Boys Halfway House

At Boys Halfway House you will find video and photo evidence of the abuse of helpless young men. Some of the guys at the house are gay, some are straight – getting into trouble with the law happens regardless of orientation.

Boys Halfway House (Incident #177): Rode Hard & Put Away Wet

Incident #177 (Rode Hard & Put Away Wet) at Boys Halfway House

It’s one thing to try and sneak in past curfew, or forget to do chores because you’re a lazy fuck, but to brazenly disregard some very fundamental rules relating to recovery will get a resident in some deep trouble. In this fuckwad’s (Corwin Presley) case, his trouble got very deep indeed.

Boys Halfway House (Incident #168): Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

Incident #168 (Cruisin' For A Bruisin') at Boys Halfway House

This resident (Logan Pine) is fairly new, and he gets along with all the residents and House Managers fairly well. However, we always suspected that he was hiding something. He has cute blue eyes and a nice smile, but behind that innocent look is a guy with a serious problem. We imagine that he has been able to get away with a lot in the past, because of his good looks, but those days are over. Our main focus now is to get him rehabilitated and teach him a few life lessons.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #171 (Petty Thief Pays With His Ass)

Incident #171 (Petty Thief Pays With His Ass) at Boys Halfway House

Hunter Gold was re-assigned to the House after he turned 18. These days, a lot of jurisdictions will place would-be juvie felons in a group home, and if they come from a wrecked family, then they basically just live there indefinitely. They used to be called orphanages, and they aren’t any prettier today than they were back in Oliver Twist’s time.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #173 (Some Guys Never Learn)

Incident #173 (Some Guys Never Learn) at Boys Halfway House

He left our care a year or so ago with some promise, but within a week he was in trouble and back on house arrest. After a year of having to remain inside with no one else around except his grandmother, he begged to be shifted once again to our care. We can’t say we were too surprised, because some guys much prefer the occasional ass drilling to the loving nurture of their next of kin. What a world we live in.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #170 (Dumbass’s Pristine Hole Defiled)

Incident #170 (Dumbass's Pristine Hole Defiled) at Boys Halfway House

I wanted to fuck him good, so we decided the best way to loosen him up would be some dildo play first. I worked in the toy, and after a few I had him work it while he simultaneously worked on my dick. After several minutes, once we decided he was ready (if anyone like him actually can be ready), I slathered my dick with lube and began working my way in…

Boys Halfway House: Incident #165 (He Plays The Hand He’s Dealt)

Incident #165 (He Plays The Hand He's Dealt) at Boys Halfway House

I only went into his room because one of the other House Managers told me that he gave good head. He’d been in trouble so many times, it’s not as if I really needed an excuse anyway. He was reading a book, which frankly, surprised me. Good for him. All kinds of good habits can be acquired at the House, as well as certain useful skills.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #159 (Bareback Cum Infliction)

Incident #159 (Bareback Cum Infliction) at Boys Halfway House

Recidivism is high among these guys, which is why it’s important that they learn their lesson thoroughly before they can be given a clean bill and sent on their way. The House Managers try as hard as they can to instill an internal sense of moral order in these guys’ brains. It’s hard since the IQ has been slowly eaten away by bad habits.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #169 (My Own Private Cum Rag)

Incident #169 (My Own Private Cum Rag) at Boys Halfway House

Some residents are hard to read. Depending on the day, this idiot could turn out to be your best friend or your worst nightmare. One thing’s for sure, though: Lane (formerly Lane II at Corbin Fisher and Luka Jay at Chaos Men) has some demons that are eating away at him. Unluckily for him, the House Managers are always one step ahead of even the most furtive residents. That poker face might work in Vegas, but it doesn’t work on us, especially when we have the incriminating evidence in our hands.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #152 (Straight Boy Tag-Team)

Incident #152 (Straight Boy Tag-Team) at Boys Halfway House

Me and another House Manager who is a good buddy of mine confronted this dick wipe immediately after we found some contraband among his personal belongings. He’d gotten in trouble for a few minor things before, but never for something quite as serious. I didn’t really want to see him go, because although he is straight he has been putting out giving blowjobs pretty much whenever I wanted. However, this kind of thing can’t be tolerated, so we decided to go tag team on his ass.

BoysHalfwayHouse: Incident #158 (Spoiling An Untouched Boyhole)

Incident #158 (Spoiling An Untouched Boyhole) at Boys Halfway House

Me and our new junior House Manager decided to give this resident the full treatment. We marched into his room and woke him out of bed. He had one of those fucking annoying smirks on his face, like we couldn’t do anything to him. That really got us going, and before too long that smirk was wiped off of his face completely. When he began sucking one of our cocks, you could already see in his face that he was planning on how to get the hell out of there. His mouth was soft and warm, though, and eventually we both dipped our cocks in it. He was sucking one of us while jerking the other, looking up at us almost as if he were a little lost. Well, I’m sure he was, since he doubtful had been in a situation like this before. The gears in his little brain were definitely working overtime.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #167: Teenage Cum Dump Creampie (Bareback)

Incident #167: Teenage Cum Dump Creampie (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

This resident tries to act like he’s a model for everyone to follow. He doesn’t preach or moralize, but just his attitude reeks of condescension towards the others. He didn’t fool any of the House Managers, though. We knew his game, and we had the trump card. After a spot piss test, he flunked (as we expected). These fuckers think they can hide their issues and behaviors from the rest of the world, but they can’t. Their attempt at retreat usually ends up in failure. This dumb teenager is no exception.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #161: Bareback Agony (with Ryan Fields)

 Incident #161: Bareback Agony (with Ryan Fields) (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

There’s nothing that pisses off a House Manager like a lazy, slothful, useless resident. Granted, while there is definitely a lot of down time around the House (since their movements are so restricted), at least most guys will find a new hobby, start reading, catching up on old TV shows, or what have you. Generally speaking, as long as their rent is paid and the chores are finished, none of the Managers mind what they do.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #163 (Patience and a Hard Dick) (Bareback)

Incident #163 (Patience and a Hard Dick) (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

When I started fucking his cunt, I knew this was gonna be a fun sesh. He was tight as always, his bubble butt getting laid into looked great. I rolled him over to continue, and he got a boner when I touched his dick. Now, it’s not unheard of for a guy to pop a woodie even when he’s straight. A lot of times guys like him just never get touched at all, so when they do it’s physically exciting. Not common, mind you, but I’ve seen it.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #164 (Steamrolled Bareback)

Incident #164 (Steamrolled Bareback) (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

We hired a new House Manager a few weeks ago. The guy has some experience dealing with young delinquents, but I’ll be damned if this guy doesn’t have high blood pressure or something. Unfortunately for the virgin in question, his first punishment session happened to be with one of the worst new offenders we’ve had in months, and it didn’t turn out well for the poor guy’s hole.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #162 (A Good Start Makes A Good Ending) (with Carter Michaels) (Bareback)

Incident #162 (A Good Start Makes A Good Ending) (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

We’ve always had the philosophy that a good start makes a good ending. This applies to recovery as well as other simpler things in life. When this dumb ass newbie (Carter Michaels) showed up at the House, we decided that he’d better have a very good beginning to his stay. During intake, I took it upon myself to ensure that he knew not only all the rules, but our more nuanced culture. Some might call this predatory, but this isn’t Hollywood or D.C., this is the real world, and little fucks like this guy need to be put in their place the first time you meet them, otherwise they will always keep trying to push your buttons. Needless to say, this guy’s button got pushed first.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #156 (Pretty Boy Railed Senseless) (Bareback)

Incident #156 (Pretty Boy Railed Senseless) (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

We got a new resident this week. He is a pretty boy for sure: blond hair, bright blue eyes, an innocent demeanor, and an appropriately deferential attitude. I’d read his enrollment report and figured out just what kind of guy he was before I even met him. Lots of talent and expectation early on, falls in with some friends who lead him astray, thinks he will never get caught. Then his grades start falling and he barely manages to graduate. He’s disappointed his parents and fucked up just enough that they are worried. So they send him to our humble House. Even though he reeks of entitlement he’ll probably get a long just fine.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #155 (Pounded & Sperm Stuffed) (Bareback)

Incident #155 (Pounded & Sperm Stuffed) (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

When I’d pulled my dick out of his ass and shoved it into his mouth, I was already close to cumming. I put it back in his hole and drove all the way to the finish line. I came buckets. When I pulled out after leaving millions of sperm up inside him, I was still gushing. What a treat. I am hoping that this resident keeps fucking up, because I could certainly give him some lessons in getting a long nicely with others every day of the week.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #140 Troublemaker Tag Team

Incident #140: Troublemaker Tag Team at Boys Halfway House

He got a mouthful of each of our dicks. He’s a good cock-sucker, so we enjoyed that a lot! But it’s truly his butt that is his best feature, so we made sure to pay extra special attention. As he gets pounded, his bubble butt just bounces around, it’s quite the sight to see. His ass feels good, too.

Boys Halfway House #157: Destroyed Hole Plastered In Cum

Incident #157: Destroyed Hole Plastered In Cum at Boys Halfway House

This guy had been doing really well when he first arrived at the House, but after losing his first job in only a few weeks, he slowly slipped into an unfortunate pattern. Sure, he went to his meetings and didn’t cause a fuss, but he wasn’t proactive about finding a new job, and thus started becoming late on his rent payments.v

Boys Halfway House: Incident #150: Tarnished Soul, Wrecked Hole (Bareback)

Incident #150: Tarnished Soul, Wrecked Hole (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

From the minute I met this resident, I knew he was going to be complicated. By all outward appearances, he is a stand up guy. But he has issues deep down, and I’m sure the substances were somehow a way of him trying to relieve it all. Unfortunately, that route doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Although he’s from the Bible Belt, and he can recite verses off of the top of his head, he’s really just a redneck who’d rather be out muddin’ than sitting in a pew. He’s also an athlete, which is a bonus for us House Managers when it comes time for some personal attention.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #145: One Hole Bred, Two Holes Red

Incident #145: One Hole Bred, Two Holes Red (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

One of the big reasons these guys get into trouble in the first place is that they have nothing to do. In particular, they don’t work. They have no jobs, and they don’t have much of an inclination to find one. Blame it on pop culture, which shows celebs constantly relaxing and partying, or blame it on their parents for being lazy asses themselves. Whoever you blame, though, these guys need to shape up. They are adults, and the sooner they begin acting like it the better off the rest of us will be.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #146: His First Bareback Lesson

Incident #146: His First Bareback Lesson (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

Sometimes it’s the guys you would least expect who show up at the House in need of some help. These are young men who otherwise seem to have a perfect life except for one little problem that over time turned into a big problem. This particular resident had a lot going for him and threw it all away as he was seduced slowly into a cycle of addiction. The guys who are wound tight are always the ones who cause a lot of damage when they lose it.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #148: Teenage Tornado Bait Creampie (Bareback)

Incident #148: Teenage Tornado Bait Creampie (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

This little prick hadn’t been in the House very long when he was already rubbing everyone the wrong way. Lazy, dirty, and dim-witted, no one even felt sorry for him. He didn’t come from the best of backgrounds. Where I grew up in the Midwest, kids liked him lived in those trailer parks on the edge of town – with the run down cars and homes falling apart.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #149 (Bareback Slut Training)

Incident #149 (Bareback Slut Training) at Boys Halfway House

He was such a good bareback ho that I bet he’s gonna seek it out in the future, if for nothing more than to prove what a likable guy he is, and that he’s cool to hang around with. Meanwhile, we’re gonna make sure that he can hold down a job and stay clean. His ass might be sore most of the time, but at least he’ll have a place to sleep and 3 square meals per day.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #144 (He Played, He Paid)

Incident #144 (He Played, He Paid) at Boys Halfway House

The biggest problem with today’s younger generation is that they think that they can get everything for free. They also think that their actions won’t have consequences. So, these lads – on the cusp of being completely independent and productive members of society – fuck up yet still believe that they shouldn’t have to deal with the blowback. This guy for instance: He’s a new resident who has a problem with more than just the bottle. Pretty much every word that comes out of his mouth is either a lie or general blather. Even worse, like so many others he thinks he can hide things from the House Managers (such as a bottle full of illicit liquid).