Corbin Fisher

CorbinFisher: Marc Mounts Zeb

Marc Mounts Zeb at CorbinFisher

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Marc – but we’re thrilled that he’s back. But maybe not as thrilled as Zeb, who got to pair up with Marc before anyone else!

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CorbinFisher: Kenny & Rudy (Flip-Flop)

Kenny & Rudy (Flip-Flop) at CorbinFisher

Kenny and Rudy are shooting pool. Sure enough, the smack talk quickly turns sexual. Rudy cracks some jokes and Kenny fires right back at him. Before the game is even finished, these guys are heading upstairs – to play with some hotter balls and sticks!

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CorbinFisher: Steve (Pumps One Out)

Steve (Pumps One Out) at CorbinFisher

Steve’s motto is “Go big or go home.” I’m pretty sure he won’t be heading home any time soon!

Big, buff and blond, Steve, in addition to being a personal trainer (and a “mean” one, according to him!) is a competition bodybuilder. And lucky for us, he shows off every muscle!

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CorbinFisher: Cameron Pops Scott’s Cherry

Cameron Pops Scott's Cherry at CorbinFisher

I’m not sure who would have guessed I might pair Cameron up with Scott for Scott’s first time bottoming. When Scott first came to the studio, he seemed pretty dedicated and intense. I wondered if all those years as a wrestler made him too disciplined to cut loose.

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CorbinFisher: Carson Bones Philip

Carson Bones Philip at CorbinFisher

Carson has an incredible physique. He works hard at staying fit. But when he plays, he plays hard too. Philip’s movie star face has never looked better – especially when his beautiful lips are wrapped around a big cock like Carson’s!

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CorbinFisher: Skip

Skip at CorbinFisher

New freshman Skip told me he was an avid tennis player. He wanted to get out on the court, and Ripley was more than happy to go out and knock some balls around with him. They both worked up quite a sweat in the hot afternoon sun. Skip pulls off his tank top and shows off his buff body as well as some footwork as he returns a serve.

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CorbinFisher: Tagging Sean (Connor, Cain & Sean)

Tagging Sean (Connor, Cain & Sean) at CorbinFisher

I’m trying to remember when I’ve seen something hotter than Connor teaching Cain and Sean some mixed martial arts moves out in the yard. Three incredible studs all working up a sweat punching and kicking the bag, then wrestling around on the grass …

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CorbinFisher: Jackson (Jerks Off)

Jackson (Jerks Off) at CorbinFisher

Jackson is a hot new freshman at CF … and if you like lean, edgy studs who have a slightly dark side – Jackson’s your guy!

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CorbinFisher: Rudy Breaks In Scott

Rudy Breaks In Scott at CorbinFisher

Our new wrestler Scott is about to take grappling to a new level with his first guy/guy experience! He’s a little nervous at first, but Pete tells him he is in good hands. And he is! Rudy has a great laid-back attitude (and tight hole!) that makes him perfect for breaking in newbies.

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CorbinFisher: Cameron’s Birthday Fuck (With Tristan)

Cameron's Birthday Fuck (With Tristan) at CorbinFisher

Cameron certainly livens things up when he’s around. So for his birthday, I wanted to throw him a party he would never forget. Ripped and sexy Tristan was more than ready to help Cameron out – by offering up his tight ass for Cameron’s cock!

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CorbinFisher: Robbie (Scores His Goal)

Robbie (Scores His Goal) at CorbinFisher

I think we’ve scored big by finding Robbie! He’s a super hot, tight-bodied soccer player, with a sweet face and an adorable accent. And did I mention – a huge cock!

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CorbinFisher: Carson Pounds Jon

Carson Pounds Jon at CorbinFisher

New freshman Carson seemed pretty quiet and reserved during his time at the studio. So, he truly surprised me with the intensity of his solo. But when he gets together with our Southern rebel, Jon, Carson jacks things up to a whole new level!

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CorbinFisher: Zeb Fucks Wayne

Zeb Fucks Wayne at CorbinFisher

I’m not sure what Zeb is eating or drinking. He may have a similar diet to Travis. Whatever it is, I need to find out their secret and bottle it – because these guys are some of the biggest shooters I’ve ever seen!

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CorbinFisher: Forrest

Forrest at CorbinFisher

Woof! Forrest is super hot! Maybe the fact that he’s an MMA fighter makes him even hotter to me. Or maybe it’s his buff body and deep sexy voice. Either way, I like seeing him in action.

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ChaosMen: Curtis & Joshua (Raw Flip-Flop)

Curtis & Joshua (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Curtis is finally getting into the groove, and is actually enjoying bottoming. His dick stays hard while Joshua fucks him.

Watch Curtis & Joshua at ChaosMen

CorbinFisher: Cameron Climbs Aiden

Cameron Climbs Aiden at CorbinFisher

Sometimes, the great behind-the-scenes stuff happens when no one has a camera handy! During the shooting of this video, half the guys at the studio were behind a wall, their jaws dropping, as Cameron climbed on top of Aiden – and took almost all of that giant dick!

Watch Cameron & Aiden at CorbinFisher

CorbinFisher: Thad Takes Cain’s Cum

Thad Takes Cain's Cum at CorbinFisher

Cain is working out at the baseball park. Of course, our muscled stud doesn’t have an ordinary routine! From tricep dips on a trash barrel in the dugout, to effortlessly scaling the fence, Cain isn’t easy to keep up with at the gym, or in bed.

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CorbinFisher: Will (III) (Busts A Move)

Will III (Busts A Move) at CorbinFisher

We’ve had skateboarders, football players, surfers and almost every kind of jock come through the doors at CF. But I’m not sure we’ve ever had a breakdancer before – especially not a sexy stud like Will!

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CorbinFisher: Sean Tops Zeb

Sean Tops Zeb at CorbinFisher

After having so much fun in his first bisexual experience with Delila and Trey, he went home and hurt his arm in a work accident. It didn’t take long for him to recover, but we certainly missed him. Now he’s back and ready for more guy/guy action!

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CorbinFisher: Kent & Philip (Race For Top)

Kent & Philip (Race For Top) at CorbinFisher

Ahhh, these guys and their competitive natures! Kent and Philip turn everything into a competition … and when they’re out on the fitness course at the park, they decide to race to determine who bottoms for who!

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CorbinFisher: Carson II (Swings His Bat)

Carson II (Swings His Bat) at CorbinFisher

Even though I’d seen pictures of Carson’s body before he got to the studio, pictures alone couldn’t have prepared me! This young man has one of the thickest, most perfectly built chests and amazing bubble butts that I’ve run across in a long time.

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CorbinFisher: Dawson & Martin (Owning Martin)

Dawson & Martin (Owning Martin) at CorbinFisher

Martin and Dawson are playing video games when Dawson pauses things. He reaches over to rub Martin’s leg. Martin asks, “What have we got going on here?” Dawson answers with a kiss. Martin opens Dawson’s shirt and eagerly kisses his sculpted chest and abs.

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CorbinFisher: Cameron Pounds Jon

Cameron Pounds Jon at CorbinFisher

Cameron and his crazy antics crack me up. But he’s also irresistible and sexy as hell, with his tight, tanned body. He’s a bit of a workaholic, so when he gets to a shoot, it’s his time to relax. Of course, he has to channel all that energy somewhere … and today he channels it straight into Jon’s hot ass!

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CorbinFisher: Scott III (Pumps His Iron)

Scott III (Pumps His Iron) at CorbinFisher

Scott is hot new freshman wrestler. He has an engaging personality, a sexy Southern drawl and a hot body! During his solo, you’ll get to see him pump some iron before he gets down to pumping his own iron!

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