Active Duty: Jake Jordan

Jake Jordan at ActiveDuty

Jake Jordan at ActiveDuty
Jake Jordan at ActiveDuty

Jake Jordan at Active Duty:

Jake Jordan doesn’t waste a moment and he’s on our bed clothes off stroking his shaved hard cock. He loves to show off every inch of his throbbing dick as the precum oozes out of the tip. He has some very thick thighs with very little body hair as you watch him tug up and down on his hard shaft.

Jake Jordan’s balls are shaved to perfection as they bounce back and forth. Jake switches it up a little and stands up so we can see his beautiful firm ass and strong thighs as he continues to slide his lubed up hand on his throbbing dick. He begins to rub his body with his other hand while stroking his dick faster and faster building up his aching balls.

Jake Jordan has made himself more comfortable on the bed. He then gives Claude the queue as he releases his balls and cum sprays all over his smooth chest.

Watch Jake Jordan at ActiveDuty

Watch Jake Jordan at ActiveDuty

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Miloš Del Rey says:

Hopefully they send him off to the sister site NDS hes a keeper. But he will be completely wasted at AD.

sassy princess says:

His face makes me feel a bit unsettling, looks like a 12 years old.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I think the genetic roulette wheel has everything in the world to do with such things. Johnny Forza for instance at the same age looked at least 21 or older. Tyler White – same age looked 15. Andy Taylor at 29 looks younger than half the twinks on that set.

As for this guy, 5 minutes with some product and a comb would have made all the difference in the world. These guys at AD are just sloppy.

souse says:

Andy Taylor is 29??!! holy crap i knew he has been around for a while but damn does he sleep in formol or something

No_No_No_Yes says:

Actually – just good genetics lol. But if they didn’t look young at a young age (Daniel at Sean Cody for example) when they get up a ways it doesn’t get better lol.

elmtree says:

The bod is nice. The lack of pubes is not.

throwawayforget says:

The Jordans (Jake and Ryan) should do a flip-fuck

No_No_No_Yes says:

Didn’t they already post this once? He is cute, but this site needs to shake things up a BUNCH.

Cheshire says:

His body and booty tho.

Ozjohn says:

Gorgeous in a very bland sort of way

andrew says:

Jake is a beautiful muscular boy with a sweet smile. He should let his pubes grow out, especially if their reddish in color. A fiery crotch is an asset. He looks so young that maybe he should rethink the decision to get into porn or at least go to a studio with a lot of guys around his age.

Sask says:

A tatt-free “military” model. What is happening?

Ed Stoneback says:

A really cute sexy nicely shaped young man with pubes maybe fire crotch love to see more of him

Jasper Taft says:

Yes! x 100

JK3 says:

That hair is tragic, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed over it. Hopefully, they either toss him over to NDS or bring him back.

emercycrite says:


Joey says:

Pretty cute and could use better hair but that body is ace. Those massive guns are amazing and those pecs are very nice.


I just love a sexy ginger with a bubble butt !

Jasper Taft says:

Good point. Red hairds are so uncommon that it’s a great when an attractive male with red hair comes along.

Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident says:

He fits in better over at NDR. Its the same company, might as well use him there.