CockyBoys X RandyBlue: Andrew Stark Fucks Greyson Myles in ‘Boys Will Be Boys, Episode 3’

Andrew Stark Fucks Grayson Myles in 'Boys Will Be Boys, Episode 3' at RandyBlue

Andrew Stark Fucks Grayson Myles in 'Boys Will Be Boys, Episode 3' at RandyBlue
Andrew Stark Fucks Grayson Myles in 'Boys Will Be Boys, Episode 3' at RandyBlue
Andrew Stark Fucks Grayson Myles in 'Boys Will Be Boys, Episode 3' at RandyBlue

Andrew Stark Fucks Grayson Myles in ‘Boys Will Be Boys, Episode 3’ at CockyBoys x RandyBlue:

Superstar Andrew Stark makes his long-awaited return to porn and RandyBlue in an explosively intense scene with CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles! In the third episode of BOYS WILL BE BOYS, Andrew is set to body paint his boys for a big Miami party, starting with Greyson who’s really hot for him. This doesn’t register with Andrew until Greyson goes to shower and virtually lures Andrew to follow and watch him.

Andrew plays it cool at first, then joins Greyson in the steamy shower where the flirtatious bottom goes down on him for a sensual blowjob that ignites his Andrew’s top energy. He turns Greyson around to eat out his bubble butt and pound his hole, and in the blink of an eye, he owns him, soon easily picking up Greyson and fucking him high up against the wall.

As Andrew moves to the shower floor, Greyson sits on his cock and rides him and they hold each other tight as though they never want to let go. When Greyson turns around and rides him even more energetically, Andrew pounds a load out of him. Greyson knows Andrew is ready too, and he puts himself in the path of Andrew’s earthquake orgasm, resulting in a ginormous facial so thick, it barely moves. Greyson’s now ready to be painted—as soon as Andrew recuperates that is.

Watch as Andrew Stark Fucks Grayson Myles at CockyBoys & RandyBlue

Watch as Andrew Stark Fucks Grayson Myles at CockyBoys & RandyBlue

joback says:

Andrew is still hot, but that haircut is not it

Xyz says:

Agree. That haircut is such a turn off :(

Scrapple says:

They brought Andrew out of retirement after years away…to have cramped shower sex.

Curlee says:

Andrew came out of retirement a long time ago. He has been doing work besides at CB.

Scrapple says:

I was referencing their sad collab promo.

ArgleBjargle says:

Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz

Oh look. Greyson has the same hairstyle as basically everyone else…
and it looks just as ridiculous on them, too.

Tempest says:

I think Andrew looks interesting despite all these years, but like….what is going on with this industry? Why does everyone look miserable, bored and so trash at gay sex? Can’t y’all just go home and call it a day?

Miss Tea says:

It’s truly a sad day when cockyboys decides to work with gay4pay trash.

Fummer43 says:

It is not a requirement that you approve of a models personal life or political beliefs. This is gay porn, not Lilith Fair.

Curlee says:

I get it, people age. I am certainly no spring chicken (and I also do not work in porn). But this does not look very alluring.

Tim says:

Andrew Stark is looking pretty good, not a fan of his accessories though. Greyson looks good riding him.

Paulbon23 says:

My goodness!! Andrew is like tequila, the older the hotter!! I also love the size difference on this scene, cause it leads to hotter unusual positions. ❤️❤️❤️

Northboy691 says:

Totally agreed. He’s looking “Daddy-as-Fuck”! Hotter than he’s ever been, and the size differential in this pairing shows them both off to great advantage.

Quietist says:

“Superstar” ???? Really??? Why is that?
Randy Blue, what else but a memory from the past?
Several failed restarts.
A website full of deceit (re-dating scenes as if they were recent)
Don’t know when they removed it, but less than a year ago their videos were still advertised as “Best hardcore gay porn movies with straight guys” 😏.
Okay in the vintage department, but now … nothing but a lot of hot air.
And a waste of money.

I’m not a big fan of CockyBoys (in general), but now even less.
Why CockyBoys, why???
Are RB and CB now owned by the same company, based in Ireland?

Quietist says:

I was wondering, … maybe somebody knows?
When Andrew Stark was with Corbin Fisher, as Ty (III), he did a Coed scene with his younger brother, who went by the name Daniel (II).
They didn’t touch each other, just taking turns on the girl, making this Coed essentially a double str8 scene. But the fact that they are brothers made it special.
‘Daniel’ only did this Coed and a solo for CF.
I can’t find anything else he did in porn. So he probably didn’t. But maybe I’m mistaken?

Northboy691 says:

I hadn’t remembered ANY of that. But I went back and checked with my site membership and you’re right. The Coed one was a teasing video, though, with Andrew/Ty doing the heavy lifting.

Good memory.

Quietist says:

Good of you to correct me about the contents of the scene. My memory let me down. I’ve watched it again and you are completely right. While Ty/Andrew was doing the girl, his brother ‘Daniel’ pleased himself while watching. It was very obvious that the brother enjoyed himself very much, looking at big brother. Funny and good looking guy. Too bad he didn’t return after this scene.