COMING SOON to Sean Cody: Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series

Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series at SeanCody

Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series at SeanCody
Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series at SeanCody
Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series at SeanCody

SeanCody’s Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series Trailer:

Nobody does fun in the sun like Sean Cody! We sent hotties Devy, JC Hunt, Kyle Fletcher, Liam Hunt, Josh, and newcomer Lan down to beautiful Puerto Vallarta for a little R&R–ramming and railing, that is!

Check out these hunks splashing in the surf, playing on the sand, and of course, having some naughty nookie in nature… not to mention boning down on a boat. And just like every Sean Cody getaway, it ends with a good old-fashioned orgy!

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Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series at SeanCody

Puerto Vallarta Getaway Series at SeanCody

Carlos Chavarin says:


lb blue says:

Most of these men look interchangeable. I can’t even tell them apart.

GayManFighteroftheStraightMan says:

I guarantee you, they can pull up something from 5 years ago and I would not be able to tell. The cast looks like the embodiment of a rotating potato in a microwave

Rockhard says:

I guess that’s the point? It’s Puerto Vallarta. And most gay men that go there that post on Instagram with their little “friend” groups all look similar to this.

GayManFighteroftheStraightMan says:

@disqus_mR4xB1AYWK:disqus are you in psychiatric field, or just expounding BS? On the other hand, you’ve just said the quiet part out loud, SC giving up on diversity and going full Pepe the frog. Sigh I remember updates where sexy Landon was properly pounding Joe

markjohnson22 says:

There’s one simple rule here: never believe Bayer’s selective, self-centered, and self-serving recollections. If there’s a narrative in which Bayer is the only rational person, the only compassionate person, etc… it’s a fabrication.

MisterB says:

Your OBSESSION with me continues on. Tehehehehe! What is it about me that has captured you so?

MisterB says:

I said the visually LOUD part out loud. The ELEPHANT in the room. Other than their White skin none of the performers look the same to me. There is no confusion as to who is who. No mistaking one for the other. Only for someone with Prosopagnosia would there be. What stands out to me is the performers all are White this time. No Hispanic (Manny) or Black (Asher) or Asian (Dale). SC has stopped introducing new non-White performers and I see that as regrettable but UNDERSTANDABLE. Non-white performers have been viciously criticized here. Perhaps SC has taken note of that. But, for a time they did try.

MisterB says:

YOU asked me a question and I answered it, with NO MORE thought of you. So, answering a question is being OBSESSED? Tehehehehehe! Don’t feel ashamed, You are not the only person who uses words they don’t understand the meaning of. Look up the word. HINT: obsessed does not mean answering a question.

p.s. My obsession post was to MarkJohnson, who is TRULY obsessed with me, for YEARS! You got confused if you think it was to you.

MisterB says:

That medical condition is known as PROSOPAGNOSIA. Some people have it so bad that they can not recognize even their own face. The only thing that looks interchangeable to me among these sexy guys is they all are White. It seems SC has UNDERSTANDABLY given up on being inclusive and gone the way of BelAmi. Their use of non-White performers can be so criticized here, often mercilessly, and I’m usually the only poster here objecting to that.

DaveAtom says:

Totally. Who are these guys? I just can recognize Josh.

Elza says:

Good looking guys, but I’m not holding onto hope for good chemistry and passionate sex.

Also, how long has it been since SC had a (decent) DP scene?

Carla Renata says:

Sounds interesting! 🤞🏾

david david says:

I’m not keeping my hopes up for this but I’m curious to see that Lan/Devy scene. Could be a rare moment of seeing Devy fully bottoming. Hopefully that’s a separate duo scene and not a part of a group scene.

sasuk388 says:

i miss sean. hope to see him soon

DisFucanGuy says:


Rockhard says:

He has an OF you can subscribe to. I believe he has started to update it again.

sasuk388 says:


sasuk388 says:


C A says:

I’m blinded by the light. Damn. How the hell you in Mexico on a beach and be that damned bright? What is this?

Curlee says:

yay, traveling out of the studio to make scenes, just like the good ole days. Now if only CorbinFisher would start doing it again then we would be squared away.

Quietist says:

How about this …
Surprise, surprise, MindGeek bought 2 extra tickets to Puerto Vallarta.
They didn’t tell anybody, but they are taking DullGaty-1 and DullGaty-2 on this trip.
They will be in every scene, obliged to sit on the side, prohibited to do anything else but watch all the gay sex. They probably will perform very well in that role … they are really good at doing nothing. But just in case … a psychiatrist will be stand-by to treat the trauma’s afterwards.
When the year is over, they will win a prize for sure. Numbers 1 and 2 supporting models.
How about that?

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

Kyle getting ride of the mustache and rocking a speedo is all I wanted.

Scrapple says:

This looks like a waste of Devy and a waste of a multiple passport stamps.

If certain models can’t perform authentically in the US, taking them to another country isn’t going to help. No matter how much baby oil you lather them in.


It looks just like another typical very disappointing SC update

Lefoten says:

Completely agree

DisFucanGuy says:

No Sean? No Phillip? No thanks…..

Alex says:

Bring back Nicky and Phillip any time… this looks a bit meh

Sheik says:

Every. Single. Time. They do one of these getaway series. It’s the same thing… Nice promo videos, Nice promo pics, cute smiles, nice chemistry. Great promotion and buildup.

THENNNNN When you get to the actual sex/ the actual videos………. :-| It’s all the same……. bad sex, limp dicks, barely any cum, all the guys look exhausted cuz they’ve prolly been filming for hours.

Let’s wait and see, I guess………….

Lefoten says:

I’m sure it’ll be like you say. Regrettable…

Tempest says:

The OnlyFans getaway

Rockhard says:

Someone down voted you but ironically you are actually correct. So many OnlyFans people go to vacation and film in Puerto Vallarta. Let’s not forget it seems to be a gay vacation destination for all those on IG that love to show off their fabulous life.