GayHoopla: Tyson Scott [The Midnight Masturbator]

Tyson Scott [The Midnight Masturbator] at GayHoopla

Tyson Scott [The Midnight Masturbator] at GayHoopla
Tyson Scott [The Midnight Masturbator] at GayHoopla
Tyson Scott [The Midnight Masturbator] at GayHoopla

Tyson Scott [The Midnight Masturbator] at GayHoopla:

We all know how it is – it’s midnight, your roommates are asleep, and your phone is dry as a bone. GayHoopla newcomer, Tyson Scott’s luck is running low, so he decides to relieve himself before bed. As he takes off his boxers, his member springs to attention, and he begins stroking himself while standing. Tyson smoothly transitions from standing to sitting, showcasing his perfectly built muscle ass.

Interview: Off The Plane and On Camera:

Fresh off the tarmac at PHX Skyharbor, Tyson Scott’s nerves were starting to tingle. He barely made it into the shoot house doors before he was thrown in front of the camera for his first adult film ever! Now, Tyson’s at the end of his trip, ready to give us the details on his thoughts, experience and favorite parts of it all! We’re learning more about what drives Tyson to be such a muscle daddy and what he’s lookin for in a partner. If you like homegrown southern studs, Tyson’s your guy.

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Mark Coppola says:

Nice body. Nice cock. Too bad there won’t be a gay fuck scene. Seems like a waste of time and effort to put out these solos. The whole point of the solo is to “get to know” the model before he goes on to fuck another model. Gay hoopla should just be archived or have its content migrated to another “network” site.

Aszpleazr says:

Agree. Not exactly sure the point for gay sites unless there are further scenes. Nice blue eyes however.

Bair says:

“They” (I believe) are hoping that Gay Guys will find “their” Straight solo performers so overwhelmingly desirable sexually that they will spend restless nights wildly tossing and turning, consumed with the overpowering desire to see them fucking something. If not a man, then a woman MUST do. So Gay Guys will then frantically subscribe to BGF and/or HGF because of their uncontrollably demanding lust. I’ve long believed that “they” think a “Gay” man is a Straight man who has not met the right woman yet. This is them testing their theory.

BottomBoyFromBrazil says:

I don’t know why gay sites continue to promote this casting agency for straight porn. What do they have to say to lose the support of their gay fanbase? Isn’t everything they’ve said and done enough?

Capello says:

I love handsome hairy guys.I don’t care the dick size. But I suspect this model to use steroids because he hasn’t got a pretty skin. Never mind anyway, he ‘ll never have sex with a sexy guy in a video.

lb blue says:

Not bad. He’s giving “if Pacey from Dawson’s Creek took steroids.”

Eduardo says:

“Husband” material…


The fact that I am not paying to see this SHIT is the only thing about this update that I like

dustin_jamerson says:

this is just plain ole embarrassing. the brand took a nose dive big time even the straight models/scenes. lol. ppl were complaining on the sites and of course they ran to delete the comments. Dustin can only seem to date porn stars after they fucked the models on staff and T claim to be this big shot film maker and aint create nothing wowing that i can in recall in 15 years. some career their buddy but don’t mind me; maybe the new lights will make the scenes better. lol. i am so tired of them with these lights. lol.

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