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Dallas Reeves: Zane Anders and Nicoli Cole Flip-Fuck (Bareback)

Nicoli Cole & Zane Anders (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at

Nicoli Cole comes home from the gym horny, and fortunately for him, he finds Zane Anders all alone at the breakfast table. Without much coaxing, Nicoli has his cock in Zane’s mouth quickly. It seems like Zane has been hungry for something other than cereal!

DallasReeves: Nicoli Cole Fucks Kyle Edwards (Bareback)

Nicoli Cole Fucks Kyle Edwards (Bareback) at

Kyle Edwards is taking a nap when Nicoli Cole walks in, planning on some devious fun. Nicoli ties together Kyle’s ankles first, then does the same to his wrists behind his back. Perhaps Kyle’s sexy bottomless underwear got Nicoli into an extra kinky mood? At any rate, Nicoli goes straight for Kyle’s beautiful boy-hole, spitting into it first, then licking and fingering him as he wakes up.

DallasReeves: Milo Fisher & Connor Chesney (Bareback)

Milo Fisher & Connor Chesney (Bareback) at

Connor Chesney walk into Milo Fisher’s bedroom buck naked and sporting a raging boner. Waking Milo up, Conner insists on some morning head. After a bit of protesting, Milo gives in, and soon Milo’s sexy lips are wrapped around Connor’s dick. Connor holds his hand tight on the back of Milo’s head as he alternates between letting Milo suck him and face fucking him deeply.

DallasReeves: Blake Barnes Fucks Nikko (Bareback)

Blake Barnes Fucks Nikko (Bareback) at

This Valentine’s Day scene begins with Blake Barnes serenading Nikko with his guitar. Nikko is more than impressed, and he gives Blake a kiss. Of course, the one kiss leads to some heavy petting, which leads to clothes on the floor. The minute Nikko has his beau naked, he goes down voraciously on his cock…

DallasReeves: Yuri Stasio Fucks Kip Johnson (Bareback)

Yuri Stasio Fucks Kip Johnson (Bareback) at

Kip Johnson is relaxing on the deck when Yuri Stasio walks out in his tight swimwear. Yuri sits beside the reclining Kip, and these two jocks begin making out. Deciding it’s time for more privacy, they head upstairs to their room. Once inside, the studs continue to kiss and grab at each other. It doesn’t take long before the swimsuits are on the ground and the hard cocks are exposed! As Kip hops up onto the bed, Yuri gets on his knees and fills his mouth with Kip’s cock…

DallasReeves: Maxx Fitch Fucks Robbie Rivers (Bareback)

Maxx Fitch Fucks Robbie Rivers (Bareback) at

Maxx Fitch is about to wake up from his morning slumber, and his buddy Robbie Rivers spies Maxx’s morning wood. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Robbie goes for Maxx’s monstrous cock. Peeling back the covers and rubbing on his dick through his underwear, Robbie gets his prize in short order. Dustin Steele & Johnny Forza (Bareback Flip-Flop)

Dustin Steele & Johnny Forza (Bareback Flip-Flop) at

Johnny Forza and Dustin Steele are playing a friendly game of billiards. Dustin ups the ante by suggesting the winner gets to do “whatever he wants” with the other guy. Johnny agrees, which gives Dustin extra incentive to win the game. Sure enough, Dustin wins, and before Johnny knows it, Dustin is on his knees with Johnny’s dick in his mouth.

DallasReeves: Donny Forza Barebacks Jared King

Donny Forza Barebacks Jared King at

Jared King and Donny Forza are celebrating their new found romantic interest with a relaxing dip in the bubble bath, along with a celebratory drink. They make out sensually, taking full advantage of the ambiance. Leaning back and facing each other, they push their dicks together and stoke in tandem, then Donny grabs both cocks in his hands and works Jared up into a frenzy. Jared just can’t wait to get Donny’s cock in his mouth, so Donny sits up and lets Jared take care of him…

DallasReeves: Milo Fisher & Eric Clark (Bareback Flip-Flop)

Milo Fisher & Eric Clark (Bareback Flip-Flop) at

Sexy Eric Clark hops into the outdoor shower and begins thinking of his dream fuck, Milo Fisher. He gets nice and clean before entering Milo’s room, where Milo is resting on the bed ass up. Eric takes advantage of this sexy man on the bed by diving face-first into Milo’s hole. As Eric gives Milo a good tongue rimming, Milo starts to moan.

DallasReeves: Milo Fisher Barebacks Dylan Drive

Milo Fisher Barebacks Dylan Drive at

Dylan Drive is chillin’ on the balcony and decides to take a dip into the hot tub. Milo Fisher must have seen him drop his shorts, because Milo walks out to Dylan with a fine erection. Dylan isn’t one to turn down a hot cock, and Dylan dives right onto Milo’s tool. Milo obviously enjoys Dylan’s lips wrapped around his mouth, because he is moaning in extreme pleasure…

Dallas Reeves: Tanner Skye Power Fucks Milo Fisher (Bareback)

Tanner Skye Power Fucks Milo Fisher at

Tanner Skye is lying in bed naked, stroking his cock as he looks out the window at Milo Fisher. Milo is poolside, in a sexy jockstrap.

DallasReeves: Donny Forza & Vadim Black (Bareback Flip-Flop)

Donny Forza & Vadim Black (Bareback Flip-Flop) at

Vadim Black is playing his favorite video game when Donny Forza walks into the living room after a hot shower. Donny enjoys games, too, so they play together. After quickly dispatching Vadim, Donny throws down the control, licks his lips, and the real fun begins! Vadim is down on Donny’s cock quicker than a bee to honey. Vadim’s finely honed cock sucking skills have Donny’s boner thick and erect in 20 seconds flat. He enjoys the feeling of the cock way at the back of his throat, then slowly sliding out, then back in. As Vadim unbuttons his jeans, Donny leans in to return the favor.

Dallas Reeves: Jack King Barebacks Bo Nash

Jack King Barebacks Bo Nash at

Jack King is having a nice wank in his bedroom, but he has a Peeping Bo: Bo Nash, to be specific. Jack finally notices Bo and invites him inside. As Bo takes a hold of Jack’s cock, he leans in for a kiss.

DallasReeves: Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade (Swap BJ’s & Cum)

Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade (Swap BJ's & Cum) at

Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade sneak around back from a party to release their innermost and very primal urge for dick. It’s the kind of urge that needs to be satisfied immediately, not the kind that Nicoli or Trevor can wait for.

Dallas Reeves: Vance Crawford Fucks Donny Forza (Bareback)

Vance Crawford Fucks Donny Forza (Bareback) at

This week Dallas Reeves presents exclusive Donny Forza getting his hole plowed open by Vance Crawford. These two toned jocks begin swapping “bro jobs” to get each other in the mood for some serious action.

Coming Soon to Sebastian Young’s 1st Bareback Bottom Scene (w/ Jack King & Zane Anders)

Sebastian Young's 1st Bareback Scene (w/ Jack King & Zane Anders) with the Forza Brothers at

Soon to be released at Sebastian Young’s first bareback scene with Jack King and Zane Anders. Be on the lookout, this scene goes live 7-25-14.

DallasReeves: Donny Forza Fucks Bo Nash (Bareback)

Donny Forza Fucks Bo Nash (Bareback) with the Forza Brothers at

Bo Nash was watching porn on his phone in bed when Donny Forza came in and greeted him. Bo was enjoying the scenes but Donny suggested that there’s a better one and that’s to have it actually done, so they kissed and caressed and Bo went on to suck deep on Donny’s big pole, flipped and fucked his ass bareback.

Dallas Reeves: Lane Larson Fucks Jared King (Bareback)

Jared King & Lane Larson (Bareback) at

Lane Larson walked up to Jared King and asked him what are you doing? Jared replied, eating a banana and that’s how it all began.