Black Boy Addictionz: Saint Fucks Ross in ‘Return of Ross, Part 2’

Return of Ross, Part Two at Black Boy Addictionz

Return of Ross, Part Two at Black Boy Addictionz

Saint Fucks Ross in ‘Return of Ross, Part 2’ at Black Boy Addictionz:

In 2015, Ross skyrocketed to the top of the Black Boy Addictionz charts with his outgoing personality and addictive charm. And even though he only appeared in five scenes, he quickly became one of the most beloved and requested “gay for pay” models in Black Boy Addictionz history.

But just as he was starting to make a name for himself and try some new things, Ross disappeared on us completely. No replies to our emails, calls, texts – NOTHING.

We’d nearly given up hope of ever seeing or hearing from Ross again. But then he suddenly resurfaced, revealing that he’d actually been in PRISON all this time!

We weren’t quite sure how Ross’s body or overall looks might have changed, or how he’d react to coming back after being away for so long. But we knew that most of our viewers would be excited to see his return, and curious to see his story continue….

“I have a surprise for everyone!” Ross announces in his sexy, seductive voice at the start of this scene. “I’m more than sure this will make up for the lost time.”

In this shocking conclusion to his long-awaited return, Ross finally takes things to the NEXT LEVEL by doing some of the very same things he’s always stubbornly sworn he would never in a million years ever do.

To help coach Ross through this climactic next chapter in his “gay for pay” journey, we’ve paired him with returning fan favorite Saint, welcoming Ross back to Black Boy Addictionz like only he can!

If you’re one of the many viewers who’ve been waiting OVER THREE YEARS to see Ross’s cocky mouth and cute, virgin ass finally deflowered and devoured by another man’s dick, then this should be a “homecoming” present that you won’t soon forget!

Watch Saint and Ross at Black Boy Addictionz

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Keir Grey says:

Ross, that hairstyle isn’t flattering on you.

Pascal says:

If Saint is in the house, someone is getting splashed in the face at the end.

Gazzaq says:

Why is the Guys Cock Blurred out is this Japanese/Chinese Porn where the Fucking is Blurred Out ???