Boys Halfway House

At Boys Halfway House you will find video and photo evidence of the abuse of helpless young men. Some of the guys at the house are gay, some are straight. Getting into trouble with the law happens regardless of orientation.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #183: Jizz Gulping Cum Whore (with Leo Edwards)

Incident #183: Jizz Gulping Cum Whore (with Leo Edwards) at Boys Halfway House

This unfortunate pole greaser (Leo Edwards) is always getting into trouble, and needed some extra special attention. When a fellow Halfway House Manager found out about his latest transgression, we kicked our methods into overdrive.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #193: Manhandled Fuck Hole (with Trayce Travis)

Incident #193: Manhandled Fuck Hole (with Trayce Travis) at Boys Halfway House

We get all sorts of potential winners in here at the Boys Halfway House. The first time I dipped my cock in this resident’s honey pot, I knew that he was gonna be one of my go-to boys!

Boys Halfway House, Incident #189: One Bad Step & You Stumble

Incident #189: One Bad Step & You Stumble at Boys Halfway House

Unlike most guys his age, he has a lightly hairy butt, and it’s as firm as a football. He was already on his knees sucking cock, and with that hot ass in the air already it was easy pickin’s. It is a tight fucking hole, though, that’s for sure: it took a while to get my entire thick cock inside of him.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #190: First We Make Our Choices (feat Levi McLean)

Incident #190: First We Make Our Choices at Boys Halfway House

This retard missed several meetings, and I caught him making a sandwich when I confronted him. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal, but I was about to make sure that he realized the gravity of his error.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #181: Wayward Youth Tagged Hard

Incident #181: Wayward Youth Tagged Hard at Boys Halfway House

It amazes all of us House Managers that some of the residents just play hookie from work. Like it’s high school! The nice thing is, though, that since these jobs are arranged through a special program, we get a call from their bosses if they don’t show up. And believe me, we are a lot worse than the worst truant officer.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #186: Failure Is An Opportunity (feat Chance Armstrong)

Incident #186: Failure Is An Opportunity (feat Chance Armstrong) at Boys Halfway House

Some residents just think that the Halfway House will be some sort of vacation for them. And so it is with this dipshit. He was barely here a week and he can’t even piss clean. After spitting on him and throat fucking him, I made him gag on my cock several times before I had him throw those legs in the air and introduce him to being a fuck toy.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #175: A Blast In The Ass (with Logan Pine)

Incident #175 (A Blast In The Ass) at Boys Halfway House

The residents of the Boys Halfway House, of course, are all encouraged to get jobs as soon as they arrive, and most do. They might not keep a job long; however, they usually find a new one quickly. Many a resident has found out the hard way that watching television instead of walking around resumes is a good way to have a sore ass – and fast.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #182: Hole-istic Therapy (feat. Leo Edwards)

Incident #182 (Hole-istic Therapy) at Boys Halfway House

Here we have a brand new guy in the Halfway House who hasn’t even had an opportunity to get a full night’s sleep, is generally a bundle of all-messed-up. These are young people who have (almost) officially fallen to rock bottom. The good news for most of them is that there is generally only one way to go, which is upward.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #180 (Old-Fashioned Hole Thrashing) (feat. Billy Saint)

Incident #180 (Old-Fashioned Hole Thrashing) at Boys Halfway House

It’s pretty brazen to be selling when you are in recovery. Even if you aren’t doing the stuff yourself. Well, we definitely toe a hard line when it comes to this sort of infraction. I had the dipshit sit in his closet for a few hours to think about what he had done.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #174: Swamp Rat Pounding (feat. Mac Dawson)

Incident #174: Swamp Rat Pounding (feat. Mac Dawson) at Boys Halfway House

This swamp rat was one of the guys who was ordered into a home. At the precious age of 18 has already seen a lot of institutionalization in his life. However, he’s used to running away whenever he feels like it. Typically the consequences used to be a slap on the wrist, and maybe some extra dish or laundry chores.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #178: Roses Fall, But Thorns Remain (feat. Jayden Black)

Incident #178: Roses Fall But Thorns Remain (feat. Jayden Black) at Boys Halfway House

There are some residents that just deserve everything coming to them, and this idiot (Jayden Black) is one of them. He’s so slow at his chores that even his bunk mate complains. He goes to work late, comes back late, and basically can’t get into the game.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #179: No Fear, No Comfort (feat. Drake Tyler)

Incident #179: No Fear, No Comfort (feat. Drake Tyler) at Boys Halfway House

This douchebag: I spit on him, fucked his face with my cock, made him crawl over to me and choked him doing a leg hold, made him finger himself three fingers open while I just say there and laughed, and then I fucked him. And I didn’t just fuck him, I pummeled his little straight boy ass into oblivion. His moans and groans, and little girl screams – they were epic. After I came inside him, I made him lick up the last few drops seeping out from my dick, and then had him lick the whole damn shaft clean of his ass juice.

Boys Halfway House, Incident #176: Decimated Teen Hole Creampie

Incident #177 (Decimated Teen Hole Creampie) at Boys Halfway House

This little shit just turned 18 and he’s already gotten himself into heaps of trouble. It’s amazing to us how someone under 21 can be under the influence of the bottle, but I guess it just takes a few bad apples in your life to ruin it almost for good. We here at the House, however, believe in rehabilitation, even for those with severe emotional and psychological issues. After all, if we don’t help these young fuckers out, who will?

Boys Halfway House (Incident #177): Rode Hard & Put Away Wet

Incident #177 (Rode Hard & Put Away Wet) at Boys Halfway House

It’s one thing to try and sneak in past curfew, or forget to do chores because you’re a lazy fuck, but to brazenly disregard some very fundamental rules relating to recovery will get a resident in some deep trouble. In this fuckwad’s (Corwin Presley) case, his trouble got very deep indeed.

Boys Halfway House (Incident #168): Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

Incident #168 (Cruisin' For A Bruisin') at Boys Halfway House

This resident (Logan Pine) is fairly new, and he gets along with all the residents and House Managers fairly well. However, we always suspected that he was hiding something. He has cute blue eyes and a nice smile, but behind that innocent look is a guy with a serious problem. We imagine that he has been able to get away with a lot in the past, because of his good looks, but those days are over. Our main focus now is to get him rehabilitated and teach him a few life lessons.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #171 (Petty Thief Pays With His Ass)

Incident #171 (Petty Thief Pays With His Ass) at Boys Halfway House

Hunter Gold was re-assigned to the House after he turned 18. These days, a lot of jurisdictions will place would-be juvie felons in a group home, and if they come from a wrecked family, then they basically just live there indefinitely. They used to be called orphanages, and they aren’t any prettier today than they were back in Oliver Twist’s time.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #173 (Some Guys Never Learn)

Incident #173 (Some Guys Never Learn) at Boys Halfway House

Patrick Gentry left our Halfway House care a year or so ago with some promise. But within a week he was in trouble and back on house arrest.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #170 (Dumbass’s Pristine Hole Defiled)

Incident #170 (Dumbass's Pristine Hole Defiled) at Boys Halfway House

I wanted to fuck him good, so we decided the best way to loosen him up would be some dildo play first. I worked in the toy, and after a few I had him work it while he simultaneously worked on my dick. After several minutes, once we decided he was ready (if anyone like him actually can be ready), I slathered my dick with lube and began working my way in…