Sean Cody: Newcomer OZZY Jerks Off on ‘The Famous Couch’

Ozzy's Introductory Solo at SeanCody

Ozzy's Introductory Solo at SeanCody
Ozzy's Introductory Solo at SeanCody

Newcomer Ozzy Jerks Off on ‘The Famous Couch’ at SeanCody:

Cute SeanCody newbie Ozzy loves having a good time and not wearing too many clothes! Ozzy chats about what he likes best in bed and his problems getting hit on frequently, and he mentions how excited he is to be in the Sean Cody studio after watching so many films.

“It’s kinda like fulfilling a fantasy of my own.” Ozzy’s not shy to strip down and show off his muscular chest, taking out his thick cock and stroking it.

He fucks his hand, giving a preview of his topping skills, and finally lies down on “the famous couch” to jack off till he cums!

[Ozzy’s Scene to Premiere 07-03-23]

Watch Ozzy at Sean Cody

Watch Ozzy at Sean Cody

Tim says:

Nice smile, nice body, nice dick

Bair says:

Yes, Yes and Yes….and a REALLY nice/cute/sweet face. Ozzy is the first new BIPOC performer at SC in quite a long while. WelCUM Ozzy!

Gazzaq says:

Watch sweet lad and that ass B! Ta for the Gif just perfect ๐Ÿ˜Š

dino says:

Such a cute and hot boy

sasuk388 says:

now we are back to walmart models. meet walmart ollie

moondoggy says:

the famous couch

Very interesting to me as a Sean Cody (Cody Media) devotee that they are trying to construct their own mythology. First off, I’m not the kind of person who watches porn and studies the interior decor. But this business of the couch being famous made me wonder why I never noticed it. I did some research, and sure enough, the couch goes back a ways, but as far as I can tell, that sofa didn’t appear until the Mindgeek takeover, 2015ish. If someone knows otherwise, you can correct me on that, but for sure the sofa that Brent and Brandon are fucking on is a different one.

Gazzaq says:

OH MD you make me laugh as I never notice the interior design, as I am always to busy watching the fucking lol!

Gazzaq says:

What a hottie is Ozzy. He is so enthusiastic and endearing, and I love his look so sexy and that cock mouthing
a perfect size for his build and that ass. Damn! I love his laugh and I am not not be like those trolls who hate that bearded guy on Corbin Fisher , but Ozzy is so very laid back when he speaks, do know what I am saying?

Anyhow, I do hope this lad sit around in Gay Porn for while and moved on to NDS rather then MEN.

What a hot young fitty lad is Ozzy perfect for SC 2023 ๐Ÿ˜…!