Sean Cody: EVAN Returns To Ride Newcomer TIM JAMES

Tim James Fucks Evan at SeanCody

Tim James Fucks Evan at SeanCody
Tim James Fucks Evan at SeanCody

Newcomer TIM JAMES Fucks EVAN and Jizzes on His Ass at SeanCody:

Tall, shaven-headed Evan joins new redhead hunk Tim James in the Sean Cody studio, and before long he’s sucking the top’s cock, then riding Tim on camera for the first time.

Evan’s impressed with Tim’s muscles, telling him “Oh fuck, you’re so sexy” as he looks down at him while riding him.

Evan takes Tim James’s breath away as the top fucks him doggystyle, and Tim gasps, “That’s amazing!”

Evan cums while Tim James pounds him in missionary, then tells the newbie to jizz on his ass.

Watch as Tim James Fucks Evan at SeanCody

Watch as Tim James Fucks Evan at SeanCody

Elza says:

Two extremely sexy guys. I can’t wait to watch the full thing

Bair says:

I agree. A good pairing. The word “luscious” cums to mind. Two consummate performers complimenting one another.

DeeGee says:

Attractive guys — ✅
Lackluster fucking – ✅

Elza says:

Have you seen it? The preview doesn’t look lacklustre (to me at least, ofc it’s subjective)

DeeGee says:

The guys are gorgeous. No argument. But the sex is completely by-the-numbers. As it always is here.

sasuk388 says:

I would watch the top bottom. Evan does nothing for me

Sheik says:

Odd considering Tim seems more like a bottom 🤷‍♂️

Elza says:

Evan is a big ol’ bottom, and with an ass like that and a slutty cockthirst I’m constantly hungry for more of him.

Normally I’d ask for a flip but they’re so hot and Evan is such a cockslut that I’m soooo here for it


Tim hair could use a good trim but other than that I am quite pleased with this update both guys are VERY SEXXXY and VERY FUCKABLE

Paulbon23 says:

My goodness! What a sexy top!

C A says:

Nah…Just Nah.