CockyBoys: Kyle Denton Debuts on Cocky Boys and Fucks Cody Seiya

Kyle Denton Fucks Cody Seiya at CockyBoys

Kyle Denton Fucks Cody Seiya at CockyBoys
Kyle Denton Fucks Cody Seiya at CockyBoys

Kyle Denton Debuts on Cocky Boys Fucks Cody Seiya at CockyBoys:

Kyle Denton [4My.Fans: kdent-on] makes his CockyBoys debut by topping Cody Seiya! There’s a strong attraction between them so they jump right into making out and it’s not long before Kyle’s ass lust for Cody is fulfilled. After opening him up, Kyle fucks Cody and as he pounds him, he’s very vocal about how good it all is.

When Kyle flips Cody on his back they don’t get right back into fucking, but rather take the time to admire and worship each other with a romantic bent. This continues as they kiss and when Kyle lovingly sucks Cody and slowly starts fucking his again. Even when Kyle picks up Cody to fuck him in mid-air, their lips are locked as they hold each other tight.

When Kyle lies Cody back down to fuck him, he soon gets close to cumming too early and has to stop. With that Cody takes charge to suck him and he doesn’t stop until he makes Kyle shoot. With cum still on his cheek, Cody starts riding Kyle until he too cums over the hairy muscle boy. As they kiss Cody has a startling confession—which Kyle definitely appreciates.

Watch as Kyle Denton Fucks Cody Seiya at CockyBoys

Watch as Kyle Denton Fucks Cody Seiya at CockyBoys

Kj says:

Congratulations Cockyboys
Kyle Denton is a handsome, hairy, sexy man. Give us more of this new star !

Scrapple says:

So intrusive of CockyBoys to record their first date.

Usually when a writeup goes on about how much two models wanted to fuck each other, I’m prepared to not believe it. I believed this. The fact that Kyle goes right from the rimming to the fucking sold how much he wanted this. He doesn’t get his dick into Cody’s mouth until the very end. The way he was kissing Cody (many times with his eyes half open), touching him, grabbing him, holding his hand, complimenting him, I think Kyle had been wanting this for a while.

Paulbon23 says:

Wow!!! Hot top, great pair, excellent positions!! 10/10

ArgleBjargle says:

Cody gets fucked by a Teddy Bear.
Good chemistry. Should have finished with an internal.

Terry Hinckley says:

Chemistry between these two is electric, Kyle is a big boy, overpowering Cody in a very sensuous romantic fuck. Kyle is sexy as F, love his fur and massive size. More Kyle please……