s just “proud of his Southern heritage.” Because, you know, the fact that one’s ancestors owned other human beings or fought for the right to own them is totally something of which to be proud.

Neel Dutta says:

Two ugly guys, having sex, or better, excuse of sex together……..How much repulsive could it get more!

andrew says:

Paul Canon is looking mighty fine as usual. He actually gets handsomer as he ages.

Scrapple says:

This partner and that hair are not the returns I want to see for Aspen.

Ivan Jimenez says:

As long as he’s involved in the confederate and republican party, then I’m out!

JJason says:

Why all the hate on these performers personally?

JJason says:

You all get to involved in these performer’s personal lives.

More says:

Im pretty sure if they post racist shit on their social media under their porn names thats not getting involved in their personal lives😂😂😂But who wants to jerk to a racist or rapist. I think most ppl would want to that surface info. Don’t need to go further just need to know if they should pass or not

JJason says:

I’m different. I don’t care to follow any type of celebrity or care what they say.

tatumon says:


L. T. says:

It’s not solely on their personal lives; they spill on social media under their porn profiles. By the way, it’s not even just us; other porn stars are calling these asses out, too. One of them being Austin Wilde.

JJason says:

Austin Wilde being called out or is he calling someone out?

Also, what did you expect from someone who eats another man’s cum for a living? Our free speech and freedom of expression is slowly eroding. I certainly don’t expect others to think like I do…

Would it be okay if these porn performers were caught on audio tape saying they can grab the cocks of their fans anytime? Or that one of these performers is suing a studio director because the director told the performer he had to lick ass in order to get his check?

HVdude says:

So this is bb? And with 2 guys we know do bb. So just be honest

No_No_No_Yes says:

I am going to assume this was an accident and there is nothing further up his ass.

Jasper Taft says:

Whoever just stole the Golden Girls season 7 out of my mailbox should be punished by watching this update. (assuming they’re an adult of course).

moondoggy says:

Oh no, that’s bad news. We’re only a few days from when Hallmark will stop showing GG episodes and start showing Christmas movies with such devotion that you would think judgment day was just around the corner.

Jasper Taft says:

My mother hates that!

Jay says:

Going on a plane trip for what could be hours if a delay occurs (or even not)? Put a metal butt plug up your ass! Surely you won’t set off a metal detector in any way!

L. T. says:

Oh, great. Aspen is pared up Adoofus Shitler. I’m still hollering at him and his BF trying to defend the latter’s choices for not wanting to be paired with darker-skinned models because “I’m not attracted to them” and Austin Wilde calling them both out on their bullshit.