Sean Cody: Kyle Fletcher Fucks Liam

Kyle Fletcher Fucks Liam at SeanCody

Kyle Fletcher Fucks Liam at SeanCody
Kyle Fletcher Fucks Liam at SeanCody

Kyle Fletcher Fucks Liam at SeanCody:

Dark-haired hunk Liam can’t wait to spend some time with Kyle Fletcher in the Sean Cody bedroom.

The two hotties immediately start to make out and undress each other, then Liam kneels to take the full length of Kyle Fletcher’s big cock in his mouth, gagging on it while the playful top instructs him to “suck that dick!”

Kyle Fletcher puts Liam up against the wall and rims his ass, getting it juicy and wet, as the horny bottom moans “that feels so good!”

It isn’t long before Liam is begging Kyle to “give me that dick!”

The sexy top fills Liam’s gorgeous, round booty in doggystyle and then fucks him missionary on the bed. After hopping on top of Kyle and riding his dick hard, the satisfied bottom empties his balls all over Kyle’s muscular chest and abs; then Kyle jacks off and treats Liam to a facial!

[This Scene To Premiere Mar 2, 2022]

Watch as Kyle Fletcher Fucks Liam at SeanCody

Watch as Kyle Fletcher Fucks Liam at SeanCody

moondoggy says:

These bodies are on point, I’ll give them that.

DaveAtom says:

Guys are hot, definitely (esp Liam). But the sex here at SC lacks spark.

Kj says:

Liam and JC need to meet Lachlan
Liam and JC need to meet Jax

MisterB says:

Beautiful bodies and a beautiful pairing. Every time I see Kyle he looks even cuter to me than the time before. Liam is so sexy and has the best legs EVER! I enjoy their chemistry. I even heard them giggling with each other on the way to Kyle rimming Liam,. Who ever said sex has to be solemn and serious? Not Me! I also loved how Liam called Kyle “Babe”, which added a nice sense of romance. They seem to bring out the sweetness in one another. Looks like an EXCELLENT scene.

david david says:

Liam is pretty hot but I truly can’t with Kyle’s new look. He looks like a live-action Pringles and I’m not here for it.

Elza says:

Ahahaha omg

MisterB says:

I truly CAN with Kyle’s new look and I’m here for it. Potato chips have never entered my mind when I look at Kyle’s mustached cuteness, except now you have caused me to think of a play on the Lay’s Potato Chips catchphrase: “I bet I can’t eat out Kyle just once”. Tehehehehe

Aszpleazr says:

With that body, Kyle’s face hair does not bother me at all. And if it did, I would simply close my eyes and let him do with me what he wants.

MisterB says:

Tehehehehe! I don’t believe for one tenth of a second that david david, or any Gay or Bi man would say to cute and hunky Kyle “I can’t with you because of your mustache.” It’s rather like a rich best friend handing you a light-blue envelope on Christmas stuffed with one hundred dollar bills and you saying to him, “I can’t take it because I don’t like the color light-blue. A mustache is not a deformity or disfigurement. It’s not a new, bewildering, never before seen thing that needs to be processed and adjusted to, like the apes with the obelisk in the movie, 2001 Space Odyssey.

hotsweetspot says:

I just laughed when I saw the mustache. A child playing make-up, dress-up. (I’m still laughing.)

MisterB says:

I just drool when I see sexy Kyle, and to me nothing is sexier than a handsome young faced man with a mustache. It brings out Kyle’s baby-faced cuteness and, along with his curly hair and eyebrows, creates a wonderful hair trilogy that accentuates all of his features, from his twinkly eyes below his brows to his beaming smile below his mustache. And then there is the rest of him. That BODY with that BOOTY! I’m still drooling.

JJ says:

Hey david, if you are still there and don’t mind I talk to you, would you care to tell me if you remember and if you like CF Jared and CF Mitch / SC Ayden? I think I’m reading about Ayden on lπsg and they said he’s a bi top and didn’t enjoy bottoming at all. I wouldn’t say anyone lied right away, and you know, these things change over time, but can you recall his performance?

david david says:

I like Jared but I don’t love him. As for Mitch, I find him attractive but I wasn’t fond of his performance ’cause he tends to overact a lot. I’ve always thought he’s gay and a power bottom. Not sure about that whole bisexuality thing as he never did a coed scene at CF, but I’m not too surprised that he’s more of a top. When he flipped with Jared (which I think was the first time he ever topped on camera), he was the better top and actually did quite well topping Jared. I wished he topped at CF more though if he is indeed more of a top.

JJ says:

Thanks david. I wonder why CF doesn’t let him top then, well but I suspect it’s probably because of boys like Adriano, Dylan, Chris, Adam, Jonah, or even Marco aren’t very willing. I’ll continue to debate if I should look at Mitch’s scenes then. And for Jared, I didn’t like him at first probably because of his haircut, but maybe I should change my mind. He’s on TikTok saying he loves bottoming though. So I guess he’s gay and almost a total bottom!

david david says:

Yeah, it’s pretty weird because CF has a bottom-heavy roster especially when Mitch was there. I guess because he was already typecasted as a bottom when he was at SC so they just continued to give him bottom roles? I dunno. He did one full topping scene though (with Roman) so you might want to check that out. Oh, Jared is definitely a bottom. LOL! Every time he tries to top, it’s just tragic.

JJ says:

🤣🤣🤣 I can’t believe you said that about Jared!

david david says:

It’s true. I know a fake-verse bottom when I see one. LOL!

JJ says:

The more I look at Liam the more into him I think I am, glad he’s more of a bottom too!

Pendix says:

SC lived a eras of Stu, Brandon and Abe and now to this fug circus era…
I miss when SC had actual beautiful unknown men rather than a roster of fug OF wh0es.

MisterB says:

SC is currently hiring some really beautiful young men, top of the list being Yummy Kyle and Handsome Liam, both who are equally as attractive as many of the SC “whoes” from the past, such as Stu, Brandon and Abe, who were filmed having sex with a stream of various men for money and not for love. But I’m NOT disparaging them. They provided a great visual service for many men. But if those who are and have been filmed having sex for money at OF are labeled as “whoes”, then ALL men who are and have been filmed having sex for money are “whoes” and it would be wrong to romanticize that those porn performers from SC’s past are somehow “Sexual Saints”. Tehehehehehe!

Jay says:

Don’t worry Kyle. I support the mustache. Seems like gays just want beards (if they even want facial hair at all…)

Quietist says:

Oh dear, that facial hair …
I know a place where that is called (in translation) a German Porn Moustache 😂.
(Dates back at least to the 80’s.)

MisterB says:

Men’s Jeans date back to 1873. Should men no longer wear them? So, in the year 2022 the mustache style that Kyle is sporting is called “Chevron”, as recently worn by Brad Pitt and many other men. So, get into a Time Machine and travel from the past that you are stuck in, and visit the present. Tehehehehehe!

TomCNR says:

Is no one gonna tell Kyle that he looks stupid with that patchy pornstache? He doesn’t have beautiful eyes like Nate Stetson or the machismo to pull it off.


I think it dates back to the days of Charlie Chaplin and silent movies


I am not a fan of Kyle but Liam seem to be really enjoying the pleasure of getting fucked by him

JB says:

The mustache….. Errrr…..

G.10 says:

We clearly see a chasm between the models that went to the Palm Springs series and those that didn’t, in views, likes, acceptance and comments on igs.

joback says:

As someone who can be into mediocre looking guys with small cocks, I think this update is kinda cute.