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GayRoom (Gay Castings): Damon Diaz

Damon Diaz at GayCastings

Damon Diaz gets interviewed and fucked in this Gay Casting.

GayRoom (Gay Castings): Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor at GayCastings

Alex Taylor gets interviewed and fucked on the gay Casting Couch.

GayRoom (Gay Castings): Mark Winters

Mark Winters at GayCastings

Amateur Mark Winters gets his tight ass fucked by casting agent.

GayRoom (Gay Castings): Devin Flare

Devin Flare at GayCastings

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GayRoom (Gay Castings): Nick Steele

Nick Steele at GayCastings

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GayRoom (Gay Castings): Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter at GayCastings

Jack Hunter gets dicked by a frisky casting agent.

GayRoom (Gay Castings): Sean Christopher

Sean Christopher at GayCastings

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GayRoom (GayCastings): Alex Tanner

Alex Tanner at GayCastings

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Gay Castings: Dimitri Kane

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GayCastings: Scottie McWilliams

Scottie McWilliams at GayCastings

Horny Bottom Scottie McWilliams gets everything he bargained for when he sits down for his interview!