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Nick North Fucks JP Dubois in ‘Delivering The Goods’ Part 3 at

Delivering The Goods (Nick North Fucks JP Dubois) (Part 3) at Men of UK

JP Dubois gets back to work to find his boss Nick North waiting to confront him about his extra-curricular activities in the office that he thought only they were into. An apologetic JP gets down on his knees and gets to work on the boss’s cock so he can make it up to him.

Nick North Fucks Jonan Wolff in ‘Delivering The Goods’ Part 2 at

Delivering The Goods (Nick North Fucks Jonan Wolff) (Part 2) at Men of UK

The boss, Nick North is horny and decides to get relief for his hard throbbing cock with the help of his favorite employee Jonan. An afternoon office fuck session is just what he needs to de-stress.

JP Dubois Fucks Mark Sanz in ‘Delivering The Goods’ Part 1 at

Delivering The Goods (JP Dubois Fucks Mark Sanz) (Part 1) at Men of UK

JP Dubois and Mark Sanz get back to the office after a long day of deliveries tired and horny and to their surprise overhear the boss fucking in another room. They decide it’s time for them to also take a well deserved break and relieve some stress with an impromptu fuck session.

Paul Walker Fucks Mike De Marko in ‘A Royal Fuckfest’ Part 2 at Men

A Royal Fuckfest (Paul Walker Fucks Mike De Marko) (Part 2) at Men of UK

Paul Walker is frustrated as his princess is neglecting him, but luckily for him, one of his royal servants knows just how to take a throbbing royal dick. When the princess shows up unexpectedly, the prince is caught with his big erect dick in his servant’s mouth. He tries desperately to keep his composure as he get sucked with his princess only steps away.

Jessy Ares Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Room in Madrid’ Part 3 at

Room In Madrid (Jessy Ares Fucks Gabriel Cross) (Part 3) at Men of UK

Jessy Ares know just what to do when he is served Gabriel Cross’ nice cock and firm ass. He lathers Gabriel’s big dick and then fucks his hungry hole, doggy style. Gabriel then has his chance to sit on Jessy’s raging hard dick and go for a ride of his own.

Diego Lauzen Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Room in Madrid’ Part 2 at

Room In Madrid (Diego Lauzen Fucks Gabriel Cross) (Part 2) at Men of UK

Gabriel Cross takes every inch of Diego Lauzen’s rock hard cock, getting pounded balls deep until the two bust their hot loads.

Connor Maguire Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Meeting Point’ at Men Of U.K.

Meeting Point (Connor Maguire Fucks Gabriel Cross) at Men of UK

Porn star Gabriel Cross takes every inch of horse hung Connor Maguire’s cock like a pro. The two fuck until they can’t hold back their hot loads.

Men Of UK: Naked Promotion (Paddy O’Brian Fucks Mark Sanz)

Naked Promotion (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Mark Sanz) at Men of UK

When Paddy O’Brian decides it’s time for a new assistant, Mark Sanz finds himself in the right place at the right time. Mark sucks Paddy’s throbbing cock, but that alone is not enough to land the job. Paddy moves on to plowing Mark’s tight, pink hole before shooting his hot load all over.

Men Of U.K.: The Professional (Blue Moores & Paddy O’Brian)

The Professional (Blue Moores & Paddy O'Brian) at Men of UK

Paddy O’Brian is a very well put together, successful CEO. However, like many powerful men, he has a few skeletons in his closet…or should we say sex dungeon. Blue Moores sits patiently caged in said dungeon, just waiting to please Paddy the only way he knows how. Blue services Paddy’s thick tool and does precisely as he’s told.

Men Of U.K.: Ivy League (Gabriel Cross & Mckensie Cross) (Part 3)

Ivy League (Gabriel Cross and McKensie Cross) (Part 3) at Men of UK

Gabriel Cross has had enough of pleasing everyone else at the university. It’s time for him to do something that he wants to do. Luckily for McKensie Cross that “something“ is him! Gabriel fucks a hot load out of McKensie before spunking all over his smooth stomach.

Men Of U.K.: Ivy League (Jay Roberts & Theo Ford) (Part 2)

Ivy League (Jay Roberts & Theo Ford) (Part 2) at Men of UK

Theo Ford doesn’t like the way his boyfriend Jay Roberts is being treated at the University, so he decides to show him his true worth. The two passionately suck each other’s dicks before Jay tells Theo to fuck him over the desk. Jay screams as Theo slams his ass hard, doggy-style. Jay demands Theo go even harder as Theo wraps his hand around Jay’s thick cock and pummels his eager hole to Jay ‘s delight

Men Of U.K.: Ivy League (Gabriel Cross & Paul Walker) (Part 1)

Ivy League (Gabriel Cross & Paul Walker) (Part 1) at Men of UK

Gabriel Cross, the new groundskeeper at a prestigious Ivy League school proves himself to be far more than meets the eye, in more ways than one. Just ask Paul Walker, who feeds Gabriel his hard cock. Gabriel eagerly bends over so that Paul can ram his big euro cock in his tight, willing hole.

Men of UK: Hard Knox (Paddy O’Brian & McKensie Cross) (Part 4)

Hard Knox (Paddy O'Brian & McKensie Cross) (Part 4) at Men of UK

Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross team up to take down their scumbag boss. Their plan succeeds but they still need to seal the deal before they split any money.

Men Of UK: Hard Knox (Paddy O’Brian & Dakota Vice) (Part 3)

Hard Knox (Paddy O'Brian & Dakota Vice) (Part 3) at Men of UK

Dakota Vice and Paddy OíBrian go back a long way but Dakota never bothered to visit Paddy in prison. Instead, he began working for the man responsible for Paddy being put away. This doesn’t stop Paddy from fucking Dakota’s horny ass and vowing to get what he deserves from his former crooked boss.

Men Of UK: Hard Knox (Paddy O’Brian & Alexis Belfort) (Part 2)

Hard Knox (Paddy O'Brian & Alexis Belfort) (Part 2) at Men of UK

Paddy O’Brian is out of prison and he is already in business with his former crooked boss. Paddy goes to meet his old friend Alexis Belfort who has been waiting anxiously for his release. Paddy takes a hold of Alexis’ cute butt while Alexis goes straight for Paddy’s big, horny dick. Paddy slams Alexis’ perfect butt, and then Alexis rides Paddy’s cock, hard.

Men of UK: Hard Knox (Bruno Bernal & Paddy O’Brian) (Part 1)

Hard Knox (Bruno Bernal & Paddy O'Brian) (Part 1) at Men of UK

Today is the day that Paddy O’Brian is released from the slammer. With the help of Bruno Bernal, Paddy plots his revenge after being the fall guy for six long years. First, Paddy pummels Bruno’s face with his thick, hard dick. He then rims Bruno’s tight hole while Bruno chokes on his cock. Bruno lets out screams of sheer pleasure as he rides Paddy’s convict cock.