CircleJerkBoys: Andrew Collins & Cooper Reed (Nice Ink Dude)

Andrew Collins & Cooper Reed (Nice Ink Dude) at CircleJerkBoys

Even as he sat on the couch, the mass that makes up Cooper’s biceps left most skin exposed than was covered by the fabric, leaving the dark ink of his latest tattoo in full view and the perfect conversation starter for Andrew. As Andrew’s fingertip every so lightly hovered over the new tat, Cooper stripped off his shirt to display the marking on his other arm. As Andrew reached over, his hand came in for a landing on Cooper’s big pec and in a move that took everyone by surprise; Cooper’s tongue came in for a landing somewhere around Andrew’s tonsils…

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CircleJerkBoys: Kip Johnson & Hunter Page (Just a Little Curious)

Kip Johnson & Hunter Page (Just a Little Curious) at CircleJerkBoys

We expected if anything, is Kip would be thinking of his girl while he let Hunter service him but what went into Hunter’s mouth was not Kip’s tip, but his tongue. He reached over, pulled Hunter close and proceeded to passionately kiss him complete with running his fingers through his hair, feeling his smooth, tight body and spreading his legs as Hunter’s hands explored the bulge you could see from across the room. As Kip stood, he opened his pants and Hunter got on his knees….

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CircleJerkBoys: Jack King & Casey Phillips (Fappin’ & Fuckin’)

Jack King & Casey Phillips (Fappin' & Fuckin') at CircleJerkBoys

Jack King is back with us on CircleJerkBoys and he is not alone this time – his playmate comes from Boston and goes by the name of Casey Phillips. Both of these boys have healthy libidos and jack off often…

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CircleJerkBoys: Kip Johnson (Water Sport)

Kip Johnson (Water Sport) at CircleJerkBoys

Kip Johnson finally makes it home after a day at the beach. He throws his beach towel on the couch and starts to feel himself up. All that sun and half naked girls on South Beach got his dick going. He slowly pulls up his tee showing off his naturally smooth and defined abs and chest. He has classic features and long hair that just add to his charm. His hands work their way south as they start to tug on his cock that is starting to tent his shorts.

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CircleJerkBoys: The Joker (The Joker is Wild)

The Joker (The Joker is Wild) at CircleJerkBoys

A sea of pussy awaits The Joker as he purveys a couple of magazines open to their centerfolds with hot girls baring all. “Look at that fat ass pussy” he grimaces as he starts to tug at his growing crotch. His dick isn’t wasting any time and soon enough the Joker needs to get up and drop trou to give it more breathing room. He drops his jeans as we get a better view of the tent in his boxers. The Joker keeps playing with his cock and balls until his cock is throbbing at attention.

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CircleJerkBoys: Vance Crawford & Alex Adams (Oral Fixation)

Vance Crawford & Alex Adams (Oral Fixation) at CircleJerkBoys

Alex Adams is seconds from lighting up a cigarette when Vance Crawford catches him in the act. “Hey you don’t wanna do that, I thought you were quitting’, he teases ‘if you want something to smoke I got something for you”. Vance grabs his crotch as his visibly hard cock comes into view. Alex is on his knees in no time as Vance feeds him his thick cock. He slides it all the way down Alex’ throat as he starts to fuck his face.

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CircleJerkBoys: Jack King (Pulling One Off)

Jack King (Pulling One Off) at CircleJerkBoys

The eyes have it this week as we welcome Florida boy Jack King. Jack is 26yo and started experimenting with his cock at about 12. He’s a ladies man and admits he doesn’t mind sliding his cock in his girlfriend’s backdoor…

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CircleJerkBoys: Dylan Drive & Josh Long (Extra-Curricular Activities)

Dylan Drive & Josh Long (Extra-Curricular Activities) at CircleJerkBoys

Josh Long is with us this week so we know all you fur lovers out there will be just fine with this week’s update. So will one of our hotter recent additions to the circle, baby-faced Dylan Drive

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CircleJerkBoys: Johnny B (Solo)

Johnny B (Solo) at CircleJerkBoys

Johnny B is a relatively horny one and admits he loves to jerk off regularly. His favorite fantasy is having Tatum Channing bent over in front of him and Justin Timberlake behind him so he can just move back and forth. Yeah, that does sound rather amazing…

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CircleJerkBoys: AJ Monroe & Cairo Newport (Shave One for Me)

AJ Monroe & Cairo Newport (Shave One for Me) at CircleJerkBoys

AJ’s finishing up in the bathroom after showering and shaving when Cairo walks in to see what he’s up to. “What are you up to today?” asks AJ as he towels off. “Sucking your dick!” Cairo retorts. AJ doesn’t have to be told twice as he drops his towel and gives the people what they want. Cairo drops to his knees and gets to work sucking on AJ’s cock as it gets harder by the second.

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CircleJerkBoys: Mikey Morales (Cocked & Loaded)

Mikey Morales (Cocked & Loaded) at CircleJerkBoys

The boxers are short lived as Mikey strips down to his birthday suit to take matters into hand. He starts to stroke his uncut cock as his smooth balls flop around in tune. Mikey is getting into it as he talks to the girls onscreen while his cock just gets harder and harder…

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CircleJerkBoys: Dylan Drive & Peter Carney (Rock, Paper… Start Sucking)

Dylan Drive & Peter Carney (Rock, Paper... Start Sucking) at CircleJerkBoys

Dylan Drive is finally on CircleJerkBoys and we’re glad to have him welcome Peter Carney. Dylan Drive, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, is 19 and he is originally from Chicago. Peter is 21 and he hails from Colorado. We’re sure he’s enjoying a respite from Denver’s “mild” winters…

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CircleJerkBoys: Hunter Page & Joey Cooper (He’s Hot!)

Hunter Page & Joey Cooper (He's Hot!) at CircleJerkBoys

Hunter’s cock is rock hard as Joey licks and savors every delicious inch of it. The start to make out as each strips the other’s clothes off. Once Joey’s naked Hunter bends him over and starts to explore that hot ass

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CircleJerkBoys: Brett Staley & Daniel Leon (Cold Feet, Hard Cock)

Brett Staley & Daniel Leon (Cold Feet, Hard Cock) at CircleJerkBoys

Brett sits back and lets Daniel have his way. Daniel compliments Brett on his abs putting the str8 boy at ease as his clothes start to come off. He runs his growing cock through his boxers. “You’re going to be fine” Daniel assures him…

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CircleJerkBoys: Alex Adams & Johnny Glyserin (Hard-On The Beebs)

Alex Adams & Johnny Glyserin (Hard-On The Beebs) at CircleJerkBoys

Alex is wearing his Justin Bieber shirt and Johnny asks him if he would want to be Justin. Alex isn’t sure he’d want to be him but after Johnny tells him he’s always wanted Justin to suck his cock, he decides he could “pretend” to be Bieber. Johnny pulls Alex’ head right into his crotch as Alex pulls down the shorts that stand in his way.

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CircleJerkBoys: Alex Adams (Special Sauce)

Alex Adams (Special Sauce) at CircleJerkBoys

Alex Adams gets the green light and immediately gets comfortable. He drops his shorts and peels off his tee shirt as he stands groping his growing cock through his boxers. His body is naturally smooth and has a well defined frame. Alex’ is hairless from the neck down trimming everything off. He lubes up his growing cock and gets to work on that dick. He’s at attention in seconds as his fist becomes a blur.

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CircleJerkBoys: Josh Long & Devin Adams (Bearry Furry)

Josh Long & Devin Adams (Bearry Furry) at CircleJerkBoys

Devin is horny for dick so he lines up a booty call via text with his hot friend Josh. It doesn’t take long before he hears a knock on the door. Lunch is served. He lets Josh in and pins him against the wall as he goes in for a kiss. “You are hairy, huh?” he teases looking at Josh’s furry chest in that tank he’s wearing. He drops to his knees, hauls out his cock and goes to work.

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CircleJerkBoys: Dylan Roberts & Damian Taylor (You’re Way Hotter)

Dylan Roberts & Damian Taylor (You’re Way Hotter) at CircleJerkBoys

Damian is showing Dylan pics of Chicago and his Ex back home. Dylan thinks the Ex is “alright”. Damian balks that Dylan doesn’t think his Ex was all that hot. “Well you’re way hotter than that” Dylan says as he goes in for a kiss. Worked like a charm as they start to make out. Damian peels of Dylan’s tank and jeans as he slides south to take care of that cock. Dylan lays back and moans as Damian goes to work on his hard cock.

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CircleJerkBoys: Marxel Rios & Jacobey London (Gimme That Dick!)

Marxel Rios & Jacobey London (Gimme That Dick!) at CircleJerkBoys

Once that ass is ready, Jacobey slides inside and gets right to burying that dick. Marxel just moans as he gets that ass fucked. Jacobey’s low hangers slap away at that hole as he slams inside over and over…

Watch Marxel Rios & Jacobey London at CircleJerkBoys

CircleJerkBoys: Josh Long & Joey Cooper (Super Cooper)

Josh Long & Joey Cooper (Super Cooper) at CircleJerkBoys

Josh is ready for more as he gets Joey on all four. He kneels behind him and slides his hard cock up that tight ass. “You got such a nice tight ass”…

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CircleJerkBoys: Aaron White (I’ll Show You Mine)

Aaron White (I'll Show You Mine) at CircleJerkBoys

Aaron White is making his debut with us this week and we’re glad to have this sexy 21yo from Santa Rosa, CA. Aaron is a cute jock lookin’ morsel who has been doing competitive gymnastics since he was five…

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CircleJerkBoys: Dylan Roberts & Brandon Ford (Ford Explorer)

Dylan Roberts & Brandon Ford (Ford Explorer) at CircleJerkBoys

Brandon and Dylan are filling out there forms and start to break the ice over the questionnaire. “So, do you have any special talents?” Dylan laughs as Brandon coyly teases him about waiting to find out. Dylan is still intrigued that he was the last thing Brandon jacked off to so he asks him about it. “It was a really hot scene, I kid you not’ Brandon blushes, ‘I’ve wanted your dick in my mouth ever since.”.

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CircleJerkBoys: Jacques LaVere & Andrew Austen (Ride and Prejudice)

Jacques LaVere & Andrew Austen (Ride and Prejudice) at CircleJerkBoys

Jacques makes it home after being out in the heat and decides to take a quick shower. He strips off his clothes and heads for the john. Andrew comes in and sees Jacques clothes on the floor and can’t help but pick up his boxers to get a good whiff. Just as he has his face full of Scent of Jacques’ cock, Jacques returns and busts him doing it.

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