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Spank This!: Johnny Hands Spanks Julian Bell in ‘HOGTIED’

HOGTIED (Johnny Hands Spanks Julian Bell) at SpankThis!

Blond twink Julian Bell has been a bad boy. Purposely so in hopes that Johnny Hands notices his naughty ways and will deliver the appropriate spanking.

Spank This!: Blake Mitchell Spanks Trevor Harris in ‘Belted’

Belted (Blake Mitchell Spanks Trevor Harris) at SpankThis!

Blake Mitchell is up waiting for twink Trevor Harris who took his car out for a joy ride without telling him. Blake is PISSED and takes to spanking Trevor’s sweet seat.

Spank This!: Johnny Hands Spanks Marcell Tykes in ‘Clean Freak’

Clean Freak (Johnny Hands Spanks Marcell Tykes) at SpankThis!

Helix Studios: When Johnny Hands comes home to find roommate, Marcell Tykes has left their place a mess, he isn’t happy to say the least. Hands runs a tight ship and is hellbent on teaching the tight bootied twink a lusty lesson.

Spank This!: Johnny Hands Spanks Dylan Hayes in ‘YES SIR’

YES SIR (Johnny Hands Spanks Dylan Hayes) at SpankThis!

Johnny Hands’s live in lad, Dylan Hayes doesn’t like to share. But, if one is going to be with the brawny, big-dicked dominator, one must cater to his every carnal desire.

Spank This!: Max Carter Spanks Trevor Harris in ‘Pleasure and Pain’

Pleasure and Pain (Max Carter Spanks Trevor Harris) at SpankThis!

Helix Studios’ Spank This: We join Mr. Max Carter relaxing after a long day at work with tasty Trevor Harris on his knees helping him unwind. Max has told the boy “no teeth,’ and he only gives ONE warning!

Spank This!: Angel Rivera Spanks Milo Harper in ‘Caught Red Handed’

Caught Red Handed (Angel Rivera Fucks Milo Harper) at SpankThis!

Spank This!: Angel Rivera catches the Milo Harper on camera and decides to give him a few choices: he can tell the boss man; OR, let Angel tan his hide!

Spank This!: Max Carter Spanks Dylan Hayes in ‘Skilled Hands’

Skilled Hands (Max Carter Spanks Dylan Hayes) at SpankThis!

Spank This!: Dylan Hayes is four hours late coming home. This causes his boyfriend, Max Carter’s, imagination to run wild and rile up a juicy jealous streak.

Spank This!: Max Carter Spanks Cody Wilson in ‘Good Boy’

Good Boy (Max Carter Spanks Cody Wilson) at SpankThis!

The sound of spanking ass fills the air as we sneak around the corner to find Cody Wilson over Max Carter’s knee receiving a hard hitting, rump rousing, posterior punishment.

Spank This!: Blake Mitchell Spanks Adam Hunt in ‘Heavy Handed’

Heavy Handed (Blake Mitchell Spanks Adam Hunt) at SpankThis!

Tasty twink Adam Hunt recently moved in with bold, big dicked Blake Mitchell who isn’t a fan of not having things go according to his porn perfect plans.

Spank This!: Angel Rivera Spanks Danny Nelson in ‘No Whining’

No Whining (Angel Rivera Spanks Danny Nelson) at SpankThis!

Spank This: Angel Rivera calls his roomie, Danny Nelson, in to show him the dirty damage he’s caused. The cute kid apologizes and even offers to buy Angel a new shirt. But Rivera would rather extract his raunchy revenge on Nelson’s rear end!

Spank This!: Luke Wilder Spanks Marcell Tykes in ‘Friend Fucker’

Friend Fucker (Luke Wilder Spanks Marcell Tykes) at SpankThis!

Porn star Luke Wilder walks in and catches his best friend making out with his roommate, Marcell Tykes. After kicking his friend out of the house, Luke then gives Marcell an aggressive spanking he won’t soon forget.

Spank This!: Max Carter Spanks Bryce Foster in ‘Blond Booty’

Blond Booty (Max Carter Spanks Bryce Foster) at SpankThis!

Max Carter agreed to do buddy Bryce Foster a solid by taking him to the airport. Needless to say, when he takes time out of his day and shows up to find Bryce fast asleep in bed he’s pissed! Carter DEFINITELY gets his revenge though!

Spank This!: Josh Brady Spanks Angel Rivera in ‘Earned That Burn’

Earned That Burn (Josh Brady Spanks Angel Rivera) at SpankThis!

Earned That Burn: Angel Rivera’s rump goes a few rounds with Josh Brady’s belt! Rivera finally retreats when his bronze butt ends up ripe red like a tasty tomato.

Spank This!: Joey Mills, Danny Nelson and Max Carter in ‘Double Trouble’

Double Trouble (Joey Mills, Danny Nelson and Max Carter) at SpankThis!

Max Carter returns home to find his roomie Danny Nelson has been up to no good. Danny has been fucking Joey Mills in his bed! Max spanks this to even the score!

Spank This!: Blake Mitchell Spanks Jamie Ray in ‘Training Session’

Training Session (Blake Mitchell Spanks Jamie Ray) at SpankThis!

The booty beating definitely worked! As soon as Blake Mitchell takes off, Jamie Ray begins his squats for his next “Training Session.”

Spank This!: Max Carter Spanks Dustin Cook in ‘Taquito Thief’

Taquito Thief (Max Carter Spanks Dustin Cook) at SpankThis!

Blond adonis Max Carter has a horny hunger. He has taken his time putting together the perfect lunch of tasty taquitos when the doorbell rings. It seems to be a pranker pulling a ring and run. So, he goes back inside only to find neighborhood naughty boy Dustin Cook chowing down on HIS mighty meal!

SpankThis!: Jeff Sterne Spanks Jimmy Andrews and Adam Hunt in ‘Double Discipline’

Double Discipline (Jeff Sterne Spanks Jimmy Andrews and Adam Hunt) at SpankThis!

Adam Hunt has dirty blond boy Jimmy Andrews over in the middle of the night for some some fun. The only problem is, mommy and daddy are sleeping in the room right next door! The dynamic duo are having such a great time they wake up Adam’s dad (Jeff Sterne) who isn’t too happy.

Spank This!: Angel Rivera Gets Spanked By Jeff Sterne in ‘Cannabis Consequences’

Cannabis Consequences (Angel Rivera Gets Spanked By Jeff Sterne) at SpankThis!

Angel Rivera has it made, he lives in a beautiful home and is treated like a trophy boy but ONLY if he gets his daily chores done! It’s a pretty sweet deal for the bronze beauty. But when Master Jeff Sterne comes home to find Rivera sucking on a bong without one of his houseboy duties done.