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Alessio Romero & Brian Bonds Flip-Fuck in ‘Gym Glory Hole’ at MenOver30

Gym Glory Hole (Alessio Romero Fucks Brian Bonds) at

Brian Bonds is in the gym bathroom taking selfies and filming himself play with his hard cock while waiting for someone to come up to the glory hole. He’s having a great time in the bathroom stall while waiting for another gym patron to take a peak in the hole. Alessio Romero comes walking in to wash his hands and notices the glory hole. He walks up too it and sees Brain filming himself stroking his dick. Alessio is extremely curious and Brian can see Alessio’s eyes looking up at him through the glory hole.

Alessio Romero & Saxon West Flip-Fuck in ‘Maintenance Fuckers’ Part 2 at MenOver30

Maintenance Fuckers (Alessio Romero & Saxon West Flip-Fuck) (Part 2) at

Alessio Romero’s coworker Saxon West is about to go home but needs to see if Alessio has fucked the new guy. Saxon already knows the answer (which is yes) but asks anyway and Alessio fills him in on some details. However, Alessio would rather fuck his ass again. Saxon has no problem with that and they begin to kiss and suck each other’s hard cocks. They swap BJs, then Alessio spreads open his ass and gets his tongue deep inside making sure his hole is nice and wet for a hard dick. First Saxon gets some of that ass and he fucks Alessio in a few different positions hard and slow until Alessio is ready to fuck him. Alessio lubes up that ass again with his mouth and then proceeds to fuck the cum out of him, making him explode all over Saxon as well.

Alessio Romero Fucks Luke Ewing in ‘Maintenance Fuckers’ Part 1 at MenOver30

Maintenance Fuckers (Alessio Romero Fucks Luke Ewing) (Part 1) at

Alessio Romero has been taking the heat from the higher ups about inventory control. Luke Ewing hasn’t been doing his job to full capacity and now Alessio’s job is on the line. Luke isn’t sure what he has done but reassures Alessio that he will try harder and he does just that as he gets down on his knees to service Alessio’s waiting cock.

Ray Diesel Fucks Alessio Romero at BarebackThatHole!

Ray Diesel Fucks Alessio Romero at Bareback That Hole

This was the last shoot for Ray Diesel and he didn’t disappoint! Alessio Romero provided just the right hole for the job. These two went right to business. After some deep kissing Alessio was ready to try that monster cock on for size. First in his mouth, then after some sucking and rimming, deep in his hole. It was hot to see that dark meat disappear inside Alessio.

Trey Turner and Alessio Romero Fuck Braxton Smith in ‘Pool Party Pass Arounds’ Part 2 at MenOver30

Pool Party Pass Arounds (Trey Turner, Alessia Romero and Braxton Smith) (Part 2) at MenOver30

Trey Turner and Dimitri Kane finally come back to the pool party and every one knows exactly what they were up too. After a few details about the hot encounter Braxton Smith brags to Alessio Romero and Trey Turner that his ass is way better than Dimitri Kane’s. They don’t believe him so Alessio with Trey Turner’s help lift him out of the water and pull his trunks down to check out that ass and sure enough it’s a hot bum.

Alessio Romero Fucks Peter Fields in ‘Yesterday’ at MenOver30

Yesterday (Alessio Romero Fucks Peter Fields) at MenOver30

Breakups are hard to do and hard to take. Peter Fields isn’t taking the breakup so well and Alessio Romero is standing by watching him pack his bags as his moves on to greener pastures. Alessio can’t help but ask for one more fuck since that was all they did and never argued during.

ExtraBigDicks: Bedside Manner (Brett Bradley Fucks Alessio Romero) (Part 3)

Bedside Manner (Brett Bradley Fucks Alessio Romero) (Part 3) at

Brett Bradley hates doctor visits they make him extremely nervous especially when he’s not sure what’s wrong with his bulging cock. After some fidgeting Dr. Alessio Romero comes into the room for his examination. Brett isn’t too sure what tell the doctor but he has him stand on the stool and drop his pants so he can examine his cock and balls. Dr. Romero is one of the best doctors on hand as he begins to check Brett’s balls and amazingly thick shaft.

ExtraBigDicks: Bedside Manner (Jace Chambers Fucks Alessio Romero) (Part 1)

Bedside Manner (Jace Chambers Fucks Alessio Romero) (Part 1) at

Jace Chambers has been having issues with sleeping as of late and can’t get any rest at all. His sleepless nights are catching up with him and he really needs to find a solution. In comes Dr. Alessio Romero whom after an extensive look at his X-Rays has diagnosed the problem but to make sure he is correct he needs to put Jace under so he can see how exactly he sleeps.

MenOver30: Half-Hearted (Alessio Romero & Hunter Vance) (Part 2)

Half-Hearted (Alessio Romero & Hunter Vance) (Part 2) at MenOver30

Alessio Romero is home cleaning up when Hunter Vance comes downstairs to start the day and begins to talk about how busy his day is going to be but he has a time for quickie.

MenOver30: Performance Review Part 2 (Alessio Romero & Benjamin Bronx)

Performance Review Part 2 (Alessio Romero & Benjamin Bronx) at MenOver30

Alessio Romero and Benjamin Bronx just got into the office and they are both enjoying their morning coffee when they notice a faint sound coming from the other room. They listen very closely and can hear someone fucking in the other room.

LucasEntertainment: Alessio Romero Pounds Drew Sumrok (Bareback)

Alessio Romero Pounds Drew Sumrok (Bareback) at

Alessio Romero pounds Drew Sumrok bareback: If you’re in the mood for some unadulterated and raw muscle-bear porn, then this scene will answer that need.

LucasEntertainment: Alessio Romero, Jimmie Slater, Adam Isaacs & BJ Rhubarb (Bareback)

Alessio Romero, Jimmie Slater, Adam Isaacs & BJ Rhubarb (Bareback) at

Alessio Romero has come back to Lucas Entertainment to have gay bareback sex, and he’s never looked better. Alessio is a guy hungry for men, so we gave him not one, not two, but three to play with: Jimmie Slater, Adam Isaacs, and BJ Rhubarb. Alessio Romero is a sexy daddy bear, and watching him take a seat on Jimmie’s hard cock and lay back on his tight six pack while riding raw is one of the sexiest parts of the four-way encounter.

High Performance Men: Reality Check (Alessio Romero and Matt Stevens)

Reality Check (Alessio Romero and Matt Stevens) at High Performance Men

Matt Stevens is hitting the gym and he loves to check himself out in the mirror before a long workout. He’s engulfed by his massive biceps and sexy physique as he poses for the mirror. Alessio Romero comes walking in and Matt is oblivious to the fact that Alessio is laughing at him and posing behind him in the mirror.

MenOver30: Need A Raise (Alessio Romero & Nick Cross)

Alessio Romero is having a rough day going over his team’s losing streak and what he can do about. Frustrated with what he is doing, Nick Cross comes in to see if he can leave for the night. Alessio apologizes for his attitude but reminds Nick that he has been thinking about his raise a lot more and he wants to give it to him very soon.

MenOver30: A Sexy Beast (Steven Ponce & Alessio Romero)

A Sexy Beast (Steven Ponce & Alessio Romero) at MenOver30

Steven Ponce may not have the skills for this job but he has come up with a sneaky way to get what he wants. First he shows up late to the interview and Alessio Romero wants to know why he has come for a job interview without the right qualifications.

MenOver30: Plumbing 101 (Alessio Romero & Logan Vaughn)

Plumbing 101 (Alessio Romero & Logan Vaughn) at MenOver30

Logan Vaughn is not a handyman and he can’t figure out the problem with his sink. He calls up a Plumber to fix his problem and only has a twenty minute wait. Alessio Romero shows up faster than any service out there and Logan is hyped his problem will be fixed.

Hot Dads – Hot Lads: Alessio Romero & Tyler Morgan

Alessio Romero & Tyler Morgan at

Daddy Alessio Romero and young lad Tyler Morgan can’t keep their hands off each other. They make out and the shirts come off immediately. Tyler kisses Alessio’s hairy chest and nibbles his pierced nipples. He goes down on Alessio, deep throating his cock to its base. Alessio tells him to “open up” and throat fucks Tyler.

FetishForce: Hoodies (Alessio Romero & Shane Frost)

Hoodies (Alessio Romero & Shane Frost) at Fetish Force!

Alessio Romero’s striped hoodie might be mistaken for prison garb. Maybe it’s that vaguely threatening aspect that draws Shane Frost. The usually preppy Shane sports several days’ growth of beard and looks pretty streetwise. They grab the front of each other’s hoodies and lock lips.

Watch Alessio Romero & Shane Frost at FetishForce

CocksureMen: Alessio Romero & Rogue Status

Alessio Romero & Rogue Status at

Watching real life lovers fuck is always hot. Alessio Romero and Rogue Status begin making out passionately by the bed. Alessio takes off his shirt, revealing his hot hairy chest and abs. Rogue kisses Alessio’s hairy torso down to his rock hard cock. Rogue loves choking on Alessio’s thick cock and Alessio obliges him by shoving his cock deep down his throat.

Watch Alessio Romero & Rogue Status at

JakeCruise: Alessio Romero & AJ Monroe

Alessio Romero & AJ Monroe at JakeCruise

Sloppy blow jobs ensue and cocks are fully erect in no time. Alessio is ready and willing to take AJ’s fuck stick in his hot, furry ass…

Watch Alessio Romero & AJ Monroe at

CocksureMen: Alessio Romero & Jordano Santoro

Alessio Romero & Jordano Santoro at

It’s easy to why Alessio Romero and Jordano Santoro couldn’t keep their hands and mouths off each other’s bodies. After a bit of nipple biting, they suck each other’s rock hard cocks all the way from tip to base. Jordano moves unto Alessio’s asshole, which he devours, before fucking him doggy style. As they fuck they both moan in ecstasy. They tell each other in Spanish to fuck harder and take it longer…

Watch Alessio Romero & Jordano Santoro at