Black Boy Addictionz: Dominic Fucks Apollo in ‘In The Pocket’

In The Pocket (Dominic Fucks Apollo) at Black Boy Addictionz

In The Pocket (Dominic Fucks Apollo) at Black Boy Addictionz

Dominic Fucks Apollo in ‘In The Pocket’ at Black Boy Addictionz:

It’s been several months since Dominic shocked his fans all over the world by letting Apollo be the first guy lucky enough to slide a raw dick deep inside his tight, straight-boy ass.

“Next time it’s YOU!” Dominic playfully warned Apollo at the end of that scene, and he’s nothing if not a man of his word.

Reunited for a special Black Boy Addictionz trip down to Florida over Spring Break, Apollo and Dominic are playing a casual game of pool when Dominic realizes it’s the perfect time to get his “revenge.”

These two sexy fan favorites make a friendly wager on their next game, with the loser promising to give the winner some ASS.

See for yourself what happens when this high-stakes game of pool turns into an unforgettable afternoon of adventurous sex taking place everywhere from the top of the pool table to the kitchen counter!

Don’t miss our most-requested “sequel” of 2019 so far, including tons of sensual kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hot and hungry ass-eating, and (*spoiler alert*) Dominic finally getting to sample that flawless muscle-butt he was only allowed to touch and TASTE the last time around.

Watch as Dominic Fucks Apollo at Black Boy Addictionz

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markjohnson22 says:

Totally. Fucking. Gorgeous.

Quinton Jackson says:

All this beautiful chocolate 🍫 😍

Scrapple says:

No thanks. My Pam Grier wig is in the shop and I don’t feel like doing the Blaxploitation thing at the moment.

gaycockluvr says:

I like Apollo, but Domonic is so fucking sexy.

PierredeSiorac says:

What, no clip? Looks like two beautiful guys but I can’t see much in the stills. (Like how well are they hung?)

TomCNR says:

Seriously all the big studios should take Dominic, Justice, and Blake under their wing.