ChaosMen: Piotr Watts (Bi Married Guy)

Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen

Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen
Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen
Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen

Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen
Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen
Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen
Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen
Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen
Piotr Watts Solo at ChaosMen

Piotr Watts Solo at

Piotr Watts is a Bi-married guy. His wife is Bi too, so they have fun with other couples. He admits to leaning a bit more towards guys, but seems like an equal opportunity sex jockey. He watched straight video the first day he was here, and then some ChaosMen videos on his second day.

He really likes to bottom more than top. When he tops, he likes to be the ‘in control’ guy and prefers twinks that have a nice bubble-butt. Mostly he bottoms, and he likes all kinds of guys, and for sure loves to give control to the Top. He says he is passive and likes bossy daddy types.

Piotr Watts also tells me he can take a pretty big dick as he has some large toys at home.

His solo is fantastic too! At nearly 30-years-old he has a hot body. He said his dick was 7-inhces, but it sure looked more like 7.5 when he got fully hard. I will have to measure it next time he is in.

For the ending, I gave him the little vibrating butt-plug that is so popular with new models. They don’t make these anymore if you are looking for them. The bullet vibrating units are pieces of crap though. He tries putting the toy in, but the batteries fly out.

I snuck them back in, and WOW did the vibration work! He had never tried a vibrating plug before. As usual, these plugs do a great job of making the guys cum quickly. Once he got on his back, he easily shot his load!

I have another video with him next week with another model, both of them using dildos and double-ended dildos on each other.

Stay-tuned for an awesome cum shot in that video as well!

Watch Piotr Watts at

Watch Piotr Watts at

Darkhog says:

Bi and fucks around?!?! Damn!

Ben_theUNcoolhobo says:

I like how Bryan advertised him as “bi married”. Lmao. Most viewers dont care about the sexuality as long as they can perform.

With that said, I like the guy.

moondoggy says:

Huge eye roll when I saw that. His straight fetish rages on.

Gazzaq says:

Sadly that’s what still sells the sites content.

Stevienowonder says:

Another ugly,old twink on CM. Should we be surprised at all by now?

Jeffrey Dahmer says:

He’s okay, just not porn material.

Peter Pan Fly's says:


TomCNR says:

Near 30? he looks late 40s even. I’m starting to doubt the “bi married” thing BO is trying to build. Come on Max Marciano, then Michael Mission, now this guy? and they all prefer bottoming?

trumn10 says:

Near 30, sure 15 years ago.

Young Neil says:

He looks like a pornstar from a long, long time ago. Like he looks like a pornstar that use to say they were straight back when that was an advertising ploy. I don’t know for sure, he could just have a common looking face.

I don’t believe the “near 30” thing either, but hopefully he will Bottom and not just be paired as a top for Espen for a video and waste everyone’s time. (sorry for being so grumpy about this, quarantine is getting to me! lol)

Gazzaq says:

Agreed Espen and Kyle Topping GRRRRRRR Annoying.

JK says:

Unattractive and too old-looking.

trumn10 says:

He’s ugly. Sadly the usual at ChaosMen the past 2 years.

George says:

Really sexy body, nice pink, pointy nips. He’s got a great looking softie, love his bush, cock and balls. Also, that ass looks super inviting.

There’s no reason to lie about his age, though. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him, especially getting plowed.

DisFucanGuy says:

Can’t wait… this looks hot af

DisFucanGuy says:

Can’t wait… this looks hot af

Guy says:

I’d fuck him, his wife can watch!

joback says:

Really nice ! Damn CM is killing it with the past couple updates !

Grindr Sux says:

john wesley shipp needs to bleach that anus

Alann6 says:

He could pass for 50.

Gazzaq says:

I loved the first picture that Ass is Enticing and Piotr Watt is ok in my book. Cant wait to see his fucked in the Ass but not Espen or Kyle please as enough already both need to bottom. The Gif with him bouncing back Damn This Man Needs A Hard Dick Plowing in his Ass!!!!!!

Jay H says:

finally someone not afraid to be photographed flaccid

von schlomo says:

That’s one rough looking son of a bitch! I can’t decide if the tragic face is age or just fugly..maybe both?

Back before the era of lowered expectations, a turd like this would only pop up on Chaos about 3-4 times a year and you could just skip it because something good was bound to come along.

James Freedman says:

I don’t see any ring…Moreover, wearing a wedding band or promise ring every day for many years can actually create a small indentation in your ring finger, I don’t see that either. I am guessing he is in a polygamous open relationship with his “girlfriend”. It will be better to stop the “Bi” crap