CockyBoys: Max Adonis Fucks Ty Mitchell [Raw]

Max Adonis Fucks Ty Mitchell [Raw] at

Max Adonis Fucks Ty Mitchell [Raw] at
Max Adonis Fucks Ty Mitchell [Raw] at

Max Adonis Fucks Ty Mitchell at CockyBoys:

Sexy & joyfully uninhibited duo Max Adonis and Ty Mitchell have had some off-camera fun before but now bring it full force to CockyBoys.

Even before they get started their existing chemistry heats up the screen! As Ty Mitchell and Max Adonis kiss, the versatile guys ease right into their roles for this scene. Ty goes down on Max and gives his cock & balls the royal treatment and goes into total deep sucking …with the help of Max’s playfully dominant words & actions.

Ty Mitchell continues his super-sucking, but first he gets into a 69 position so Max Adonis can slobber on his hairy hole; all this just incites them get to the fucking. Max gives into full power-top mode by relentlessly plowing Ty’s bubble butt with his raw cock. The moaning Ty takes every ball-slapping thrust. He doesn’t even need to rest as he shifts to riding Max’s cock as requested. Max piston-fucks Ty who again shows his bottoming prowess by taking cock and the fingers Max slips in as he fucks.

Max Adonis flips Ty Mitchell on his back to ram his hole. He then drills him to the bed in a variety of positions. Adonis is a wild man as he pounds Ty on his stomach until he goes over the edge.

Max Adonis pulls out in time to shoot a thick load over Ty Mitchell’s hole and fuck some of it back in. There’s still so much left that Max can use it as lube to stroke Ty. But Ty takes over and as Max fingers his hole, he shoots his load all over himself. At the end the giddy, giggling guys are on true sexual high of total satisfaction.

Watch as Max Adonis Fucks Ty Mitchell at CockyBoys

Watch as Max Adonis Fucks Ty Mitchell at CockyBoys

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Cubankid says:

When two bottoms meet.

DaveAtom says:

Bottom or top, I’m amazed by Max´ beauty. Based on the trailer, he’s really pounding that beautiful ass of Ty. I’m in love.

Jasper Taft says:

Not bad at all, though this seems rather hardcore for CB.

DisFucanGuy says:

Can certainly do without Ty Mitchell. Just don’t get his appeal at all.