Corbin Fisher: Conrad Submits To Elian

Conrad Submits To Elian (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Conrad Submits To Elian (Bareback) at CorbinFisher
Conrad Submits To Elian (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Conrad Submits To Elian at Corbin Fisher:

Elian’s always has had a thing for wallflowers, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that he noticed Conrad around the house, who tends to generally be pretty shy. For his part, it was hard for Conrad not to developed a crush on our muscular, hung freshman, especially since he really just doesn’t like to wear clothes indoors!

Despite being on opposite ends of the extrovert-introvert scale, they did find something in common to bond over: their thick, uncut cocks! These two go at it like crazy, and Elian literally has Conrad biting the sheets when he gets him bent over on the bed! They’re both very tan, and Elian’s smooth skin plays off Conrad’s scruff amazingly, as these two studs see who can make the other lose control faster, and by the end of it they’re both drenched.

Watch Elian and Conrad at Corbin Fisher

Watch Elian and Conrad at Corbin Fisher

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DeeGee says:

“Submitting to Elian” looks about as tame as being “dominated by him” a few weeks back. Much as I love the guy.

Redphyro says:

Im here for my weekly fix of Elian!!!

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

I’m here for Elian, he can do no wrong in my book.
Conrad looks orange, that’s not very sexy.

Jasper Taft says:

He voted for the Orange Freak, so maybe the orange-ness rubbed off on him. But yeah, I agree with everything you said.

Proud Nerve says:

that also reminds of his political preferences just like Jake Porter’s orangeness

TomCNR says:

The Trump supporter submits to a Latino. Ooooh!

jhtravus says:

Oh my god, this is so disappointing.

CA says:

I wonder how many WB readers voted for Trump…how many gay men in general. I’m starting to draw the conclusion that as white gay men, we likely followed the trend of our geographic communities rather than the majority of the vocal out LGBT community.

Scrapple says:

I don’t think it’s all that surprising. If you have the choice of being part of a marginalized group or being a member of a group in power, most people are going to choose the second option. Even if that power group doesn’t really respect who and what you are and is only using you and your talents, people will still do whatever it takes to be in that circle. Why do you think Kanye is stanning so hard for Trump? It’s the same thing. It’s the “I’m not with her” mentality. Why choose the outsider life when you can be part of the In Crowd? I feel sorry for people like that because they don’t know better. And when that crowd eventually turns on them, it won’t be pretty.

This isn’t directed at you, but I do have to point out that this idea that all Republicans are evil is so tired. There are good people who are Republicans just like there are evil people who are Democrats. It makes me sad when I see people getting demonized for their political views. It’s no different than judging someone for their religion, or their ethnicity, sexuality, gender or whatever. It’s so much easier to judge people according to how they treat others rather than how they identify. If someone reveals they are in fact a garbage person, then yeah, drag the fuck out of them.

WhimsyCotton says:

Maybe not all Republican voters are evil, but ALL Republican politicians are most definitely evil. Political views are a choice. In a world with so much information, there’s no reason why people shouldn’t be educating themselves on simple fucking topics regarding politics. When people — like Kanye West — ignorantly, and blissfully display their ignorance before the world, I can do nothing but develop absolute loathing for them. The same is true for every Republican voter. They may not all be evil, but they are all guilty. Elections have consequences.

Scrapple says:

A good deal of politicians are evil and/or self-serving. I don’t automatically look at a Republican politician and think “S/he’s out to get me” and then look at a Democratic politician and think “S/he’s here to help me.” In the grand scheme of things that designation has no bearing on what type of person you are. It doesn’t even have a bearing on how those politicians vote. How many times have those people gone against their own parties with their statements or their votes? Happens all the time. Look at what happened with Kavanaugh’s nomination. One Democrat voted yes and a Republican would’ve voted no, but used a “present” vote to not tip the scale, because of another Republican voter who wasn’t there. Look at McCain. He went from running for President as a Republican to calling out his own Party, especially Trump. He didn’t even want any of that family at his funeral. Look at Obama and Bush. They’re almost besties. If Bush is evil then the Obamas are evil by association.

WhimsyCotton says:

These Republicans, with the exception of the now deceased McCain, are aiding and abetting treason. They are all evil by not standing against the Trump Administration. The guy that voted in favor of Kavanaugh has gone on record as considering a party change, so we know where he stands. As for Bush, I’m pretty sure he voted for Hillary.

Scrapple says:

If people had consistently told McCain he was evil for being a Republican, would he have changed his ideology? If people had done the same to you for your previous thoughts regarding racial issues, would you have changed yours? He changed. You changed. And outright hatred and rage isn’t why either of those changes took place.

WhimsyCotton says:

Let’s be real. McCain only changed his ideology because he was at Death’s door. He was happy to be on the wrong side of important issues most of his life.

As for me, I was happy to change when presented with facts. Republicans completely ignore important issues — or worse, are happy to push legislation to exacerbate them — in order to maintain power. That or they’re all sociopaths. Probably both.

Scrapple says:

McCain started speaking out before he got sick.

And if I recall, you were presented with facts on multiple occasions before you changed. It wasn’t a quick turnaround.

Stereotyping people based on what you think you know about them because of their identification isn’t cool. People are more than how they identify. But if everyone wants to think being labeled a (insert description here) means you’re automatically evil and beyond hope and redemption, it’s whatever. I’m not doing it.

WhimsyCotton says:

Sure, but even then I still identified as a — and voted exclusively — Democrat. Votes have consequences. Voting Republican has very real, and very dire consequences. Whether they’re cognizant of their actions or not, individuals who vote Republican are having a negative effect on our country in every single aspect.

I’ll grant you that they may be more than their identity if only because I’ve disappointingly found out people I know who ended up voting Republican (for a myriad of ignorant reasons, but I digress). This applies to voters though not politicians. I won’t budge on my opinion of them. xD

Jasper Taft says:

I don’t feel sorry for them. Not in the least. In regards to Kanye, he doesn’t need to resort to this kind of thing. He has millions upon millions like a lot of celebrities, and doesn’t NEED to do this. He’s only doing it because he’s an attention whore, just like his wife and just like Trump. They always have been and always will be. And to that extent, it’s why I also don’t feel sorry for people like Tim Allen and Roseanne Barr. These are people who have been in the industry for decades, made tons of money, have had tons of success, and are STILL, *to this day*, trying to play the part of the victim, going out there and peddling themselves as working class, everyday Americans who feel cheated against, when in reality, they couldn’t be further removed from that group if they tried. Every single celebrity I have mentioned in this paragraph is worthless. All of them. And if I woke up tomorrow and every single one of them was dead, I couldn’t care less.

Kanye West is a shock celebrity who has built his entire brand on being a completely obnoxious bully and is only still garnering news coverage because nobody has stood up to him. Not even Bush. If someone would grow a pair and stand up to him, he would go away like the little child that he is.

Eventually turn on them? That happened a long time ago. We’re talking about a group of people where a fair number of them are white supremacists who support a man who believes in white supremacy and that some of them are “good people”. We’re talking about a group of people who still want the Confederate Flag flown in state capitals. Sure, these people might vote for Tim Scott, but that’s only because most of these same people would vote for Republicans if the Republican ticket was Hitler/Satan and the Democratic ticket was God/Jesus.

I have friends that are Republicans. I have family that are Republicans. But I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that there isn’t a single day that goes by where I want to rip them for being so stupid. Because it’s their votes that WE are living a nightmare. One of my teachers in Elementary school in the 80’s said that people got too worked up about elections (this was way before things became hyper–polarized like they are now) because, in the long run, whoever is President really won’t affect your life. And in that day in age, it was probably true. But that’s not the case now. Because of their votes, their hatred, a totally incompetent, morally bankrupt, completely inexperienced scumbag is the “leader” of our country.

How are we supposed to feel when they are out there in huge numbers wanting people deported, our candidate imprisoned? How are we supposed to feel when they would love nothing more than stripping away every single right LGBT Americans have been afforded? It’s hard to not to have some contempt for these people. But what really gets under my skins is how dense these people are? Voting for the greedy multi-billionaire who has given next to nothing to charity because they think he is magically going to improve their lives? Dense doesn’t begin to describe these people.

Scrapple says:

I feel sorry for anyone who feels they would rather trade the ability to live an authentic life for the trappings of popularity and privilege, or because they want acceptance. People make that choice for all manner of reasons. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not my place to tell them they’ve made the wrong choice. All I can do is simply say life is so much better when you’re happy with who you are and you refuse to compromise yourself and your beliefs for someone else. We all have to capacity to do better and be better. I don’t make it a habit of wishing death on people, even if I disagree with them or hate them. Death is final.

Kanye’s brand was built long before that Taylor incident, so I disagree with that statement. I would agree that his reputation has been tarnished by his antics. But again, he’s obviously dealing with mental health issues and he still hasn’t recovered from the loss of his only parent. I try to temper my anger at what he is doing with empathy. Sometimes. Other times I just want him to shut the fuck up and stop making the struggle way more difficult than it already is.

No, people like Conrad and Kanye haven’t been turned on yet. They’re still a part of this group. They’re nothing more than mascots and shills, but for now they serve a purpose. When that purpose is no longer beneficial, then they will be put aside and watch their privileges be revoked.

I work in a Republican office. I live in a Republican area. I have family members who are registered Republicans. I have family members who aren’t registered Republicans, but either voted for Trump or didn’t vote for Clinton. Or worse, didn’t vote for Obama. I have stuff being presented to me from all sides which makes me angry, but more than that it makes me disappointed and disheartened. But I refuse to spend my time hating on people because I want them to choose a better way. I do what I can to correct misinformation, share my experiences and educate the people in my life about why certain issues matter and need to be addressed differently. That’s how I choose to spend my energy and focus. If I spent my life walking around with rage and seeing everyone who isn’t aligned with me as a villain, I’d be in a psych ward somewhere. My mental health is way too important to put it in jeopardy. And I refuse to let the thoughts and actions of others make me into a person I don’t have to be. We all have a choice. Sometimes we make the right choices. Sometimes we don’t.

Jasper Taft says:

I think you’re trying to make Kanye out to be some sort of combination of loner/nerdy teenager with no friends in high school. This man (for reasons I cannot understand) has millions of fans. He doesn’t need any more acceptance. Again, as I stated earlier, he doesn’t need to do this. The only reason he is doing this is so that he can stir the pot some more, because that’s what potstirrers enjoy doing. And get some more attention in the process.

I didn’t wish death on the people I mentioned. I merely stated I couldn’t care less if they did die. And that is the truth. I don’t care. I haven’t met any of them personally so their death wouldn’t affect me.

And on that note, that is all I am saying about Kanye. He is not an important enough figure in my world for me to continue talking about him.

I’m not mad at you because it sounds like you have good intentions, but I think you are mostly wasting your time. We live in a society where changing one’s mind or expressing uncertainty is a sign of weakness, so that’s why most people never do it. People would rather defend their actions til the day they die (even when their mistakes are constantly shoved in their face) rather than admit they were wrong. I used to frequent a true crime board. I would generally take the facts of the case, analyze them in my mind, and then form the likeliest conclusion. I would constantly find myself at odds with posters whose theories ranged from the highly improbable to the nearly impossible to conspiracy theories. No matter how many facts, logic and what have you you would throw at these people, they would stick to their batshit crazy theories because they were convinced *they* were correct and the other side was lying/mistaken. And then one day, it all made *sense*, in a way. These same people would go on and write about how the Clinton Body Count was real, and that Bill, Hillary and their assorted relatives were responsible for killing dozens, maybe hundreds of people. The people that believe this are beyond help. They are too far gone. They believe gays are evil because God said so. You can tell them that they didn’t personally hear that God said that, or prove that He even exists, or has ever existed. You can tell them that all day. But it won’t do any good.

Personally, I don’t understand it. It doesn’t bother me at all to admit when I have been wrong and/or apologize. I apologized to someone here on WB just a few days ago. When Pascal (I think that’s what his name is) pretty much proved me wrong on something, I actually admitted it publicly. It doesn’t bother me at all. But for some reason, a lot of people believe that if you are wrong and admit it or you change your mind, you’re a coward.

Scrapple says:

Having fans doesn’t mean you love yourself. Have money doesn’t mean you’re happy. Being a celebrity doesn’t make childhood or adulthood hurts and disappointments go away. What I saw during that conference was more than potstirring. He’s not well.

I’ve cared about the deaths of people I haven’t met personally. We all have, at some point. Even if that death didn’t matter to you or to me, it mattered to someone. Whether it’s a stranger or a loved one, death isn’t just something you shrug off. At least it shouldn’t be.

I think you’re misunderstanding what I posted. I’m not in the business of changing anyone’s mind. People change because they want to change. They either do or they don’t. I don’t live my life trying to make people see my POV, or wagging my finger when they don’t. I speak my mind, I fight my battles and I go about my business. I can’t let someone else’s choices determine how I interact with people or how I view people who don’t agree with me. I’m a Black man in America. I fuck men. If I spent all of my energy ready to go to war with everyone who hates one or both of those aspects of my identity, I’d never accomplish anything. Hating people accomplishes nothing other than turning you into the thing you’re hating. Treat people how you want to be treated. Judge people by their deeds, not their identifications. And when people prove themselves to be stubborn, or intentionally ignorant, or bigoted, or whatever, leave them to whatever nonsense they’ve created their world to be. We all need fixing, but life is way too short to spend it letting someone else’s brokenness break you.

Jasper Taft says:

I won’t argue with any of that. But I would offer that being mental, or having mental illness doesn’t excuse his behavior. He’s an adult. He knows right from wrong.

I don’t mean to keep inserting true crime into an area in which it really doesn’t belong, but look at how many defense lawyers push an insanity argument. “My client is insane!” Well yeah, if he murders someone, he’s got mental problems. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know right from wrong. Most murderers had some childhood trauma that effected them tremendously. Either they were abused (physically or sexually or verbally or some combination), or what have you. Is it horrible? Yes. Did they deserve it? No. Did it affect how they turn out? Yes. But most of them still know that plunging a knife into someone is wrong. Unless they are really detached from reality.

He knows damn well what he is doing, just as Trump does. For them, the way to stay “relevant” is to keep yourself in the news. Do outrageous things because that’s what this world soaks up like a sponge. They don’t have to be right, they don’t have to be moral, they just have to keep generating headlines.

Scrapple says:

And nowhere did I excuse his behavior. I specifically stated I don’t agree with his message. I can understand why someone does something without giving them absolution.

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. Kanye thinks he knows what he’s doing, but he clearly doesn’t. That’s the difference. Kanye can’t even get his own thoughts out. He spent ten minutes rambling about nonsense. And this is not the first time that has happened. What Trump does is trolling. Kanye’s methods may seem similar, but he lacks the self-awareness for me to consider him a true troll.

CA says:

Oh, Scrapple, my WB bestie. You know I agree with you most of the time–today is no different.

I don’t get the over demonizing of Republicans, conservatives or Tumpers. I get challenging them and pushing back on their direction for the country. I do not agree with them on 99 percent of their policies, but I hate this society that we have created where politics have become a sporting event…are you a Pat’s or Eagles fan? Politics and people are so much more complicated than that. There are tons of my fellow Democrats who I find appalling. The “black church” has been a regular opponent to gay rights, but they are all staunch Democrats. I don’t see the pitchforks from liberals coming for them the way they do for white christian evangelicals.

Poor undereducated white men are freaked the fuck out–welcome to the world with the rest of people I say to them. They are feeling the leveling of the playing field and the loss of their privilege. And those same men who are gay, are happy to place their sexuality to the wayside to manage their loss.

Scrapple says:

I think part of the problem is humans as a whole are pretty stubborn and selfish. We want what we want, and if you don’t share those wants, there’s something wrong with you. We don’t find common ground with people who aren’t like us because we don’t want to. And it’s easier to put yourself in a position where you’re not going to open a dialogue with someone when you’ve already established they are your enemy and you will always be at odds with them. I get why people feel that way, because that communication can be draining and feel fruitless. But you can’t fight hate with hate, and villainizing people for the things they believe only reinforces those beliefs. I’m sure a lot of people on this site have changed the way they view certain social issues. Sometimes that comes with a changed environment, or age or getting to know someone who represents that issue. So if we’ve all been there and shifted our views, I don’t see why it’s so hard to believe others can have that same experience.

Jasper Taft says:

This discussion is getting too long and nauseating. Look, you two need to realize that you probably aren’t going to find a lot of pro-Republican posts on a forum about gay pornography. If Republicans had it their way, homosexuality as well as pornography altogether would be extinct. Oh, but we are the bad guys because we take issue with that.

What the hell ever.

Scrapple says:

Why do you insist on being rude and misinterpreting comments? I didn’t ask anyone to be pro anything. I stated demonizing people who don’t agree with you solves nothing. All Republicans aren’t evil just like all Democrats aren’t good. It’s not okay to denigrate someone just because they have different politics, a different ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion or whatever. Treat people how they treat you, not how they identify. It’s that simple.

Jasper Taft says:

I’m just explaining to you that your posts about this topic probably aren’t going to get a lot of mileage here. Do you think there are any people like you on the The_Donald subreddit talking about how great democrats are IRL and how they wish everyone would get along and sing “cumbaya” around the campfire? NOT!

*I* misinterpret comments? ORLY? Did you not see that part where I said I had Republican friends and family? I will be friends with just about anyone that wants to be my friend.

There are a lot of things I like about this forum. There are a lot of people I like here. But there are also a number of insane, hostile trolls. This is a place where people, not to mention entire websites catering to the gay public, are accused of being “homophobic” and “racist” with great frequency, not to mention the sheer amount of rank speculation that goes on here. This is also a place where some view straight sex as borderline evil.

My point is, if you came here for a polite, rational discussion about politics with people representing a broad range of views, you have probably come to the wrong place.

Scrapple says:

I don’t need you to mansplain anything, thanks. And the idea that because an opinion isn’t popular it needs to be silenced is dangerous. Insisting it’s okay to hate people who are different is also dangerous.

And yes, you misinterpreted things I wrote. You stated I was making excuses for Kanye’s behavior. I wasn’t. You’re acting like I’m telling people to be pro Republican. I haven’t.

I know where I am. I’ve been here for several years. I have no problem disagreeing with people without being rude or dismissive. I responded to something another poster wrote, then you initiated an additional comment. A rather lengthy comment. But then when the conversation continues, you want to turn around and say it’s long and nauseating. Okay. I, like you and anyone else here, have my own thoughts, opinions and experiences. Being part of this community doesn’t mean we have to have a hive mind. And anyone who thinks that has problems.

CA says:

Exactly. Me at 18yo was a fucking mess…I am certainly not that person anymore, mostly for the reasons you pointed out. As products of social constructs, we hold ideas taught and shown to us. It isn’t until those ideas are challenged in front of us that we are forced to even consider change. Most people choose not to change. Humans are conservative in their actions and ideas. We like things the way they are…even if they aren’t great for us. It feels comfortable. It’s the reason that evolution is so slow.

Anyway….you and I can go on forever about this stuff I’m sure.

pangelboy says:

Last I saw, the “black church”, doesn’t vote as a block to prohibit same-sex adoption, marriage, or equal treatment under the law.

The “both sides” argument is trash and always has been.

gaycockluvr says:

My cakeless Conrad looks good with that beard filled out and a dick in his ass. Elian is perfect. This is hot.

Eclipse says:

Elian is just SO beautiful. Just look at his face in the first pic. Absolutely stunning guy.

cammaxx says:

Conrad needs to get lost and Elian needs to get back to what he does best … bottoming.

Jay says:

Conrad HAS a tan where Elian IS tan. World of difference there. Elian went easy on Conrad from the what could be seen in the video above. I will mention Conrad seems to like being on the giving or receiving end of Doggy though. Conrad for all his terrible political leanings has a really nice face too. The devil does indeed like their sunday hats.

DaveAtom says:

I’d submit to him too! Who can resist the hotness of these guys? Conrad’s hairy body looks incredible, and Elian’s awesome thighs and rock hard cock are going to make my weekend :)

Young Neil says:

It’s nice to have one hot Friday update among the big “amateur” channels…

Rico says:

Thought I might tire of seeing Elian quite so often at Corbin Fisher…but NO, he just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER.

Jasper Taft says:

This is the scene of the week at Corbin Fisher, although I’m not sure that’s really saying much given what a lackluster week it has been. Elian topping is always nice, and while MAGA-voting Conrad taking a deep fucking is interesting to watch from a “take that” angle, it isn’t interesting to watch from a “this is turning me on” angle. Conrad simply has too much hair just about everywhere on his body.

Sunday is probably the pussy update, so it looks like it will be Tuesday at the earliest before there will be a truly interesting scene to watch.

Proud Nerve says:

Conrad gives me so many mixed emotions, he’s cute and hairy and gay-ish but he’s such an evil human being who not only voted for Trump but actively worked for his campaing..

Jasper Taft says:

You really gotta wonder what would happen if Conrad announced what he did for a living to his fellow MAGA voters? I can’t see people like white supremacists reacting fondly to that news.

Proud Nerve says:

As long as he told them he wants to jail all homos he’ll be fine. These people love to live in the cognitive dissonance. Just look at Milo who talks about he much loves black cock but the next minute he says how he wants all gays to go back in the closet and MAGA crowd eats it up and asks for more!

TomCNR says:

I’m getting Malachi Marx vibes from the guy. With the self loathing and all.

Jasper Taft says:

CF describing Conrad as a “wallflower” was pretty hilarious. Roughly translated: Everyone at the studio hates Conrad’s stupid Republican ass and avoid him like the plague and hope they aren’t put in a scene with him.

Maybe this has been discussed before and I missed it, but what is Conrad identifying himself as? Does he not care that he has sex with LGBT members but supports a man that does everything he can to deny them rights? Does he still work for the backwards cause?
Elian deserves better.

Fuck this week. Fuck it all to Hell. Work was Hell this week, noise issues up the damn ying-yang at my apartment complex, and a shit-ass week at CF. Now, when I turn on my computer Tuesday, I want to see something like “Merrick fucks the hell out of Dane while sitting on Max’s face” or something to that effect. Something that will have me up doing pelvic thrusts. I earned it after that week of HELL.

Proud Nerve says:

Isn’t Corbin Fisher owner a pro-gun Republican? Conrad is #instagay and he deleted all pics that would identify him as a Republican from his IG. Who knows, maybe he realised his mistake… But Internet remembers.

Daniel Hayes says:

#instagay who fucks girls?

Proud Nerve says:

yeah go figure… at least that’s how he indentifies in his private life

Jasper Taft says:

I don’t know, seems a little hard to believe. I know Quin relayed a story about Corbin taking a bunch of models out to shoot guns in the desert or something like that, but Quin is hardly a reliable source of information.

Redphyro says:

I agree and I really hope that Merrick returns to fuck Elian and Max

No_No_No_Yes says:

Bout time Conrad snatched some dick.

Daniel Hayes says:

Why almost all the scenes on Corbin Fisher seem exactly the same to me? Why am I having a deja vu?

cphotee says:

Elian is absolute perfection but I definitely prefer him as the true bareback bottom he is. I’m glad Corbin Fisher has him in so many scenes but I fear for them post-Elian.

Scrapple says:

This “He’s so tan!” thing is becoming a fucking epidemic. Conrad is tan. Elian is not tan. That’s his skin tone. The fuck is wrong with people?

Conrad’s topping is not it, so I’m glad this isn’t a flip. I’m interested in seeing how this turns out, but frankly I’m over them putting Elian in these lame “submission” scenes. I’d rather let Elian do his thing than be pigeon-holed into always topping in the same style.

Kj says:

Hairy Conrad is always great to see at CF. Give us more Conrad.

WhimsyCotton says:

I wonder how Elian felt about fucking a guy that voted for the guy that fucked his island then had the audacity to claim he helped it. Should rammed him as hard as he could.

david david says:

I knew this one’s coming when they showed these two playing with Wesley and Brady. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I don’t normally get into a model’s personal life, but the conversation here kinda makes me feel uncomfortable about the scene. I don’t agree with his political views, but I don’t know the man personally so I’ll try not to judge. Oh well… Elian’s hot so… But… Conrad doesn’t deserve that Elian dick. Heck, he doesn’t deserve Elian at all. Not just because of his political views, but also because I don’t think he’s good enough of a performer for Elian. You know that feeling when you see your crush having fun with his unattractive girlfriend/boyfriend? I mean, If I can’t get you, at least date someone on the same level of hotness as you. And that’s what I feel about this pairing. I’m kinda annoyed.

Jasper Taft says:

I totally feel you on that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people who are beautiful on the inside and out dating people who are ugly both on the inside and out. Sometimes I feel it was written into the law or something.

david david says:

They say that’s what true love is. LOL!

Jasper Taft says:

It might be different if Conrad’s beard and mustache were well-maintained, but they aren’t. I don’t do scruff. Not even the most attractive men can get away with that. To me, scruff is suggestive of not caring about one’s appearance

Sushi says:

Smooth, luscious Elian is my type. Paring him with fuzzy wuzzy is not a turn-on. Especially if Elian is topping. 😞

Cocksuckerman says:

Conrad is so hot! Young man with beard, furry and handsome!!! I can’t get enough of him on the screen, not as a private person.