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CircleJerkBoys: Getting To Blow You (Joshua Evans & Derek)

Getting To Blow You (Joshua Evans & Derek) at CircleJerkBoys

They’re just a couple of sweet boys that happened to have large dicks and appetites for hot sexual connection. Meet Derek and Joshua Evans. If you’ve already been a fan of Circle Jerk Boys, you might remember these guys from their ‘Glazed Muffin‘ exploit. Now they’re back and ready for some action of a bit more intimate nature.

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OutInPublic: Wham Bam Thank You Man!

Wham Bam Thank You Man! at Out In Public

What do you say we go out to South Beach and find ourselves an unsuspecting fellow who’s down on his luck and see if we can get him to suck some cock for cash? That’s exactly what we do. We find Cristian and convince him to suck Derek’s cock for some money, so we go behind some buildings where we find a private pool with a small tent. What better spot to get it on in with a complete stranger?! Even with the people tanning right there we still do our thing! Money inspires the craziest things in people!

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