Corbin Fisher: Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in “Jared’s Sausage Party”

Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in

Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in
Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in
Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in

Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in
Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in
Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in

Rocky Tate and Roman Tag-Team Jared in “Jared’s Sausage Party” at Corbin Fisher:

We have a blast here at Corbin Fisher, as evident from the start of this episode! I particularly enjoy the brief interviews and conversations before the action begins. They allow the guys’ personalities to shine through and help us get to know them better. It’s safe to say that nearly all the guys are a lot of fun to be around.

In this episode, Roman (aka Damian Night), Jared, and Rocky Tate share some fun moments together. More precisely, Roman and Rocky have a great time as they take turns pleasuring Jared. Roman was enjoying himself so much that he couldn’t hold back, climaxing into Jared’s hole. He even waited to tell us, so he could continue thrusting his cum deeper inside without any interruption.

Many of us would likely agree that Jared found himself in an incredibly enjoyable situation—imagine being at the center of attention with guys like Roman and Rocky teaming up on you! We all know that both Roman and Rocky have remarkable stamina. Even taking on just one of them can be a workout. But to have them tag-team you, with one taking over when the other needs a break? Holding on for dear life as they take turns giving you their all? Jared’s endurance during this must have been remarkable (and very, very pleasurable)!

Watch Roman, Rocky Tate and Jared at Corbin Fisher

Watch Roman, Rocky Tate and Jared at Corbin Fisher

Fummer43 says:

I want to go to a sausage party!

Bair says:

WHAT AN UNEXPECTED TREAT! Supposedly, not one but TWO internals are in this scene. It’s been awhile. I’m assuming most here (if not ALL) had stopped daring to hope for internals here. I know I had, both here and at SC. What once occurred routinely became something that occurred NEVER…..until now. Do we dare to hope for more? Roman is looking more and more handsome (to me) ❤️ and Rocky keeps becoming more and more R O C K Y, 💪🏻 and Jared is so clean-cut looking, which makes him being a Piggy Bottom 🐷 even more EXCITING!

moondoggy says:

Lord, this was a CFF/CFGF festival. Jared came first in a bent over position with Roman’s cock pistoning his ass. Then Roman groans, pulls out and jacks off a few tugs to shoot. I thought it was a little bit of a letdown compared to his classic “don’t pull out until you feel yourself spurting” scenes. But just after that, Rocky shoves in, fucks, and pulls out to jack briefly and shoot. And when he pulls out, cum visibly splashes from Jared’s ass. So did Roman start shooting before he pulled out? Did he continue shooting after he shoved in? Or did Rocky (less likely) start shooting before HE pulled out? Life’s beautiful unanswerable questions.

I meant to add that the editing strongly emphasized how close together all three orgasms were. There was editing so we could see Roman’s load a second time from a different angle, but the editing was overlapping to make it obvious that there was no time concealment. When Rocky busted, it was only a minute after Jared put the orgasms in motion with his load.

Quietist says:

Congrats! When I saw this I knew you would be very, very pleased.
One thing I don’t understand though.
Right after the cumshots Roman complimented on Jared’s ass and said something like:
“… it made me cum twice”.
So, if Roman ejaculated two times, I must have missed one. Did I?

moondoggy says:

Good catch, but no, he does not come a second time. I watched the whole scene on high speed just now. First off, I now have to rethink my creampie theory because Jared’s ass dripped almost every time someone pulled out of him. I’ve never seen someone use so much lube. (Makes me curious to try it, lol) But the cumshots at the end are the only ones I can find in the whole scene.

swan says:

I can’t handle giant big head Jared

Bair says:

You poor, fragile snowflake. You IMAGINE what is not there, and then can’t “handle” what you imagine. BOO! Tehehehehe! Jared’s handsome face is the same length as Rocky’s. Rocky has an oval face that tappers into the chin and Jared has an oblong face that remains full at the chin, like the handsome actor Henry Cavil. So you got your weekly criticism in at CF. Do you feel complete now? Satisfied? Happy? School Yard Bullies make fun of how someone is born to look to try to feel better about themselves and how they are and look. Did you know that?

Quietist says:

This is from the former model house in Reno. Also the tattoo still missing from Roman gives away that this is definitely from before 2023.
Roman is long gone and so (I’m pretty sure) is Jared. Rocky seems to have a pause lately. Before this one there were four all-male scenes without Rocky, which hasn’t occurred since Dec./Jan.

Rocky and Roman now have been featured together in a scene 12 times !!!
Because of Roman this have all 12 been all-male. No other CF duo has achieved that.
Dawson and Connor had 11 all-male and 3 coed scenes together.
Given the fact that there is more in the vault with Rocky and Roman, I’m sure these two will in the not so far ahead future reach the top of the ranking. That makes me very sad. I know records are to be broken, but I hate to see Dawson and Connor lose that position. The only consolation I have is that Roman and Rocky did this in a period when there were hardly any models left. Easy peasy 😜.

Oh, and let’s not forget Jared. He is (was) a good performer and a funny intelligent lad.
For those who are into DP’s (not me), this is Jared’s 7th threesome and I don’t think he had one.

Paulbon23 says:

Typical positions, no dp. Meh!

Gazzaq says:

Despite the excellent internals, but I am going to be unpopular here, but I cant stick Jared as he does knowt for me. And to be honest I feel/felt the same about Hugh, Thomas, Ellis, Bryden et al over the years. I am gonna own it, but it the old Internal Homophobia rearing its head for me.

On a G4P site like CF/SC et al, what I expect is the old fantasy of seeing hetero guys next door, having gay sex with each other, hence is the reason I am a big time fan of these sites. Unfortunately some time not all the time, when I know a model identifies as gay, or ‘claims he is straight and is ‘not masculine enough (I know dumb eh) ‘ then can be a challenge for me and I have keep on working in this!

P.S this is not always the case because I do like Kyle Denton who I consider to be classic Sean
Cody, it could be do with his build/presence and his voice he a hottie!

DeeGee says:

Looks at watch. Still bored.