Bel Ami Online: Introducing Paul Cassidy (with Jeroen Mondrian)

Introducing Paul Cassidy (with Jeroen Mondrian) (Bareback) at

Introducing Paul Cassidy (with Jeroen Mondrian) (Bareback) at
Introducing Paul Cassidy (with Jeroen Mondrian) (Bareback) at
Introducing Paul Cassidy (with Jeroen Mondrian) (Bareback) at

Introducing Paul Cassidy (with Jeroen Mondrian) at Bel Ami Online:

It seems that many of you have been waiting eagerly for this day, especially if you follow the boys on @BelAmiChat.

Today is Paul Cassidy’s hardcore debut scene and we have chosen his partner for this occasion to be Jeroen Mondrian. We’re actually a little lucky that the scene even happened. Jeroen made a little mistake and was waiting for a few hours at the wrong place to meet Paul. After a quick call though it was all sorted out and Marty Stevens was able to bring us the scene that you see today.

For those of you who are taken with Paul, he is online most days at

Watch Paul Cassidy and Jeroen Mondrian at Bel Ami Online

Watch Paul Cassidy and Jeroen Mondrian at Bel Ami Online

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No_No_No_Yes says:

Holy fucking shit.

Ivan Jimenez says:

I still remember his ABC show called The Slap years ago.

What a corny show it was! But he was still hot in it like he is right now!

Gennaro says:

Been watching Paul on his cam shows for quite a while and he’s such a cool dude. I’m glad he’s bottoming in his debut scene. This scene looks so hot!

No_No_No_Yes says:

Paul is gorgeous, funny we were just talking about Dolph and BAM up comes his replacement! This one is definitely a KEEPER. Jeroen gave him a pretty good workout for his first time in the sheets. BelAmi is not playin, this new bunch of recruits has some real potential.

I just wish they’d let them get a little more freaky! As hot as the guys are, if you closed the door and listened it sounds like a LaMaze class. These guys need some genuine shock and awe! You are fucking a smokin hot dude, PUT your damn back into it!

EDIT: The Top should NEVER be louder than the bottom.

Dev.C says:

Aren’t majority of Bel Ami’s models straight? You’re expectations may be too high. They’re doing the best than do given the circumstance.
If they ever start hiring gay models maybe their scenes could be as intense as Lucas Entertainment’s.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Well of course they are, we are all straight. Haven’t you seen? It’s the new world order. See here’s the thing, if you are taking dicks for a living and you are in fact “straight” – better saddle up and do it right. That said, if history serves as any indicator – years from now, half of these guys will cop to being 100% gay, 1/3 will say they are “Bi”, and so on.

elmtree says:

“The Top should NEVER be louder than the bottom”

Would someone please forward this very important PSA to SC’s Daniel.

No_No_No_Yes says:

HAHAHA!! Exactly!! I love him but that bitch is SO extra it’s terrible.

Sask says:

Good scene. Paul is hotter than most newbie BA twinks.

Matteo says:

Well Paul, this is a good debut. You’ve finally taken the right direction: less chat, more sex.
Can you show the way even to the magnificent Niccolò Neri?

banatskibata says:

new BA boys dont swallow load ):

DinosaurPrince says:

A circumcised guy at Bel Ami? Call the foreskin police! I love the variety! :D

Peterchong says:

I love the fact that he doesn’t look as big as he is on social media. Hot scene!

Seth Sexton says:

That Cassidy guy is hot. What country is he from?

jinger says:

My prince Jeroen ♥️ Can’t wait till he bottoms again.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Where is Kris Evans at when you need him to come back and show BA how it’s supposed to be done topping, sucking dicks, bottomming, and eating a lot of cum!