Corbin Fisher: Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate

Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at CorbinFisher

Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at CorbinFisher
Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at CorbinFisher
Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at CorbinFisher

Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at CorbinFisher
Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at CorbinFisher
Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at CorbinFisher

Dylan Gets A Filling From Rocky Tate at Corbin Fisher:

These two are just too darn cute together. Their banter and the way they interact with one another at the outset is priceless, really – there’s some clear sexual tension, but they’re also each a shy enough to come across as a bit goofy and awkward as if they’re two close buddies who have somehow found themselves about to have sex with one another, each wanting it so badly but each a bit hesitant to make it obvious just how much they want it. That pretty much describes precisely what’s happening, really!

We’ve called this one “Dylan Gets a Filling”, and boy does he ever. We knew he would get a fillin’ when we set out to have Rocky Tate fuck him, and we also get to see just how insanely hot it is when that happens and when Rocky buries his dick in Dylan. Prior to that filling, Dylan spends some quality time sucking on Rocky’s big uncut dick, and Rocky gets his tongue all over and inside Dylan’s tight hole.

We’ll let you in on a little secret – when Dylan first (finally, after a year!) agreed to give guy/guy action a shot, he specifically mentioned being hesitant to bottom for Rocky. He had seen Rocky’s cock, and heard about how Rocky can fuck hard, deep, and long with endless stamina. After the action here, though, I suspect Dylan will be asking for more chances to get fucked by Rocky!

Watch as Rocky Tate Fucks Dylan at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Rocky Tate Fucks Dylan at Corbin Fisher

Quietist says:

I suspect Dylan will be asking for more chances to get fucked by Rocky!

CF may I file a request? If more chances are going to occur, would you please be so kind to not record them?
The number of repeated pairings in general and the ones with Rocky specifically are becoming a bit absurd.
When are you going to rename your business into “Rocky’s OF”?

Mark Coppola says:

I get what you’re saying! It’s becoming a bit too much. Maybe you could let corbin fisher know directly and what you’d like to see in their videos. They might listen and bring in some new faces for more variety. It could be cool to see some changes in the future! Hopefully they read these comments.

Quietist says:

Because of a specific confrontation I had, I know 100% sure that the people at CF read all the comments on all the blogs as far as they concern their product.
They know exactly what people think about their doings.
And as long as comments are coming, positive or negative, people are caring.
Compare that to DullGaty (from MEN)—yes Bair, I couldn’t resist—this joke of a pornstar only got 5 comments for his three latest scenes. Nobody cares, soooo funny 😜.
As long as CF keep stepping down their game, it’s a good thing people comment about that. That they don’t act upon it is a sign on the wall. A sign of incompetence.
I would advise people to download as many videos as possible from the fantastic (yes FANTASTIC) CF catalogue, now that the company is still operating. At some point they will go the same path as SC did and everybody knows what happened to a large part of their fantastic catalogue.

Bair says:

All I know is that I’ve NEVER seen evidence that CF reads the posts here. I’ve never seen a dialogue between the company and a poster. I just know that I wouldn’t read the posts if I were them. By now CF surely knows that there are those who complain just to complain and are not satisfied until they can find something….ANYTING….to complain about. Many complaints are from those want there to be the personalizing of porn JUST FOR THEM, with the attitude that a scene or performer who is not EXACTLY right for them, in every detail, should not exist for others. There is no consideration of the fact that there are Different Strokes For Different Folks. As for DELISHgaty, I wrote several times that you had made him into being MORE than what he was. Your obsession gave him an importance and dominance in your mind that he does not have. He’s just ONE performer from among SO MANY.

Jay M says:

As a former member who HAS reached out to CF directly, I can promise you nothing was done.

Gazzaq says:

To be fair why would they care what their fans think as they are business and are in it to make as much money as they can like everybody who works on the Gay Porn Industry. Years go they would listen to their fans but no longer do so!

Bair says:

I doubt anyone from Corbin Fisher actually reads these comments here. I doubt many are subscribers and CF surely knows by now who the same ol’ “Grumblers” are, who live to grumble, so why would they care about their opinions? I’m not a subscriber so how many times Rocky is in a scene matters none to me. EXCEPT the more I see of him the more of a fan I am. I did not use to lust for him. NOW I DO! Anyone who really wants their complaints or suggestions to be seen by CF should Google as indicated below and write DIRECTLY to them.

LJ Shaffer says:

Love there hot micellar body’s and hot barebak fucking

Mark Coppola says:

Wow, these two are really cute together! They act all shy and silly, but you can tell there’s something more going on. They both really want to be close, but they’re holding back a bit. It’s like they’re afraid to show how much they really like each other.

swan says:

Boring, so sick of Dylan. He doesn’t appeal to me at all.

CM says:

Change the chat please!!! We get you ain’t a Dylan fan!!!!!!

Bair says:

Once again with your SElF-IMPOSED “sickness”. Tehehehehe! DON’T LOOK AT CF UPDATES. It’s bad for YOUR health. So, if a performer does not appeal to you PERSONALLY, he should therefore not exist in porn for those he does appeal to? Dylan is a young, good-looking guy with a nice body and sweet demeanor. I still wish (for your own health) you’d find a porn site that best satisfies your personal masturbation needs. Surely you know by now that CF just isn’t for you. You cause me to think of the Queen Of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland.

dustin_jamerson says:

i haven’t watched the last pair just yet but i just wanted to make some points bc i know the “frustrations” about to be wild for some

yes, it’s another Rocky update & his 8th scene with Dylan who debuted in June 2020 so he just had his 3 year anniversary. congrats to him! however when you actually look at the scenes Rocky was in with Dylan you know this is actually only Dylan second time bottoming for Rocky one on one.

Dylan(T) – Rocky(B) – July 2021
Dylan(B) – Rocky(T) – Feb 2022
Dylan(B) – Rocky(T) – Jared(T) – June 2022
Dylan(B) – Rocky(T) – Aug 2022
Dylan(B) – Rocky(T) – Roman(T) – Oct 2022
Dylan(T) – Rocky(T) – Roman(B) – Jan 2023
Dylan(T) – Rocky(B) – May 2023
Dylan(B) – Rocky(T) – June 2023

and from the photos; it looks like a good update at that. Dylan even has 8 scenes with Roman as well but if you subtract all the scenes with Roman & Rocky in them with Dylan that still leaves 26 updates of his total scenes of 40 released.

i assume with the absence of Roman & Dane getting into trouble; it’s likely probably means Rocky will be in more updates as the trainer until they get things adjusted. when you look at the variety of styles that were released; i can appreciate CF for not just repeating the same scene over & over without trying to keep things fresh. like, i said before; if you’re the kind of porn watcher than needs a new person every week; CF definitely going to annoy you especially if this is the main studio you’ll following up on for updates week after. for me, i like to wait until some scenes build up.

Fummer43 says:

I’m okay with this being Rocky’s OnlyFan account

DTG says:

They both have pubes and neither has their nails painted. I’ll take it!

DeeGee says:

Who’s on third?

Fummer43 says:

I’ll also say that the photos of Rocky fingering Dylan’s wide open hole are pretty sweet.

sasuk388 says:


Gazzaq says:

I do like Rocky and Dylan well he limited so I have learnt to accept this about him. And he is still here after 3 years. Hopefully some one fresh next week will appear eh !

DisFucanGuy says:

Nice smile and butthole, Dylan…

Anthony says:

Dylan does nothing for me. He’s just meh. In the other hand, i just can’t have enough of Rocky. He’s just amazing.

TomCNR says:

It’s just funny at this point.