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Hot Dads-Hot Lads: Trenton Ducati & Andrew Markus

Trenton Ducati & Andrew Markus at

Muscle dad Trenton Ducati and trim Andrew Markus kiss passionately. Trenton takes the young lad’s shirt off, licking and sucking his nipples. Andrew strokes Trenton’s cock, getting it hard. He leans over and sucks the stiff rod.

Hot Dads – Hot Dads: Scotty Rage & Davey Anthony

Scotty Rage & Davey Anthony at

Bearded daddy Scotty Rage and lean lad Davey Anthony make out in the living room. Scotty takes Davey’s shirt off and pulls the lads pants down quick. He licks the lad’s back all the way down to his ass and rims his sweet hole. Davey turns and sits on the couch as the Scotty swallows his long uncut cock.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Doug Jeffries & Sean Blue

Doug Jeffries & Sean Blue at

It’s summer in Las Vegas and Hot dad Doug Jeffries and cute lad Sean Blue kiss on a chair by the pool. Sean strokes Doug’s hard cock and feels his muscular pecs. He goes down on the muscle daddy and sucks his thick dick.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Thomas Ride & Marty Loket (Bareback)

Thomas Ride & Marty Loket (Bareback) at

Big muscle daddy Thomas Ride and hot stud Marty Loket kiss passionately as Thomas takes off his shirt and lets Marty worship his bulging biceps and pecs. Marty’s hands find their way down to Thomas’ bulge and as quickly as Thomas’ cock falls out of his sweatpants, Marty is on his knees deep throating his thick cock. Marty loses his pants…

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Tyler Morgan & Adam Sins

Tyler Morgan & Adam Sins at

Muscle daddy Adam Sins and hung lad Tyler Morgan wake up in their room. Tyler is horny for something other than breakfast and kisses Adam’s tatted body as he sleeps. The lad goes down on Adam, pulling the thick cock out of the jockstrap and deep throating it.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Brad Kalvo Fucks Ian Levine

Brad Kalvo & Ian Levine at

Scruffy muscle dad Brad Kalvo is in his hotel room reading when smooth, muscled lad and housekeeper Ian Levine shows up with fresh towels. Brad asks the lad to massage his sore legs and Ian happily obliges.

HotDads-HotLads: Drake Jaden & Mike Chambers

Drake Jaden & Mike Chambers at

Adorable lad Mike Chambers is laying in bed reading when muscle daddy Drake Jaden walks in from the gym. Drake flexes his tatted body in front of Mike and the lad squeezes his firm arms. He licks Drake’s sweaty pits and kisses his buff chest.

Hot Dads-Hot Lads: Shay Michaels & Dakota Wolfe

Shay Michaels & Dakota Wolfe at

Scruffy dad Shay Michaels and cute lad Dakota Wolfe makeout. Dakota can feels Shay’s boner through his jeans and the shirts come off in seconds. Dakota kisses Shay’s muscular and hairy body all over, paying special attention to his hot pits.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Charlie Harding, Scotty Rage & Joseph Rough

Charlie Harding, Scotty Rage & Joseph Rough at

Muscle daddies Charlie Harding and Scotty Rage are ready to have some fun with young blonde Joseph Rough. The three men make out and spit in each others mouths. All of the shirts come off and the daddies kiss Joseph’s firm body. The daddies take turns sucking the lad’s veiny man meat.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Davey Anthony & Matt Stevens

Davey Anthony & Matt Stevens at

Muscle dad Matt Stevens and youthful stud Davey Anthony make out in the living room. They take their shirts off and kiss each others chiseled bodies. Davey pays special attention to Matt’s hairy man pits. They kiss and Matt pulls down the lad’s pants. He blows Davey, deep-throating and massaging his huge sac.

Hot Dads – Hot Dads: Nick Capra & Sebastian Torres

Nick Capra & Sebastian Torres at

Hot muscle daddy Nick Capra makes out with lad Sebastian Torres on the bed. They stroke each others dicks and kiss. Nick plays with Sebastian’s thick foreskin before deepthroating his cock all the way. Sebastian squirms with excitement as Nick pleasures him.

HotDadsHotLads: Anthony London & Asher Hawk

Anthony London & Asher Hawk at

Hairy muscle-dad Anthony London kisses the adorable Asher Hawk tenderly. They take each other’s shirts off and can’t keep their eyes off one another.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Shay Michaels & Justin Dean

Shay Michaels & Justin Dean at

Muscle dad Shay Michaels and handsome Justin Dean kiss on the couch. Shay takes his shirt off and Justin kisses the dad’s scruffy chest. Shay’s pants come off revealing a boner protruding through his jockstrap.

HotDads-HotLads: Carlo Cox & Rheo Stone

Carlo Cox & Rheo Stone at

Latin daddy Carlo Cox kisses hung lad Rheo Stone in the living room. Carlo grabs Rheo’s plump ass, feeling it smooth and warm under his fingers.

Hot Dads-Hot Lads: Max Dunhill & Ethan Travis

Max Dunhill & Ethan Travis at

Coach Max Dunhill and lad Ethan Travis had a big game today. Ethan showers in the locker room and begins stroking his cock. Coach Max watches as the young athlete plays with himself.

Hot Dads-Hot Lads: Ian Levine & Parker Demian

Ian Levine & Parker Demian at

Cute lad Ian Levine makes out with hung muscle daddy Parker Demian. They grab at each other’s protruding hard-ons and kiss aggressively. The underwear come off and Ian sucks Parker’s long pecker. Ian struggles to fit the huge cock in his mouth.

Hot Dads-Hot Lads: Trenton Ducati & Aiden Summers

Trenton Ducati & Aiden Summers at

At Jake Cruise Media it’s customary to have major porn stars break in the freshmen office interns. In this case Jake Cruise sends eager lad Aiden Summers to lend muscle dad Trenton Ducati a “hand.” Trenton is on the up and up and quickly gets on top of the task of breaking the newbie in.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Alessio Romero & Tyler Morgan

Alessio Romero & Tyler Morgan at

Daddy Alessio Romero and young lad Tyler Morgan can’t keep their hands off each other. They make out and the shirts come off immediately. Tyler kisses Alessio’s hairy chest and nibbles his pierced nipples. He goes down on Alessio, deep throating his cock to its base. Alessio tells him to “open up” and throat fucks Tyler.