Black Boy Addictionz

Black Boy Addictionz: Dominic Fucks Apollo in ‘In The Pocket’

In The Pocket (Dominic Fucks Apollo) at Black Boy Addictionz

Reunited for a special Black Boy Addictionz Florida over Spring Break trip, Apollo and Dominic are playing a casual game of pool when Dominic realizes it’s the perfect time to get his “revenge.”

Black Boy Addictionz: Saint Fucks Ross in ‘Return of Ross, Part 2’

Return of Ross, Part Two at Black Boy Addictionz

To help coach Ross through this climactic next chapter in his “gay for pay” journey, we’ve paired him with returning fan favorite Saint, welcoming Ross back to Black Boy Addictionz like only he can!

Black Boy Addictionz: Ross Fucks Trap in ‘Return of Ross, Part 1’

Return of Ross, Part 1 at Black Boy Addictionz

In 2015, Ross skyrocketed to the top of the Black Boy Addictionz charts with his outgoing personality and addictive charm.

Black Boy Addictionz: Apollo Fucks Dominic in ‘Personal Trainer’

Personal Trainer (Apollo Fucks Dominic) at Black Boy Addictionz

Based on Apollo and Dominic’s explosive chemistry during the last Black Boy Addictionz Christmas Party, I’ve always known in the back of my mind that Apollo would be the first choice to take Dominic’s anal virginity if that time ever came.

Black Boy Addictionz: Kingston: The Next Level (feat Bandit, Kingston and Manny Killa)

Kingston: The Next Level (feat Bandit, Kingston and Manny Killa) at Black Boy Addictionz

Kingston still refuses to give up his tempting young ass, but seeing the stubborn straight boy finally slobber and choke on two of the BIGGEST DICKS on the Black Boy Addictionz roster as they plunge in and out of his freshly deflowered mouth is a REALITY PORN exclusive you do not want to miss!

Black Boy Addictionz: Blake Bishop Fucks Justice in ‘Justice For Blake’

Justice For Blake Bishop at Black Boy Addictionz

Black Boy Addictionz New Year’s celebration continues with this one-on-one encounter between Justice and Blake Bishop as they bring in 2019 the right way.

Black Boy Addictionz: Manny Killa Fucks King Ant in ‘You Gon’ Do Me Like That?’

You Gon' Do Me Like That? (Manny Killa Fucks King Ant) at Black Boy Addictionz

This year, Black Boy Addictionz’s most popular “gay for pay” stars, are in the spotlight. Manny Killa and King Ant are their most popular and prolific bisexual performers from the past year.

Black Boy Addictionz: Stylez Fucks Shazeer in ‘Ready or Not’

Ready or Not (Stylez Fucks Shazeer) at Black Boy Addictionz

Why does it always seem like it’s the straight boys and TOPS who have the most flawless and fuckable asses? Or is it simply their stubborn refusal to be penetrated that makes their virgin backsides all the more forbidden and alluring to an ass addict like me? Maybe a little bit of both?

Black Boy Addictionz: Rico Pruitt Fucks Apollo in ‘The Apollo Experience, Part One’

The Apollo Experience (Apollo & Rico Pruitt) (Part One) at Black Boy Addictionz

For those of you worrying that Rico Pruitt’s recent gay porn debut was just a one-time thing, we’re proud and excited to announce that not only did Rico return for a second hot shoot, but he also agreed to sign on as an EXCLUSIVE new model for “Black Boy Addictionz”!

Black Boy Addictionz: KnockOut Fucks Staxx in ‘ALL BETS ARE OFF’

ALL BETS ARE OFF (Knockout Fucks Staxx) at Black Boy Addictionz

Black Boy Addictionz: Knockout might have lost the bet and had to give up his ass, but the chance to get his revenge was too tempting to pass up, and he came up with a devious plan to take the prize he had tried but failed to win on the basketball court.