Butch Dixon

Butch Dixon: Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland

Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland at Butch Dixon

We’ve got a glut of sexy ginger blokes and stunning Zack Acland is giving it up big style to handsome horse hung Manuel Skye. These hairy, tall, broad and very masculine guys are a frenzy of hairy fuckery. Manuel is 100% top beef and stunning Zack is deliciously bearded, uncut and sexy as hell.

Butch Dixon: Erik Lenn Fucks Martin Dajnar

Erik Lenn & Martin Dajnar at Butch Dixon

We had such a great shoot with sexy, hairy young cub – Martin Dajnar – we couldn’t wait to get him back with our favourite, mean-fukker old daddy – Erik Lenn and this hairy-hunk spunk session was a real doozie.

Butch Dixon: Sergio Moreno Fucks Mario Domenech (Bareback)

Sergio Moreno Fucks Mario Domenech at Butch Dixon

Bend over and take it handsome! I always LUV shooting with Mario Domenech, he so obviously luvs getting fucked and to get a big, hairy, masculine, strapping man to be such an eager-happy bottom is a treat. We shot Sergio a few months ago and have been trying to get him back ( and bareBACK) – so when Mario and Sergio agreed to a sizzling, spunky, cum-dripping session, we grabbed them with both hands, almost as eagerly as Mario grabbed that, shiny, throbbing cock as Sergio slid his pants down.

Butch Dixon: Dany Romeo Fucks Martin Mazza

Dany Romeo Fucks Martin Mazza at Butch Dixon

Broad, hairy, total cock pig Vs tall, long, lithe stud, its gonna get sweaty, and spunky in this dirty dungeon. Martin Mazza is back, the most insatiable of our over sexed cock-hogs and he’s getting it good ‘n’ nasty in our dungeon, from big-dicker hottie, tall, dark and stunning Dany Romeo.

Butch Dixon: Viktor Rom Fucks Mario Dura Domenech

Viktor Rom Fucks Mario Dura Domenech at Butch Dixon

It all starts well with Viktor Rom and Mario Dura Domenech, looking fucking stunning on stage in their leather gear (oh what I’d do to be squashed between these two Guapos!!)

Butch Dixon: Alessandro Del Toro & John Shield

Alessandro Del Toro & John Shield at Butch Dixon

I couldn’t wait to get my trembling hands on these two hunks, Alessandro del Torro and John Shields, together at last. Alessandro is a solid hunk of hairy manhood with a thick cock, (that I could suck on all afternoon), John is a surly, stud with a stiff cock and a hungry hole that he desperately needed filling with hot meat.

Butch Dixon: Gabriel Fisk & Letterio Amadeo

Gabriel Fisk & Letterio Amadeo at Butch Dixon

Letterio Amandeo’s back and he’s horny, we give him the run of the stable to satisfy his bareback cravings, this time he wanted a brand spanking new hole to ruin. Gabriel Fisk is a strapping Spanish guy with a broad, chest, VERY sensitive nipples, and heavy, dark, uncut cock and a 6mm Prince Albert.

Butch Dixon: Iago Torres & Nick Spears

Iago Torres & Nick Spears at Butch Dixon

You know we luv a first timer, especially when he’s a big, broad, BIG dicked daddy who’s been waiting to show off the goods, Iago Torres delivers (in spurts and squirts). Nick Spears and his real life lover (Iago), get down to some nasty man-on-lad action, these sexy, sweaty French men fuck up a storm all over the dining room table.

Butch Dixon: Russ Magnus, Gaston Croupier & David Lambert (Bareback)

Russ Magnus, Gaston Croupier & David Lambert at Butch Dixon

WOW, really WOW, this is absolute FILTH, we don’t know wether we’re ashamed or proud!! Russ Magnus pops his porn cherry here and its the most scorching, cum soaked arse stretching debut we’ve EVER filmed. I mean this boys does it all and then some!. Tanned, toned and hung David Lambert is ably supported by ripped, uncut, Italian stud Gaston Croupier, as they do their best to suck, fuck and rim stud-muffin Russ into moaning, squirting submission.

ButchDixon: Wolf Rayet

Sexy, young Italian Wolf Rayet – brand spanking new, revved up and ready to show. Nobody makes foreskins like the Italians, so we’re eager to show this beauty off with lots of fingering under that moist helmet-hugger.

ButchDixon: Damian Gomez & Roberto Lacorte

Damian Gomez & Roberto Lacorte at Butch Dixon

Cheeky, over sexed Damian Gomez, the same provocative little bottom boy who taunts a top with a nine inch cock “Is that all you’ve got mate” as its slammed up to the hilt in his arse, is back for more meat.

ButchDixon: Ulysse & Robin Fanteria

Ulysse & Robin Fanteria at Butch Dixon

Our super charged cock-hound Ulysse chose Robin Fanteria from all the studs in the stable. Ulysse just LUVS big, uncut cocks, and Robin couldn’t wait to squeeze his over sized member into Ulysse aching, hairy hole.

Butch Dixon: Adam Russo & Tony Thorn

Adam Russo & Tony Thorn at Butch Dixon

Battle of the hairy, naked chefs. Tony Thorn, one of our favourite ever models is head-to-head with sexy, hairy, hung newcomer – Adam Russo.

Butch Dixon: Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia

Samuel Colt & Frank Valencia at Butch Dixon

Here comes big daddy – one of our favourite models, Samuel Colt, beefy, hairy, burly and this time well and truly buggered. Frank Valencia couldn’t wait to get his hands on, tongue all over and spicy, uncut chorizo all the way up this stallion…

Butch Dixon: Michel Rudin & Ulysse

Michel Rudin & Ulysse at Butch Dixon

Nobody loves dick like Ulysse, he’s only ever shot for me at ButchDixon and I could’t wait to get him back. He’s got a big, uncut swinging dick, slapping about as Michel Rudin fucks him so hard he’s falling off the bed…

Butch Dixon: Matt Stevens and Rikk York

Matt Stevens and Rikk York at Butch Dixon

This one’s a real hot, man-on-man grudge fuck with two totally masculine men pounding ass. I get in real close with my camera for all the arm-pit sniffing, and hairy ass licking. Love watching Rikk York’s hairy ass being held wide for the camera and Matt’s probing fingers and tongue.

ButchDixon: Seth Wilkins

Seth Wilkins at Butch Dixon

Hairy, muscled and very masculine, bisexual Seth was raised in Africa before settling in the UK…

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ButchDixon: Adrian Adams & Fraser Jacs

Adrian Adams & Fraser Jacs at Butch Dixon

We like ’em hairy at Butch Dixon and these two horny, young pups fit the bill exactly. Adrian Adams has an impressive club-cock and fucks Fraser into total submission, tearing up his hole until the sexy lad begs him to stop..

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ButchDixon: Johnny Hazzard, Aitor Crash & Gio Cruz

John Connery & Alec Hill at Butch Dixon

Butch Dixon is home to big guys with big cocks and big sexual appetites – and now and then, some big names. Getting all those in one scene is a special treat and here we have just that. There isn’t a bottom guy quite like the legendary Johnny Hazzard, Aitor Crash mesmerizes with his lithe, animalistic performance and Gio Cruz is a cum-gun that’s cocked and ready to fire any time. This international mix is explosive; stamd well back, we’re about to light the touch-paper

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