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Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian in ‘The Right Choice’ at Bel Ami Online

The Right Choice (Rhys Jagger Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) at

I am not sure if teaching Jeroen Mondrian how to role his own cigarette can count as being a bas influence, but both boys are definitely correct when they say that Rhys Jagger is an expert at many things. Luckily for all of us (and Jeroen), his biggest talent is in love making.

Gino Mosca and Jean-Luc Bisset in ‘True Love’ at Bel Ami Online

True Love (Gino Mosca and Jean-Luc Bisset) at

It was a very easy choice this time when we were designing the banner for our ‘Month of Romance’ to feature Gino Mosca and Jean-Luc Bisset, as they just look perfect together. Both handsome and sexy, Jean-Luc has perfected the ‘come hither’ look of a master seducer.

Jack Harrer, Jon Kael & Marcel Gassion in ‘Jack’s Dream’ at Bel Ami Online

Jack's Dream (Jack Harrer, Jon Kael & Marcel Gassion) at

We join Jon Kael and Marcel Gassion today for what seems to be a bit of a Jack Harrer worship session. Previously Jack had told Marcel that he was welcome anytime to bring over a friend, as long as he was a great bottom. Never one to refuse an invitation like that, Marcel brings along Jon Kael to make sure that Jack has an experience that he won’t forget for a long time.

Derek Jenkins Fucks Arne Coen in ‘Night Scene’ at Bel Ami Online

Bel Ami Night Scene (Derek Jenkins Fucks Arne Coen) at

The first of our romantic double scenes this February is actually an evening scene filmed for us by Marty Stevens. In this all Hungarian encounter we find a horny Derek Jenkins waking up in the middle of the night while his buddy, Arne Coen continues to doze angelically on the bed behind him. The scene starts with an erotic shower from Derek before he climbs back into bed with Arne to gently wake him and start the fun.

Raoul Vargas Fucks Marcel Gassion in ‘Marcel Goes All Out For Raoul’ at Bel Ami Online

Marcel Goes All Out For Raoul (Raoul Vargas Fucks Marcel Gassion) at

Running our production schedule can be a very challenging activity at times as there always seems to some mini crisis to deal with. Today it was Raoul’s original scene partner took ill and couldn’t make the shoot.

Antony Lorca Fucks Jerome Exupery in ‘Helping Out A Friend’ at Bel Ami Online

Helping Out A Friend (Antony Lorca Fucks Jerome Exupery) at

It is great when your friends have the same size clothes as you. It means that you can steal whatever you think would look good on you. At least there is no worries here with Jerome Exupery, who is always happy to share whatever he has, and if his reward for doing so is getting fucked by Antony Lorca, even better!

Kevin Warhol Fucks Jordan Faris in ‘Seaside Seduction’ at Bel Ami Online

Seaside Seduction (Kevin Warhol Fucks Jordan Faris) at

This is the final Thursday in our Freshmen month on BelAmiOnline and we decided to schedule this special scene with Kevin Warhol and Jordan Faris. We join our barefoot beauties on the beach in Cape Town as they take a romantic (if somewhat risky) walk around on the rocks to enjoy one of the most stunning views available.

Jack Harrer Fucks Henrik Bjorn in ‘Trying It In For Size’ at Bel Ami Online

Trying It In For Size (Jack Harrer Fucks Henrik Bjorn) at

GD has introduced Henrik Bjorn as one of our up and coming power bottoms, so we thought that we would give him the opportunity to prove it to us in today’s scene with Jack Harrer.

Nino Valens Fucks Jason Clark in ‘Hungarian Passions’ at Bel Ami Online

Hungarian Passions (Nino Valens Fucks Jason Clark) at

This is a scene that was filmed when Nino Valens was still relatively new to Bel Ami and he was keen and eager to learn all that he could about becoming a porn star.

Jim Kerouac Fucks Lars Norgaard in ‘Blond Ambition’ at Bel Ami Online

Blond Ambition (Jim Kerouac Fucks Lars Norgaard) at

Although all of our scenes this month are fantastic, it has to be today’s encounter between Lars Norgaard and Jim Kerouac that has generated the most excitement.

Tony Conrad Fucks Felix Gaul in ‘…Trying It On For Size’ at Bel Ami Online

...Trying It On For Size (Felix Gaul and Tony Conrad) at

Felix Gaul has already been featured on BelAmiOnline before, but as he only has 3 scenes live, we decided to include him in our February special as well.

Bel Ami Online: Miguel Estevez (Model of the Week)

Miguel Estevez (Model of the Week) at

We featured Miguel Estevez’s blow job with Joel in 2017’s first Freshmen edition. Although Miguel will have a few scenes on Freshmen, he will primarily be a BelAmiOnline model. Miguel is Hungarian, but because of his dark Mediterranean good looks, we decided to give him a Spanish stage name. This is his 2nd photo set here on BelAmiOnline, and in March you will see him again in a scene with Kris Evans.

Raf Koons Fucks Marc Ruffalo in ‘More Than Most’ at Bel Ami Online

More Than Most (Raf Koons Fucks Marc Ruffalo) at

Our ‘Freshman’ in today’s scene is the charming and XL Raf Koons and we have him here for you in a scene with Marc Ruffalo. We first featured big dicked Raf back towards the end of 2015 and then gave you a couple of scenes throughout last year, but you will be seeing a lot more of him in the coming 12 months.

Rhys Jagger Fucks Jean-Luc Bisset in ‘Urgent Desires’ at Bel Ami Online

Urgent Desires (Rhys Jagger and Jean-Luc Bisset) at

Normally we associate both Rhys Jagger and Jean-Luc Bisset as being Two of our more romantic lovers, but today there is something a little wild about Jean-Luc and his hunger for sex with Rhys.

Danny Defoe Fucks Gregg Meyjes in ‘Beach Time Fun…’ at BelAmiOnline

Beach Time Fun... (Danny Defoe & Gregg Meyjes) at

It was in March last year when we last saw Gregg Meyjes, but we’re happy that he is back today with our Hungarian freshman, Danny Defoe.

Nate Donaghy Fucks Bastian Dufy in ‘Let’s Stay Inside’ at Bel Ami Online

Let's Stay Inside... (Bastian Dufy & Nate Donaghy) at

I can think of no better start than this scene with 2 guys that you have already met a couple times before, Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy. I don’t know if it was Nate’s plan here to take so long getting ready that Bastian would lose the desire to go out for the evening, but it certainly had that effect and Nate gets what he wants…

Ariel Vanean Fucks Jeroen Mondrian in ‘Ariel Goes Scouting’ at Bel Ami Online

Ariel Goes Scouting (Ariel Vanean and Jeroen Mondrian) at

Today we have another scene from Mr Iresch’s series of location scenes. It is favorite Ariel Vanean’s turn to go out scouting for locations when he just happens to stumble across a B&B staffed by the lovely Jeroen Mondrian. I don’t think that I need to tell you that it ends up with the boys scouting each other more than the location!

Joel Birkin, Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud & Orri Aasen in ‘Offensively Large 2017’ Parts 1 & 2 at Bel Ami Online

Offensively Large (Joel Birkin, Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud & Orri Aasen) (Parts 1 & 2) at

Apart from his huge dick, there is something that we always appreciate when Joel Birkin is on location, and that is his willingness to help out in whatever way he can. This day he was allocated the job of driver, that is until things got a little too hot for him to concentrate only on driving.

Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Liam Efron and Felix Gaul in ‘These Boys Are Insatiable’ at Bel Ami Online

These Boys Are Insatiable (Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Liam Efron and Felix Gaul) at

We decided to bring you Jack Harrer and Andre Boleyn taking on newcomers Felix Gaul and Liam Efron as our final Thursday update for 2016 here on BelAmiOnline. In this scene our newbies are determined to proved to the ‘old hands’ that whatever Jack and Andre can dish out, they can take. These 2 guys are truly insatiable.

Bel Ami Online: Steve Skarsgaard (Pin-Up)

Steve Skarsgaard (Pin-Up) at

Back when you met newcomer Steve Skarsgaard. in November we told you that you would be seeing more of him, and we are happy to make good on that promise in our final photo session of 2016. Buff and sexy, with an easy going personality and disarming smile, we are very happy that Steve is part of our newest generation of boys.

Rhys Jagger & Ariel Vanean in ‘A Perfect Romance’ Parts 1 & 2 at Bel Ami Online

A Perfect Romance (Rhys Jagger & Ariel Vanean) (Parts 1 & 2) at

It was not without cause that Rhys Jagger’s feature movie was titled ‘Romantic Hero‘, and in this weekends double feature he again lives up to the title.

Kris Evans, Danny Defoe & Jean-Luc Bissett in ‘Kris Gives…& Kris Takes’ Parts 1 & 2 at Bel Ami Online

Kris Gives...Kris Takes (Kris Evans, Danny Defoe & Jean-Luc Bissett) (Parts 1 & 2) at

So Kris Evans managed to shock even us with the filming of this scene. He confided in Kevin, that the older he gets, the more he is drawn to younger, skinnier guys.

Hoyt Kogan Fucks Christian Lundgren in ‘Christian’s Graduation Class’ at Bel Ami Online

Christian's Graduation Class (Hoyt Kogan Fucks Christian Lundgren) at

In today’s scene it is Christian bottoming for Hoyt. As a bit of side news, Christian moved into the same apartment as Helmut and Jerome a little while ago, bringing our newest Musketeer even closer into the core group, so expect some very exciting things next year!

Dylan Maguire & Jamie Durrell Flip-Fuck in ‘And Boys Will Play’ Parts 1 & 2 at BelAmiOnline

And Boys Will Play (Dylan Maguire & Jamie Durrell Flip-Fuck) at

As the team were leaving Africa last time, Luke is quizzing Jamie Durrell and Dylan Maguire about their most memorable moments and most exciting lovers from the trip when they start reminiscing about the time that they fucked each other.

Torsten Ullman & Helmut Huxley Flip-Fuck in ‘Every Which Way’ at BelAmiOnline

Every Which Way (Torsten Ullman & Helmut Huxley) at

We have been looking forward to the paring of Torsten Ullman & Helmut Huxley for quite a while, both boys are tall and lithe and incredibly sexy and best of all, both versatile. Have a look and see for yourselves.