Sean Cody: Guido Bottoms For Brysen In This Sexual Role Reversal

Brysen Fucks Guido at SeanCody

Brysen Fucks Guido at SeanCody
Brysen Fucks Guido at SeanCody
Brysen Fucks Guido at SeanCody

Guido Bottoms For Brysen In This Sexual Role Reversal at SeanCody:

Brysen and Guido (aka Ryan Kroger) are ready for something new today.

“I’ll be taking his dick,” Guido says.

“Which is a little switch-up game for us, ’cause normally I bottom in real life, and normally he tops,” Brysen adds with a smile.

These guys agree variety is the spice of life, and they’re eager to get in the bedroom and spice things up! They quickly undress and suck each other, and then Guido gets his first experience of Brysen’s thick cock in his hole.

Guido’s ready for more, so Brysen fuck’s him doggystyle, then the tattooed bottom rides that dick till he cums before taking a facial.

Watch as Brysen Fucks Guido at SeanCody

Watch as Brysen Fucks Guido at SeanCody

Reilly9 says:

Can we please never see Brysen again? So overexposed and his hammy personality grinds the nerves. Cut him loose already

Elza says:

I’ve never really gotten the hype about Brysen, either bearded or shaved. I can see he’s attractive, but it’s just never hit home.

Still, I know others really dig him, so it’s good for them

Bair says:

Sounds like you have some unresolved personal issues from your past that become triggered by Brysen that you can now work through and get to the bottom of and find out what it’s REALLY REILLY all about. Tehehehehe!


Me doing my HAPPY DANCE every time I see Brysen

Curlee says:

I don’t understand how anyone here can dislike Brysen. but whatever. Regardless of your issues with him, there is no denying that Brysen is one of the best models that SC has had in the past 10 years at least.

bsg1967 says:

The older brysen gets the hotter he becomes

Bair says:

I too enjoy BRYSENsational, especially when he is clean shaven and we can see all of his handsome face. I agree that he is aging nicely. Still “boyish” looking, to me. As a performer I’ve always enjoyed how he adjusts himself to whom he is having sex with. It’s not all one way with him. He adjusts himself to the sexual demeanor of the other person and the sex becomes more in-the-moment rather than staged.


I agree the older Brysen gets the HOTTER he gets

Justine Bever says:

Brysen is like a comedian, the unfunny kind.
Also: To Bear: You’ve been blocked so whatever you say I won’t see it. You are simply talking to the air. Jajaja.

Bair says:

Tehehehehe! This is a GREAT example of projection. YOU are like a comedian, the unfunny kind.

Bair says:

Justin, you silly goose. I see it, as well as others. AND how did you know I posted to you? Tehehehehe!

bo69 says:

Guido is the bomb.

Bair says:

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy him too. I enjoy the intensity of his piercing blue eyes and his rosy lips. His dark hair and thick, dark brows and dark mustache reminds me of leading men from the days of Old Hollywood who we might see on TCM. He has a swashbuckler look about him, to me. His tattoos are visually too haphazard for my taste BUT I’m not petty enough to believe that men are supposed to custom design their tattoos just to suit me. Tehehehehe! Perhaps my taste needs to be expanded. It’s about self-expression and how he sees himself as a work of art. Most importantly, my sense of him is that he is
G R R R R R E A T in bed.

sasuk388 says:

worst then the gleeen days DAMN

Paulbon23 says:

Brysen <3

Mikael says:

why was this not a flip fuck?

sim says:

the video quality of this site is getting really bad. Using too much light while shooting. The sound is muffled like it was recorded by cheap mics. I don’t know if the site owner of this site has watched their own videos

Quietist says:

Attention attracting trick …
Advertise the scene pre-publication and bring it back tot he front after publication.
I guess MG pays twice?